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Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - September 21, 2002, 2:57 pm EDT

Your first GBA title from Square.

As a Nintendo fan, it felt strange going to Square’s booth. It is kind of like going back to your ex-girlfriend’s house. Nevertheless, Billy says go there first, or you will be fired, and another Bakudan whatever will replace you. I got to the booth, which had Unlimited SaGa as their main attraction, and found out that the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance wait was 80 minutes, so I decided to head for Chocobo Land’s area. I was handed a GBA with the game, and told that I have 20 minutes. The closest thing I would compare Chocobo Land: Game of Dice to would be Chocobo’s Monopoly.

The TGS version started out in a map similar to those of Final Fantasy in the NES and Super NES days. You take control of a Chocobo, and maneuver it to the only accessible area in their demo version. Once you enter the area, you are presented with board game-like map. The artwork is cute and colorful. Basically the goal is to obtain a certain number of crystal points (CP) before your opponent does. Given the short time, I was not able to figure out how exactly everything works, but here’s what I have so far: you roll a dice and move around the board. If you land on a space that is open, you can use some CP to have one of your friends – black sorcerer, white sorcerer, and etc. – help you by holding the spot. When opponents land on a spot that is yours, they have to give you CP. If you land on your own spot, you can level up that spot, and collect more CP when your opponent comes.

At certain spots you can also buy magic stones, which are items you can use on yourself or an enemy. There was only one magic stone available, and that was a sleeping spell. When you use the stone, fire shoots out around the opponent, symbols float across the screen, and light surrounds the opponent. The effect is hard to describe, but it is kind of cool and does not feel like it is overdone.

Each of your friends has a different ability. Some can increase the possibility of others landing on that spot. Some can protect you from magic stone attacks.

I have not seen the multiplayer mode in action yet, but I hope it will

interact with the save file on each cartridge. Perhaps players will have access to characters and magic stones of other saves. Nevertheless, I think that the multiplayer mode will drive this game since it is built around the board game concept. Overall, Chocobo Land: Game of Dice looks like a solid title.

Now, where is Final Fantasy Chronicles?

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Genre Party/Parlor
Developer Square Enix
Players1 - 2

Worldwide Releases

jpn: Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice
Release Dec 13, 2002
PublisherSquare Enix
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