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Game Boy Player

After more than a year of fans requesting a legitimate way to play GBA software on their TV screens, Nintendo has announced the GameCube Game Boy Player (rough translation, official US name pending). The device is a square platform that attaches to the bottom of the GameCube hardware, plugging into the High-Speed data port in the back. Game cartridges are inserted into a slot on the front.

The device comes with a GameCube disc that contains the GBA emulator, and of course, it supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in additon to Game Boy Advance software. Games can be played with the GameCube's own controller, or if you hook up your GBA to the system with the already-released GC-GBA Link Cable, you can play with the actual Game Boy Advance controls.

Up to four players can play multiplayer games through a standard GBA link port included on the front of the device. You'll also be able to create a mini-LAN by linking together multiple GameCubes, each with a GameCube Game Boy Player.

The GameCube Game Boy Player will be released in Japan in March 2003 for 5,000 yen (about $40 USD), and in North America in May 2003 with no price announced yet. European and Australian launches are planned thereafter, but no dates or prices have been set for those territories. Nintendo will release it in various colors to match your GameCube.

The Game Boy Player will be released in Japan on March 21, 2003.

Developer Nintendo

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na: Game Boy Player
Release Jun 23, 2003
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