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Metroid Prime Completion Guide

Complete logbook

by the NWR Staff - January 12, 2003, 12:05 am PST

Fill your logbook the easy way.

Log Book names are in bold-italics and are dark green in color, entries are in bold text, and locations are in italics. Any entry that can only be obtained at a single point in the game will be colored red (see the red entry guide on the next page for a walk-through). Specific room names that can be checked on the map will be in blue.

All entries are in the order in which they appear in the game's logbook. This means that if you have the first and third Chozo Lore entries, the one that goes in between it is the second one on the list below.

Pirate Data

01) Metroid Prime: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

02) Mining Status: Phendrena Drifts - Research Lab Hydra

03) Artifact Site: Tallon Overworld - Temple Security Station

04) Special Forces: Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine B

05) Metroid Forces: Phendrena drifts - Research Lab Aether

06) Chozo Studies: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

07) Fall of Zebes: Space Pirate Frigate - Biohazard Containment

08) Prime Mutations: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

09) Security Breaches: Phendrena Drifts - Research Lab Hydra

10) Phazon Analysis: Phendrena Drifts - Research Lab Hydra

11) Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines - Omega Research

12) Contact: Phendrena Drifts - Observatory

13) Chozo Ghosts: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

14) Prime Breach: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

15) Parasite Larva: Phendrena Drifts - Research Lab Hydra

16) Meta Ridley: Phendrena drifts - Research Lab Aether

17) Phazon Program: Phendrena Drifts - Observatory

18) Metroid Morphology: Phendrena drifts - Research Lab Aether

19) Chozo Artifacts: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

20) Phazon Infusion: Phendrena drifts - Research Lab Aether

21) Metroid Studies: Phendrena drifts - Research Lab Aether

22) The Hunter: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

23) Elite Pirates: Phazon Mines - Elite Research

24) Glacial Wastes: Phendrena Drifts - Research Lab Hydra

25) Hunter Weapons: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

Chozo Lore

01) Infestation: Chozo Ruins - Crossway

02) Binding: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple

03) Cradle: Chozo Ruins - Furnace

04) Beginnings: Chozo Ruins - Vault

05) Cipher: Phendrena Drifts - Ice Ruins West

06) Worm: Chozo Ruins - Crossway

07) Fountain: Chozo Ruins - Ruins Entrance

08) Exodus: Chozo Ruins - Ruined Nursery

09) Hatchling's Shell: Chozo Ruins - Crossway

10) Hatchling: Chozo Ruins - Ruined Fountain

11) Meteor Strike: Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall

12) Contain: Chozo Ruins - Sun Tower

13) The Turned: Phendrena Drifts - Phendrena Canyon

14) Hope: Chozo Ruins - Hall of Elders

15) Statuary: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple

16) Newborn: Chozo Ruins - Magma Pool

Research For the things found in various places, look at your map and try and remember the contents of the room to find the nearest one.

01) Save Station: various

02) Missile Door Lock: various (Though you can get this in many places in the game, once you blow up all the missile door locks you won't be able to scan them again)

03) Map Station: various (I believe you have to scan this BEFORE you get the map)

04) Spinner: various

05) Missile Ammo: various

06) Large Energy(red): various

07) Small Energy(purple): various

08) Stalactite: various(You may have to scan these before dislodging them from ceilings. Most haven't found the one in Phendrena that shatters the frozen ice lake because breaking it requires the grappling beam)

09) Missile Station: Found in a few locations, check your map for big M's.

10) Spider Ball Track: various (Note: not all of these tracks can be scanned)

11) Power Bomb Ammo: various

12) Grapple Point: various

13) Zebes: Phendrena Drifts - Observatory

14) Ultra Energy(yellow): Found after defeating really big enemies and bosses.

15) Morph Ball Slot: various (Note: scan before activating)

16) Tallon IV Phendrena Drifts - Observatory

17) Locked Door: various (These are most prevalent as you play through the game. If you wait until the very end of the game to scan this, you should find that the last door that you walk through in the entire game is locked.)

18) Gunship: Tallon Overworld - Landing Site

Creatures For the moment, I'll only provide exact locations for hard to find creatures or the ones that appear in only one place. The rest will get a general location since they appear so often.

01) Mega Turret: Turrets with more armor found In the Phazon Mines.

02) Grizby: Small creature killed only by missiles or heavy beam weapons in the early Magmoor Caverns.

03) Zoomer: Soft spiked creature found all over the Tallon Overworld.

04) Plated Parasite: There are some in the Chozo Ruins - Furnace crawling on the pipes near the ceiling.

05) Pulse Bombu: The yellow and blue energy balls found all over Phendrena Drifts.

06) Ice Shriekbat: In Phendrena's Ice Ruins West you'll find some of these guys if you travel on the rooftops. Be ready to scan because they suicide bomb you with great speed. These disappear at some point in the game, so get them when you first see them.

07) Parasite Queen: Only available in the Space Pirate Frigate (it's the boss).

08) Scarab: These are the small explosive monsters that swarm the tunnels of the Chozo Ruins and other places.

09) Aqua Reaper: These can be found in the Space Pirate Frigate ruins of the Tallon Overworld and in the water portions of Phendrena Drifts.

10) Triclops: These are found under floor grates in Magmoor.

11) Puffer: The green, gas-filled balls found in Magmoor.

12) Glider: In the Phazon Mines and Phendrena Drifts, these creatures provide living grapple points.

13) Auto Turret: These are all over the place, but become more difficult to find as the game progresses. Their should always be some in the Phendrena labs though.

14) Jelzap: The fish creatures with an upper and lower half connected by energy that are found in the waters near the end of Phendrena.

15) Beetle: One of the first enemies you encounter in the Tallon Overworld. They dig in and out of the ground to attack.

16) Tangle Weed: Found in the Chozo Ruins and Tallon Overworld (this is the white variety).

17) Flying Pirate: Found in various places (especially later in the game). The first ones are found in the Tallon Overworld next to the crashed ship.

18) Hive Mecha: This only appears when you're fighting for your first pack of missiles. You have to look down under the water to get the Hive Mecha scan (not the ports that you fire at). Don't forget to scan those Ram War Wasps as well.

19) War Wasp: Found all over the Chozo Ruins.

20) Blood Flower: Found in the Tallon Overworld (it spits poisonous green balls).

21) Ice Beetle: Found in the Phendrena Drifts after defeating Thardus (the boss).

22) Reaper Vine: Found in the Chozo Ruins, you'll have to look a little harder if you pick this up late in the game.

23) Aqua Drone: Just like a security drone but underwater. These are only found on your first trip through the crashed Frigate (Tallon Overworld). Don't miss them.

24) Ice Trooper: The white armored pirates in the Phazon Mines. There are some in the room where you get the first Power Bombs (the Central Dynamo).

25) Sap Sac: The yellow sacs of explosive found all over the Tallon Overworld.

26) Flickerbat: The invisible flying creatures in the first major hub area of Phendrena.

27) Wave Trooper: Pirates found all over the Phazon Mines wearing black armor with purple markings.

28) Sentry Drone: Found in the Phendrena lab areas. These are floating mechanoids.

29) Burrower: This species can be seen digging in the ground. Easily found throughout the beginning of Magmoor.

30) Plazmite: Found in at least two parts of the Chozo Ruins (they light up dark rooms until you destroy them).

31) Barbed War Wasp: This can only be scanned while fighting the incinerator drone early in the game for the bombs.

32) Flaahgra: The boss of the Chozo ruins.

33) Scatter Bombu: These tend to block tunnels in the Phendrena drifts. They are blue energy spheres with smaller red spheres and emit 3 beams of electricity.

34) Space Pirate: As the game progresses, you'll find it more difficult to find an ordinary Space Pirate. Scan this one early on (or find them in the beginning of the Phazon mines).

35) Parasite: Can only be scanned in the Space Pirate Frigate (they swarm the tunnels after you beat the boss).

36) Tallon Crab: Swarms one tunnel near the beginning of the crashed Space Pirate Frigate.

37) Blastcap: Mushrooms found all over the Chozo Ruins.

38) Aqua Sac: These are found in the crashed Space Pirate Frigate underwater (toward the end of the Frigate). They are light blue in color and explode upon being fired on.

39) Lumigek: Another swarming creature that is found in the first part of the impact crater.

40) Incinerator Drone: The boss that guards the bombs early in the game (don't forget to scan the wasps in the room as well).

41) Eyon: Laser shooting eyes which are perched on walls in the Chozo Ruins.

42) Fission Metroid: Found in the impact crater.

43) Oculus: This creature can be found in the vertical tube that you must exit through after beating the boss in the Chozo Ruins. You can go back and get them at any time though.

44) Meta Ridley: You may die a few times when fighting him, don't forget to scan him at the beginning of each attempt, and make sure that you scanned him before saving afterwards.

45) Plasma Trooper: The Pirates with red markings that are only hurt by the Plasma beam. Found in the Phazon Mines on level 3.

46) Aqua Pirate: These are underwater flying pirates. Find them in the crashed Space Pirate Frigate.

47) Baby Sheegoth: These are found all over the Phendrena Drifts, but if you wait until late in the game, you'll find that some of them are replaced by full grown Sheegoths.

48) Seedling: Found on the ceiling of the passage of Tallon Overworld that leads to the Cradle/Temple.

49) Plated Beetle: The armored beetles with vulnerable red tail sections (abdomens) that are found all over the Chozo Ruins.

50) Sheegoth: Most easily scanned in boss form as you fight for the wave beam, but some medium sized Sheegoth can be scanned in Ice Ruins West later in the game.

51) Stone Toad: Found in the Chozo Ruins in two places. These are the creatures that eat you when you roll up into a ball. One is found right after you get the bombs, and the rest are located in the Reflecting Pool.

52) Metroid: I'm not going to tell you where to find Metroids.

53) Venom Weed: Red colored weeds that impede movement and cause damage. These are found in various places (try the Chozo Ruins in the room dominated by a large tree).

54) Phazon Elite: This smaller version of the Omega Pirate (Phazon Mines boss) guards a Chozo Artifact and can only be fought once.

55) Metroid Prime: This is Metroid Prime's second form.

56) Ice Burrower: Found in late Phendrena digging through the snow. They pop out of the ground to attack. Get them ASAP since they vanish later in the game.

57) Flaahgrah Tentacle: This is the tentacles of the first boss. They are at ground level and fill the morph ball channels.

58) Elite Pirate: These are found in the Phazon Mines. They are the large that break out of containment tanks to fight you. There's a limited number of these in the game, so scan the first one.

59) Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines boss. Scan away.

60) Puddle Spore: These are the large "lava clams" found in late Magmoor.

61) Chozo Ghost: Found in many parts of the Chozo Ruins later in the game.

62) Thardus: The rock boss that you fight in the Phendrena Drifts.

63) Shriekbat: Found in the Chozo Ruins and early Magmoor (flying green bats that charge you).

64) Hunter Metroid: Found in the Phazon Mines, late Phendrena and while fighting the very last boss.

65) Magmoor: Lava snake/dragon found in Magmoor Caverns.

66) Hive: Any time you see war wasps, there should be a war wasp hive. All over the Chozo Ruins.

67) Metroid Prime: This is Metroid Prime's first form.

68) Shadow Pirate: Found in the Phendrena labs after the lights go out and in other places.

69) Ram War Wasp: Can only be scanned while fighting the boss that guards the first missile pack early in the game (don't forget to scan the boss machine, the Hive Mecha).

70) Ice Parasite: In Phendrena look in the Chozo Ice Temple. These critters vanish after you obtain the Wave Beam (don't confuse them with.

71) Geemer: Hard-shelled red spiky creatures found in a few spots of the Tallon Overworld. These are like zoomers only much more vicious looking.

72) Crystallite: Docile Phendrena crawling organisms that have a large spike of ice on their backs.

73) Plated Puffer: These are found only in the Chozo Ruins - Tower of Light. You must start destroying the ceiling for these to begin appearing.

74) Power Trooper: Space Pirates wearing yellow power suit armor. They can be found in various places in the Phazon Mines.

Thanks goes to the following IGN Board users who helped me assemble this information: LordDraconis, Shazcow, deadbabyofl, Rubashov and Kain_3. I would also like to thank CharlieF from the GameFAQs boards for his help.

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