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Kingdom Hearts 3D New Details Released, Date Announced

by Pedro Hernandez - December 16, 2011, 9:31 pm EST
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Light on new worlds and characters has been shed at Jump Festa.

New details regarding Kingdom Hearts 3D, including a release date for Japan, have been revealed at the Jump Festa 2011 event.

Kingdom Hearts 3D has been given a March 2012 release date for Japan, which was confirmed by a writer for FF-Reunion.net that attended the event. The writer also mention through Twitter that Square Enix showed off a new 8 minute trailer of the game, and that according to him, the game looked good. The writer also reports that characters from Birth by Sleep, mainly Axel, Ventus and Terranort (a fusion of Xenahort and Terra, an event chronicled in Birth by Sleep's story that shapes the rest of the franchise) will make appearances in the game.

In addition to the details offered by FF-Reunion.net, Jump Festa also confirmed a new TRON world, based on last year's sci-fi film TRON Legacy. Kingdom Hearts II featured a TRON world named "Space Paranoids", based on the 1982 movie starring Jeff Bridges. Recently, a world based on "Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers" was also confirmed through an issue of V-Jump. The Jump Festa demo features these worlds as playable levels as well as a mini-game in which Sora was gliding through the stage.


TurdFurgyDecember 17, 2011


RasDecember 17, 2011

Will this be new player friendly?  I've gotten the impression that recent games have not, so I've stayed away.  Also, haven't they gotten further and further away from the Disney premise, or is that a misconception? 

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterDecember 17, 2011

To answer your question, Ras...

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts is no longer new player friendly because each new game just adds a piece to the massive puzzle. It isn't like Final Fantasy where each game is its own contained universe. So even if you start at XIII you should be able to go back and play the rest. Kingdom Hearts, however, has an evolving storyline, and while the gameplay remains largely the same, the story will reference other entries and such.

About the Disney thing, that is also unfortunately true. The first three games were all about the worlds you would get to visit and how they all added to the story, especially the first game. After two, however, there was a clear focus on getting the story finished above everything else.

Kingdom Hearts 3D, however, does seem to be more Disney focused, now bringing forth brand new Disney worlds and expansions to already existing ones.

RasDecember 17, 2011

I like the idea of the Tron world, but I guess I'll stay away still.  :'(  Thanks for the information.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterDecember 17, 2011

It's a shame, really. Here we have seven games in the series... and we have yet to make it to entry number 3. I am still convinced that Square did not expect the game to have this large of a following, I refuse to accept that Nomura pulled a George Lucas and had the whole series planned out since 2001. The first Kingdom Hearts was a huge risk for the company, using a complex RPG mechanic on a family friendly franchise like Disney. So I bet that the original story did tease some stuff but Square was not expecting the game to be this popular. That's why we have this really convoluted storyline: there is a need to keep progressing the game due corporate demand and each entry needs to justify itself.

GoldenPhoenixDecember 17, 2011

I'll give this a chance, though I wasn't really that impressed with 358/2 for DS. Still anxiously waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, but in the meantime I hope this is an enjoyable game.

OrionBeltDecember 17, 2011


Quote from: Ras

I like the idea of the Tron world, but I guess I'll stay away still.     Thanks for the information.

Let me put it this way, as a fan of KH, the story has never been atractive to me. Sure, it is cool to have a backup story that in some way drives the events of the game, but it is not its major or most important aspect, at least for me. You say that you would like to play in the new Tron Legacy world and I don't see the reason for not to. If you have a 3DS you can play three different KH games: 358/2 Days, RE Coded and the upcoming Dream Drop Distance. Now you have like the 1/4 of the story, without counting the DDD game of course. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories could eventually come the the eShop Virtual Console. If this don't happen, you can download an emulator to play it.

Now, there's a rumoured KH HD Collection, that would come to PS3, Xbox360 and possibly Wii U that could contain the two numbered titles in conmemoration of the 20th anniversary of the series.

What I mentioned above are the options to have a recap of the story, however, let's remember two main things: the gameplay of the series is great and offers something different to others A-RPG and that since this game (KH3D) is the prologue of KH3, I'm expecting a complete story recap for those who become lost in some part of the overall plot.

As a game, I'm expecting a fun one and you should try it. My first game was 358/2 Days and to be honest I didn't understand that much. However, the game was fun and to visit your favorite Disney worlds enhance the experience.

In other words, don't let the convoluted story impede you to try out this game. ;D

YmeegodDecember 17, 2011

There's an journal if I recall correctly and it gives you info about characters and past events so you really don't need to be an KH nut to follow.  Also there's a few comics/anime about the series as well.  I keep waiting to see if an HD update is coming for the first two KH and KH2 but nothing. 

If you think about it the whole series is wrong for a nintendo platform.  Half these FF characters are exclusive to Sony's systems.  It would be better if Square dropped the FF characters altogether and went with DQ (since this series is pretty much exclusive to Nintendo or even better yet team up with Nintendo and use thier IP's like Mario and Donkey Kong--Mushroom Kingdom, I'll see my soul for that dream game.

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