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Kim Possible: Kimmunicator

by Jon Lindemann - May 20, 2005, 8:55 am PDT

Kim takes her Kimpossible missions to the DS.

Kim Possible: Kimmunicator is a DS platformer with a very unique look, seemingly ripped

straight out of the cartoon it's based on. It's coated in pastel colors and tries to

go for an "art-deco" look as opposed to having a whole lot of detail.

The demo begins in a warehouse or perhaps the shipping dock of a mall, and eventually

winds up inside the mall itself (there are racks of clothes all around). It's pretty

standard platforming action, with you moving Kim from left to right while collecting

items (which looked like goldfish, but I doubt that's right) while jumping across

lights, air ducts, and boxes. The game is interesting to watch because the background

revolves around Kim as she runs, making the action seem a little more dynamic than what

you'd normally expect from a platformer.

Kim's moves include jumps and kicks with the A and B buttons, and she can also pull off

combos by punching and kicking repeatedly. She can perform forward handsprings by

pressing forward twice, and crawl on the ground as well. When she's at the bottom of a shaft she can execute Metroid-like wall jumps to get up to the top, and hang from ledges to pull herself up.

All of these moves help when fighting the kooky enemies in this game, which include

toasters (that fire toast at you, no less), bookshelves, and what looked to be a safe. It doesn't seem like any of these enemies could hurt you in the demo, but they can definitely knock you down.

One clever device used at the beginning of the demo is a "fingerprint scanner" that asks you to hold your thumb against the touchscreen for a few seconds while it "scans" it in - pretty clever. I'll be curious to see how Kim Possible: Kimmunicator turns out.

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Genre Action
Developer Buena Vista Games

Worldwide Releases

na: Kim Possible: Kimmunicator
Release Nov 2005
PublisherBuena Vista Games
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