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InkyPen (Switch) Hands-On Preview

by Daan Koopman - August 22, 2018, 9:00 am PDT
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Ever wanted use your Switch as an e-reader? Why not, right?

During Gamescom 2018, I got to see an in-progress version of the InkyPen application. The piece of software is a subscription service for various types of comics, manga and similarly perceived content. For a reasonable cost of €7.99/$7.99, users can download as much as they like.

The version wasn’t final as they are still tweaking things, but it is looking very promising. I was particularly impressed by how fun and simple it was to flip through the pages. There are various ways to zoom in and out on panels, to really take in the finer details of the artwork.

The developers are opting for multiple ways to interact. You can use either the touchscreen or Joy-Con to get the viewing experience that you enjoy. The early menus give off a vibe similar to Netflix. You have various categories where you then can scroll around to your comic of choice. Naturally, it has search functionality as well, just in case you know what you’re looking for.

Comic tiles instantly offer all the issues of that particular comic. You can pick the issue you want to read and start enjoying the content. More importantly, if you opened it before, you can see a progress bar. This indicates how far along you are in the comic and how much there is still left to see. It feels like an interactive bookmark, which makes a lot more sense for this type of content.

Overall though, I walked away intrigued by what InkyPen is offering. Personally I can see myself taking in a lot of Dark Horse and manga, all the while being on a commute. Sure, you can play it on a television and it scales well according to the folk behind it, but handheld mode is clearly the way to experience it. The InkyPen application is releasing this November.

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Game Profile

Developer Rain Games,
Inky Pen AS

Worldwide Releases

na: InkyPen
Release Dec 17, 2018
PublisherInky Pen AS
eu: InkyPen
Release Nov 2018
PublisherInky Pen AS
aus: InkyPen
Release Nov 2018
PublisherInky Pen AS
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