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Kid Icarus to Be Released as Next 3D Classic in Europe

by Karlie Yeung - December 2, 2011, 10:26 am PST
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The game will be coming to the 3DS in Europe through Club Nintendo.

3D Classics: Kid Icarus will be the next title to be remade for the Nintendo 3DS with enhanced 3D graphics. The 3D Classics release was previously announced for Japan during the 3DS Conference in October.

Kid Icarus was originally released for NES in 1987 and was also released on Game Boy Advance in the Classic NES series as well as Wii Virtual Console.

The title was announced as part of a promotion for Club Nintendo Europe. Registering two eligible 3DS games between November 1st and January 31st 2012 will grant you a free download code for the game, available exclusively to Club Nintendo members. The list of eligible games includes all of those published by Nintendo, which all have the Club Nintendo code in the box. 

As part of the same offer, there is a prize draw for 3,000 limited edition 3DS systems featuring Mario, Princess Peach, or Toad as part of the system colour. For the prize draw, you can enter up to five times by registering up to 10 games in total.

As the Japanese release was presented in the same way, North America may see the same offer, but as of now, no announcement has been made.

[EU] Free 3D Classics: Kid Icarus Game When You Register Your Purchases

Be in with the chance to win one of 3,000 limited edition Nintendo 3DS systems

2nd December, 2011 – Lucky Club Nintendo members who register two Nintendo 3DS™ games between November 1st and January 31st 2012 will be able to receive a free game download and also enter a prize draw to win one of 3,000 limited edition Mario-themed Nintendo 3DS systems.*

If you register or have registered two eligible Nintendo 3DS titles through Club Nintendo between November 1st and January 31st 2012, then you will receive a code to download 3D Classics: Kid Icarus™, the remastered 3D version of the Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES™) classic, for free, when it becomes available exclusively for promotion registrants** from January 5th 2012 ***

Don’t worry if the games were bought on their own or as part of a bundle as both will be eligible; simply log into Club Nintendo and register each one.

The eligible Nintendo 3DS titles include:

  • Resident Evil™: Revelations
  • Mario Kart™ 7
  • Super Pokémon™ Rumble
  • Tetris™
  •  Star Fox 64™ 3D
  • Resident Evil™: The Mercenaries 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • DEAD OR ALIVE™ Dimensions
  • Steel Diver™
  • nintendogs™ + cats
  • Pilotwings Resort™
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Once two of the selected Nintendo 3DS games have been registered, European Club Nintendo members over the age of 18 will also be able to enter a draw to try and win one of only 3,000 limited edition Mario-themed Nintendo 3DS systems. You are allowed to enter up to five times (which means registering 10 games) and there are 1,000 Mario, 1,000 Princess Peach and 1,000 Toad systems to be won across Europe. A must-have for any Mario fan.

To be in with a chance to download 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free and enter the lottery to win a limited edition Nintendo 3DS system, check Club Nintendo for details -


To check out other 3D Classics games available to download visit the Nintendo eShop exclusively on your Nintendo 3DS system.

For more information, please visit http://registrationreward.nintendo.co.uk


CericDecember 02, 2011

That's awesome.
Though I wonder what the new 3D graphics are.  It be cool if they were the game redone with the assets from Uprising.

Check the video. They added backgrounds.

CericDecember 02, 2011

That wasn't showing when I posted that.  Oh well, that is much more disappointing.  Especially knowing NoA won't do anything that awesome.

AVDecember 02, 2011

Quote from: Ceric

That wasn't showing when I posted that.  Oh well, that is much more disappointing.  Especially knowing NoA won't do anything that awesome.

You never know, the new firmware update allows stuff like this so maybe it'll be a gift to other regions too. The real question is do I want to play that game even if it's free?

It's brutally hard and sort of confusing to play, so it does not hold up the test of time like other games. I don't want this

CericDecember 02, 2011

I want to play this game for the simple fact that I bought the GB game from hearing how good this one was.  I played that one a bit.  It was interesting be nice to play the original.

Professor ClaytonClay Johnson, Associate EditorDecember 02, 2011

I hope this promotion is offered to American 3DS owners...

I've always been curious about Kid Icarus, as I missed out on it back in the NES era. Given its reputation, I never could justify buying it with so many other options available, but for free I'd definitely check it out. And who knows? Maybe it will mesh better with my sensibilities than others'.

Plus, those 3DS designs are pretty sweet and definitely unique.

KDR_11kDecember 02, 2011

Yeah, never played the original beyond that few minute demo in SSBB. I definitely want to take a look.

On an unrelated note, I just saw a boxed copy of NyxQuest in a store.

RasDecember 02, 2011

I've been saving up my registrations until after the Club Nintendo year is up, but I guess I'll have to register 3D Land and Kart 7 if this comes to North America.  I haven't played Kid Icarus since it was new, but we loved it back then.  I definitely want it.

Squalid PumpkinDecember 02, 2011

Will it be possible to turn the backgrounds off if we want to experience the game in its original form? I'm not against them adding backgrounds, just wondering.

RasDecember 02, 2011

I think Kirby turns into the regular NES version if you pull down the 3D slider, so maybe.

Mop it upDecember 02, 2011

There are better Club Nintendo rewards than this game.

No really, there are. It's that bad.

Kid Icarus may be ridiculously hard, but it's not a bad game.

SundoulosDecember 02, 2011

I absolutely adore this game.  I'll be glad to be able to play it in a portable format.

RasDecember 02, 2011

Speaking of Club Nintendo, I got my pins today.  They look much better than expected (as expected).

KDR_11kDecember 03, 2011

Quote from: Mop

There are better Club Nintendo rewards than this game.

Sure but they're way, WAY more expensive. Registering two 3DS games wouldn't even buy you a sheet of regular stickers on Club Nintendo. You could buy 100 Nintendo points for that but those won't buy you anything useful either. Also it sounds like you get to keep your stars.

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