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Madden Coming to Wii U This Year

by J.P. Corbran - June 6, 2012, 5:28 pm EDT
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More details on it and the recently announced FIFA game for Wii U are coming over the summer.

There will be a Madden game on Wii U this year, EA confirmed today at E3. The company also announced that more details about this game and the recently announced FIFA game for Wii U will be coming later this summer.

The Madden demo EA showed off in their press conference earlier this week focused on deeper storylines in the game's career modes, focusing on reaching the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is unknown at this time whether the Wii U version will incorporate these features or who is developing the game.


SorenJune 06, 2012

Well the Wii team is hard at work making a Wii version. So I think we might be looking at a straight port with a couple of simple extra features for the Game Pad, just like Madden 07 was for the Wii.

ShyGuyJune 06, 2012

Where was Peter Moore this E3? Shouldn't he be giving some Wii U love?

TeaHeeJune 06, 2012

I saw Moore on Spike TV he seemed a little cold toward Nintendo, but did say that the EA sports guys were working on games.

blodtryckJune 07, 2012

I don't care much about Madden, but looking forward to the new FIFA!

TJ SpykeJune 07, 2012

No surprise here, it would have been a bad sign if there wasn't a Madden game at launch (I think the last major system not to have it was the Dreamcast). Good news even though I haven't bought a Madden in about 4 years.

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