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Night Call (Switch) Hands-on Preview

by Daan Koopman - August 28, 2018, 12:09 am PDT
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Get a cab, listen closely for clues and uncover murders in this nightly adventure.

Night Call paints a grim picture. You are a taxi driver, who lives in the noir world of Paris. The goal, at the end of the day, is to make ends meet. During your nightly shifts, you pick up passengers and listen to the stories they are telling. They pay you, and you get new leads that can push you onwards in the story. It seems like nothing more than a down to earth life.

However, the reality is that certain passengers of yours got killed. You want to know what binds them all together, and start searching for answers. While the police ask people to pay attention, the main character takes it a step further. He is going to find out the truth, and see who within his circle knows what is really going on. Along the way, you might find out more about the protagonist than you're prepared for. The guy isn't fully clean himself, and he will needs to leverage that to earn trust from some questionable patrons.

The game isn't just about listening, however. When push comes to shove, you will need to answer questions of your passengers yourself. This is important to keep conversations rolling, and to understand the world you're in. The reactions towards you come from a range of intriguing characters, from a calculated ex-prisoner to a policeman that lost a lot of hope. The goal is to get them on your side, ensuring that the new details keep coming in. An ultimate play on their emotions is what gets you new information.

At the end of the day, you will use the clues and items left for you to find pieces of the puzzle. Every tiny hint will get the player closer to finding out the truth. This is the only way you can stop the killer that has taken Paris hostage. By sliding pieces together and pushing them in on a huge board, you will able to find the connections you need to continue. It all comes down to the time, place and talks you have along the way. That is what makes Night Call tick.

The presentation of Night Call was supreme in the demo. Nintendo set up headphones specifically for it, and that made the experience ten times better. The environmental sounds around you as well as the stylized characters made one of the strongest impressions ever. Night Call needs time to build and grow into something that mesmerizes the player, which it does so pretty effectively.

Night Call made my heart beat harder as I learned about the world. I feel it would be bad to spoil specific interactions as it is part of a bigger journey here. You really get a sense that the developers were trying to just give you a sniff of the journey ahead. The demo left me with a lot of questions, which will be solved once I get the game in my hands. If only I got my chance that tiny bit sooner!

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Genre Adventure
Developer Raw Fury Games

Worldwide Releases

na: Night Call
Release Year 2019
PublisherRaw Fury Games
eu: Night Call
Release Year 2019
PublisherRaw Fury Games
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