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Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

The Best Of Awesome Games Done Quick 2020

We'll probably come in under estimate, but we don't have 200,000 people in our Twitch chat trying to kill us....

by Donald Theriault - January 19, 2020

3DS Through the Ages: October 2013 to December 2013

2013 ends with Zelda, Pokemon, and more....

by Neal Ronaghan - July 25, 2017

Ranking Nintendo's Past 10 Holiday Lineups: #3 - #1

Great games mean great holidays. These three years prove that....

by Neal Ronaghan - November 2, 2015

Who Owns That Pokemon?

The ownership of portable gaming's biggest franchise isn't as twisted as Giovanni's Wild Ride....

by Donald Theriault - September 15, 2015

Nintendo World Report's Top 20 3DS Games (So Far): #10 - #6

We give love to Pokemon, Link, Lucina, and more....

by - February 25, 2015

Pokemon X and Y Review Revisit

We reflect on last year's bold new Pokémon game on 3DS....

by - September 8, 2014

Top 10 3DS Games: Three Years and Running: #3-1

Our top three pull from big Nintendo franchises. Surprise?...

by Neal Ronaghan - March 28, 2014

Nintendo World Report's 2014 Predictions: Justin Berube, Features Editor

The King Nintendo Fanboy leverages his expertise in order to guess how the world looks through Nintendo's eyes....

by Justin Berube - January 6, 2014

How I Learned to Accept My Inevitable Death by Pokemon

Something to help you sleep at night....

by Becky Hollada and Josh Max - October 31, 2013

Our Pokémon X/Y Teams

Wonder what teams the NWR staff are taking through Pokémon X and Y?...

by Neal Ronaghan - October 28, 2013

Pokémon X and Y Online Features Overview

Find out how to the make the most of Pokémon X and Y's online features....

by James Dawson - October 24, 2013

Of Nerds and Men: Singularity

Once again Zach passes over the Pokémon event horizon....

by Zachary Miller - October 22, 2013

Nintendo Collectors Journal 10/17/2013

Another Pokémon exclusive week in honor of Pokémon X & Y....

by Justin Berube - October 17, 2013

BLOG: Have a Ball With Pokémon X and Y

More sweet EB freebies for Australian pre-orders....

by Andrew Brown - October 16, 2013

BLOG: Five Spoiler-Filled Reasons Why Pokémon X and Y Are My Least Favorite Pokémon Games

How many times do I need to say spoilers?...

by Alex Culafi - October 12, 2013

Pokélaunch Party Australia: EB Knox

Pokémon X and Y have hit Melbourne! It's time to celebrate!...

by Andrew Brown - October 11, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (10/09/2013)

Gotta catch 'em all one more time....

by Danny Bivens - October 9, 2013

This Week in Releases: October 6, 2013

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Also some niche 3DS game and a new handheld....

by Zack Kaplan - October 6, 2013

BLOG: Justin's Predictions for Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct

Here we go again!...

by Justin Baker - September 30, 2013

INTERVIEW: Pokémon X and Y Interview with Game Freak

We had the pleasure to sit down with some of the minds behind Pokémon X and Y....

by Justin Berube and Josh Max - September 24, 2013

ROUNDTABLE: Pokemon X and Y Roundtable

Our staff express their opinions regarding the new features in Pokemon X and Y....

by Justin Baker, Justin Berube, Nicholas Bray, J.P. Corbran, Alex Culafi, James Dawson, Tom Malina, Josh Max, and Neal Ronaghan - September 15, 2013

BLOG: Call from EU: Why Gamescom Needs Fixing

Not everything is good with Europe's finest gaming mecca....

by Daan Koopman - August 26, 2013

BLOG: The Pokémon Game Show - What You Need to Know

Pokémon fans don't need TGS when they have their own special event!...

by Danny Bivens - August 16, 2013

BLOG: Live Blog: Pokémon X and Y Roundtable

We're covering the hottest Pokémon news of the day, right here!...

by Neal Ronaghan - June 11, 2013

BLOG: The Pokémon X Debacle

You know what's funny? Pokémon X and Y, specifically Pokémon X. ...

by Josh Max - January 27, 2013

BLOG: Pokémon Trailer Breakdown Theories

The obvious and not-so-obvious details of the X and Y trailer. ...

by Andrew Brown - January 19, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (01/09/2013)

HAL Pinball (non-Kirby related), Metal Max, and even top eShop lists from Nintendo hit the service today!...

by Danny Bivens - January 10, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 488: I Need the Good Rocks, and I Don't Mean Geodude

I'm just a man, walking around, with a pipe but no rocks....

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - August 6, 2016

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 417: Anything But Sonic

Our friend TYP drops in to helps us discuss lots of indie games, Pokemon, the D.I.C.E. awards, Virtual Handheld, and how to choose the right Smash Bros. character....

by Michael Cole, James Jones, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - February 15, 2015

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 385: Boogy-Dad, Boogy-Dad

This is what passes for normal on RFN....

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - June 1, 2014


Chris Houlihan gives his nod of approval to the latest Famicast....

by Danny Bivens and Ty Shughart - October 31, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 356: Real Money Pokémon Auction House

We've got hands-on reports for the newest 3DS releases and even some upcoming Wii U games!...

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - October 26, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 107: Nicki Minaj, the Pokémon

Good and bad ideas for Disney Infinity and a whole lot of Pokémon....

by Becky Hollada, Kimberly Keller, Josh Max, Zachary Miller, and Scott Thompson - October 19, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 354: Lakitu Cloud Storage

With everyone back in action, it's time for a classic episode full of hot games and in-depth Nintendo discussions....

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - October 13, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 105: European's Very Own

Direct reactions, Pokémon X & Y talk, and live from NYCC!...

by Justin Berube, Alex Culafi, Daan Koopman, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, Jared Rosenberg, and Mike Sklens - October 5, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 103: Bash Him over the Head

Breaking down this week's news, a look at the Persona series, an interview with Different Cloth and some Doctor Who action....

by Nicholas Bray, Alex Culafi, Daan Koopman, and Scott Thompson - September 21, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 101: I Only Date Newborns

You'd think it's Wonderful, but it's actually amazing....

by Danny Bivens, Alex Culafi, Daan Koopman, Josh Max, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - September 7, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 99: Like a Hurricane

Darumeshi Sports Shop, Pokémon news recap, and DuckTales Remastered! ...

by Danny Bivens, Andrew Brown, Alex Culafi, Zack Kaplan, Daan Koopman, Josh Max, Zachary Miller, and Scott Thompson - August 23, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: E3 2013: Bringing the Home Team Back Together

The brain (Greg), heart (James), and soul (Jon) of RFN combine for a two hour meandering discussion of E3 2013, the future of Wii U, and the future of Nintendo's involvement with the annual convention....

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - June 12, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Connectibite: E3 Nintendo Direct Reaction

The gang discusses today's E3 Nintendo Direct....

by Patrick Barnett, J.P. Corbran, Zachary Miller, and Scott Thompson - June 11, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 327: In Tents Pro Duck Shun

It's time to catch up on the games we're playing and the news we're following....

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - February 24, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 68: Simultaneous Global Release

The gang goes deep into 2012, and discusses Pokémon X & Y....

by Patrick Barnett, Alex Culafi, Zack Kaplan, Daan Koopman, Josh Max, Neal Ronaghan, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - January 12, 2013


Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Box Art

Genre RPG
Developer Game Freak

Worldwide Releases

na: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
Release Oct 12, 2013
jpn: Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y
Release Oct 12, 2013
eu: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
Release Oct 12, 2013
aus: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y
Release Oct 12, 2013
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