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Shimano Xtreme Fishing

by Aaron Kaluszka - October 2, 2009, 8:06 am EDT
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Just how "xtreme" can fishing be?

Shimano Xtreme Fishing includes three different types of fishing: rod, bow, and spear. Mastiff took pride in the fact that their fishing game is the only fishing game with a T rating. This rating likely comes from the inclusion of blood in the game. The game is also sponsored by a number of equipment manufacturers, whose equipment and ads are found throughout the game.

In each mode, players first take a boat out to their respective prime fishing locations, indicated with a giant yellow arrow. Rod and reel fishing can be controlled with either a single Remote or with a Remote and Nunchuk combination. As you might expect, players can reel in fish by moving the Nunchuk in a reeling motion. However, without the Nunchuk, this is simply accomplished by pressing the trigger. Players can cast the line by flinging as you would expect, and slowly pull the lure in to attract the fish. Once a fish has bitten, players must fight with the right balance. Pulling in too fast will break the line, but pull too slowly and the fish will get away. Sometimes the fish will jerk in a certain way, prompting an accompanying Remote motion to compensate. Jerking back once the fish has tired will bring it back to the boat, though this particular control was finicky. There were also collision and clipping problems; essentially, collision wasn't implemented and fish could pass through each other.

Bow fishing and spear fishing are similar in controls, each letting you shoot fish directly. The primary difference is in location. In bow fishing, you stay on your boat, while spear fishing takes place underwater. Targeting takes place with the Remote pointer. Score is dependent on distance to the fish (the farther the better) and number of fish shot in sequence without missing. There are often specific fish to hunt, where others should be avoided. Golden fish yield extra points, but they are much harder to catch, putting up a heavier fight. You can also activate your boat's trawling motor to go after faster-moving fish.

Spear fishing was described by Mastiff as "Endless Ocean with spears." While the game certainly isn't as graphically-pleasing as Endless Ocean, this is a somewhat accurate assessment. You can swim around underwater, admiring the sights and aquatic life. Unfortunately, there seemed to be some problems with targeting, where the bolt would clearly go through the desired fish without catching it. One of the "extreme" aspects is the fact that during spear fishing, you can be attacked by sharks. It's better to take them out before they can get to close, though you won't actually die if attacked.

The most fun part of the game I played was the arcade mode. In this mode, I travelled down a river while fished jumped out in front of me. I had to shoot as many fish as possible, and chaining hits without missing led to big bonuses. Attaining certain scores unlocks more items and features, such as the powerful cross bow. There is a competitive multiplayer mode as well, though I did not get a chance to try it.

For me, the fishing was somewhat enjoyable, particularly in the arcade mode, but there were a number of glitches that marred the experience. However, my guess is that fans of real fishing will have an enjoyable experience overall. Shimano Xtreme Fishing certainly does have a number of fishing types not usually explored in games.

See some of the gameplay for yourself in the video below.


Awesome tagline. ;-)

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Genre Action
Developer Mastiff

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Release Oct 20, 2009
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