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Youropa (Switch) Hands-on Preview

by Daan Koopman - September 1, 2019, 4:06 pm PDT
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Explore scattered cities and see the world from various angles.

I certainly enjoy a weird puzzle-platformer from time to time. While the Nintendo eShop is littered with titles from the genre, certain developers just know how to make the best results happen. Case in point, I really enjoyed what I played of frecle's Youropa. It showcases a torn apart world, with very European landmarks, and where to use gravity defying techniques to pass by. The result is a refreshing demo that I simply can't stop thinking about.

You, the main character of Youropa, is very much a player avatar. As you explore the wider world, the player will see the world through his eyes. These eyes, and his entire face for that matter, can be created and customized. Right from the get go, it gives your run of the game a unique twist that is very much welcomed. What makes You such a grand character aren't just little grunts and screams, but also his well balanced move set. With suction cups for feet, the little lad can climb up walls and explore the levels in his own entertaining fashion.

Youropa makes usage of You's abilities as he will walk up walls a fair amount. To activate switches or get clues on the area at hand, it is important that you explore all sides of a level. Sometimes the points of interest can only be reached a certain way, forcing you to jump and climb from all angles. Beyond the thinking cap elements, you will also need to avoid enemies and get environmental elements to press on. It adds to the variety of the proceedings and makes for an engaging romp.

Youropa challenges you constantly by providing new tools to play around with. It didn't take long to be given access to a zoom out feature, allowing you to see the world at a glance. It even gives you pointers on where to go, but doesn't tell you how to get there. Youropa never makes you feel lost, and yet forces you to think about the moves necessary to continue onward. The developers told us that these smaller developments are what the game thrive. It constantly makes me pleased to hear that they will keep throwing you curveballs.

Youropa is still a little ways off, but I’m already curious and simply want to learn more. The set-up is ingenious and forces you to think about every move you can make. In addition, the various puzzle types at hand will make it quite a varied journey too. Whatever will stand in my way, I already plan to see it through as Youropa is scheduled for a late 2019 release.

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