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3DS Friends List Update Spread Through Mario Kart 7's Download Play

by Daan Koopman - December 3, 2011, 2:39 pm EST
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Don't have the Mario games, but want the Friends List update? Here is how to get it!

Mario Kart 7 distributes the 3DS Friends List firmware update when playing over Download Play. We found this update mechanism when playing the game with our friends and family.

The update allows players to join their friends directly for online Wi-Fi matches in supported games. This feature can be only be used for Mario Kart 7 at the moment of this writing.

The firmware must be installed to play Mario Kart 7 over Download Play. If the player who uses Download Play decides against it, he/she will be cut off the connection and can't continue any further.

Nintendo has previously discussed looking into alternative ways of distributing updates, including sending firmware updates to the Wii U from the 3DS, but this is the first time such a mechanism has gone public.


Professor ClaytonClay Johnson, Associate EditorDecember 04, 2011

Interesting... I didn't know about this, but it's a cool and useful addition. I am curious as to why they wouldn't just distribute the update to everyone in the standard manner, though...

KITT 10KDecember 04, 2011

I'm guessing, (although I can't imagine who doesn't this day in age), it'd be because they don't have internet, (yeah I know that probably sounds a little out there), but this way it will far increase Nintendo's chances of disturbing the updates to people. I'm just guessing here about this, (and maybe I'm wrong), but that's just my theory.

It doesn't have to be that they don't have internet, it could just be that they don't have the 3DS set up to connect to it. Or they have internet, but not wireless.

AVDecember 04, 2011

is this the same update that was with Super Mario 3D land? it seems like the same

So assuming I won't meet anyone with Mario Kart (42/6) in the next few days, will the 12/8 update include this? Or am I boned?

Anybody else notice a lot of lag when trying to open the friends list while running Mario Kart 7?

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