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Cube Creator 3D

We at Big John Games are bringing the creative sandbox to the Nintendo 3DS with our free demo version of Cube Creator 3D. This demo lets you create your own realm in a pre generated world made of cubes.

This free demo version is limited to creative mode and allows you to explore a world in true 3D. The dual-screen presentation on the 3DS keeps your inventory accessible without cluttering the view of the world. Enhance the world around you while soaring high above the trees, or while swimming deep down into the many bodies of water. Easy-to-use touchscreen inventory makes building easy and fun. Beautiful shading and textures puts Cube Creator 3D a cube above the rest. The release of the Cube Creator 3D demo will available in December, just in time to enjoy through the Holiday season.

The full release version of Cube Creator 3D will be made available in Q1 of 2015. The complete release will feature a new survival mode, a diverse collection of enemy creatures, and a plethora of random & crafted worlds to be explored. You’ll also have the ability to import your saved environment from our free demo into the full-scale version of Cube Creator 3D. Explore, create and share your experience with us as we continue to develop this game into your next favorite reason to own a Nintendo 3DS.


Genre Action
Developer Big John Games

Worldwide Releases

na: Cube Creator 3D
Release Apr 23, 2015
PublisherBig John Games
RatingEveryone 10+
eu: Cube Creator 3D
Release Aug 20, 2015
PublisherBig John Games
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