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3D Classics Excitebike Will Be Free in North America

by Jared Rosenberg - May 31, 2011, 7:28 pm EDT
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The classic NES Excitebike is heading to the eShop with 3D graphics and the ability to save dozens of self-created tracks. 

When the eShop launches on the 3DS on June 6, gamers will be able to download Excitebike, the first 3D Classic, free of charge for a limited time.

The enhanced NES port will feature two racing modes. You have the choice of racing alone to get the best time, or facing a slew of rival bikers and catching lots of air while trying to get first place.

Although the original NES version featured a track editor, the courses you created could not be saved. The 3DS edition will allow users to save up to 32 tracks.

The other big change is the ability to watch all the action in 3D. Players will have the choice of adjusting the depth with either the 3D Depth Slider or directly in the game.

Nintendo had already announced the game would be free in Japan. The length of time that the title will remain free is unspecified, and the price after the introductory period is currently unannounced.


EnnerMay 31, 2011

Great news. I hope Nintendo does more and more things to draw interest to the e-Shop.

EDIT: With the ability to now save created tracks, I wonder if we should expect such enhancements in future 3D Classics. Perhaps a map screen for Metroid or an unlockable level select for Super Mario Bros? Maybe Metroid 2: Return of Samus will go the extra mile and become a 3D Classic with new minimap and map screen features.

TurdFurgyJune 01, 2011

Yes! For some reason I feel victorious.

StrawHousePigJune 01, 2011

:Q  They really know how to turn the screws. I've been having a hard enough time boycotting the 3DS over the insultingly ludicrous EULA & ToS attached to it. Now this is just playing dirty.

leroypantweatherJune 01, 2011

I love excitebike.  It is also extremely encouraging to see nintendo open to the idea of allowing some small changes to the game other than just the 3d.

AVJune 01, 2011

i hope you could trade those custom tracks with your 3ds friends. That will be fun

KITT 10KJune 01, 2011

That would be fun. And it'd be great if they utilize the Street Pass feature with it as well.

Ryan CannonJune 01, 2011

nice, now I have a reason to open my 3DS again.

Bman87301June 02, 2011

Interesting fact-- Even it though it never worked when being played on Western hardware, the NES version did include a save feature-- it just required an accessory that never saw a release outside Japan. The original unaltered NES rom was re-released numerous times on various platforms with formats what were capable of saving (as an unlockable in Excitebike 64, as part of the NES classic series for GBA, as an NES game in the original Animal Crossing, etc.), and in all of those releases the save feature did work,  just as it normally did in Japan when using the Famicom Data Recorder. Of course, those releases only supported one save at a time... far short from the 3DS's 32, but it was still there.

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