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New Three Musketeers World Announced for Kingdom Hearts 3D

by Pedro Hernandez - December 15, 2011, 2:34 am EST
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Sora and Riku will encounter Disney's famous characters in a musketeer inspired world.

A new world for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has been revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump. The world is based on the movie "Mickey, Donald, Goofy in The Three Musketeers".

Titled "Country of the Musketeers", Sora and Riku will encounter Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Pete as The Three Musketeers characters. The film was released in 2004 as a direct to video movie loosely based on The Three Musketeers story. This marks the first time the Kingdom Hearts series has used a world inspired by a direct to video Disney production.

Country of the Musketeers joins "Prankster's Paradise" (Pinocchio world) and “La Cité des Cloches” (Hunchback of Notre Dame world) as one of the confirmed Disney worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3D.

In addition, the publication confirmed that Neku will not be the only character from The World Ends With You that will make an appearance in Dream Drop Distance. Joshua and Beat will also be representing Square Enix's popular DS RPG.


YmeegodDecember 15, 2011

Now all we need is Tron :0.  Can't wait until for KH3D.

twofiftyoneDecember 15, 2011

Weren't the additional story and areas for Agribah in KH2 inspired by Return of Jafar?

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterDecember 15, 2011

Yeah, but Agrabah came from one of the 51 animated feature films, which is still seen as an animated feature world. This is the very first time a world comes directly from a direct to video movie. As in, the world, story and characters came directly from a DTV movie rather than a theatrically released film.

Regarding TRON, a world was in Kingdom Hearts 2, so we may get it in the sequel with TRON Legacy out and about.

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