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Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff

by Alex Culafi - June 16, 2013, 10:58 am EDT
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Or in other words, the quest for originality.

Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff is a new hybrid action/adventure game currently in development by Majesco for 3DS, DS, Wii, and Wii U. Though the game is split between the adventure-game type "Exploration" mode, platforming sections where Phineas and Ferb control an upgradeable giant robot called the All-Terrain Transformatron Vehicle (A.T.T.), and stealth-platformer segments starring Perry the Platypus, the Wii U demo I played focused on the latter.

The Perry segments I played where I controlled Perry as he infiltrated Doofenshmirtz's lab (in order to stop evil schemes and whatnot), the platforming was very by the numbers. Jump the same way you have thousands of times before, platform the same way you have a thousand times before, collect items to upgrade your experience the same way you have a thousand times before, and stealth segments that everyone (except the child-focused audience) has probably seen before.

Though very by-the-numbers and generic to someone who has been playing platformers for years, the mechanics were extremely polished. As Perry, you can of course jump and climb through (mostly) linear levels, but Perry can also do a stealthy low crawl that allows him to not be spotted via searchlights and lasers and such (though other forms of stealth do exist, like having to jump through or around lasers at the right time). The physics felt really tight and, though easy, there were two or three segments where I did once or twice, which to me at least suggested that a younger group playing the game could be up for a healthy challenge.

Though all versions are mostly identical, the DS version is an outlier by having fewer levels than the other versions. Beyond that, the Wii U version will likely stand out among Nintendo systems for its off-TV play and prettier graphics than other versions. Though certainly not for me, maybe the game will will hit its target audience when the game releases on August 13.


KaleighJune 16, 2013

I'm very excited to get this game for my 3DS. I'm a huge Phineas and Ferb fan, so I have to get everything that features my two favorite cartoon characters! I'm probably too old for the game, so it'll most likely be too easy...but whatever. :D

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Genre Action
Developer Behaviour Interactive

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