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Retimed (Switch) Hands-on Preview

by Daan Koopman - September 16, 2018, 6:32 am PDT
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What have cute animals and colorful bullets in common? Well, this game right here.

The array of local multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch are in a good place. There is something gratifying about getting a job done together and playing games that instantly strike a cord. I usually play a couple of rounds with friends and instantly feel satisfied. That is how I felt about Retimed. After only a short time with the title, I was simply delighted to play more. Retimed is an arena-style battle game for up to four people that won me over in mere minutes.

So what is it that you do in Retimed? Well, you pick one of the goofy and over the top characters and start playing. More specifically, the game comes down to two simple mechanics. You will have to shoot at your opponents with silly and colorful weaponry, which creates chaos almost instantly. On top of that, though, when any bullet comes close to you, the game creates a bubble that slows down time and forces you to react. By jumping or dashing, you can get out of harm's way and then strike back.

Bullets are spread around in the form of item pick-ups. You start with a low amount, so getting more is essential to winning. By collecting a huge stack, you are free to take more risks and ensure that your friends can't dodge. This becomes more difficult when you realize that shots can bounce off walls and strike you from behind. Retimed asks you to stay sharp and keep scoring points until the time runs out.

The stages play a big part in the enjoyment of the game. The ones found in the demo were multi-layered, with multiple ways to move about. There are pipes or portals that transport you to another spot on the screen and various corners to curl up in. Retimed comes down to timing and acting right on cue. It is fun but overwhelms you if you aren't paying enough attention. My Retimed games often ended in laugh riots as the dominant player shifted from game to game.

All in all, Retimed was just a fine multiplayer outing. Nothing bad about the game screamed out to me, and I laughed regularly while I was playing it. What helps, I reckon, are the colorful characters that populate the game. Seeing them shoot and fly around is silly fun, but avoiding every shot is a whole other level of satisfying. Retimed is scheduled to release on September 20.

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Genre Party/Parlor
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Retimed
Release Sep 20, 2018
eu: Retimed
Release Sep 20, 2018
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