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Princess Peach: Showtime! X Kung Fu Tea Review
« on: March 26, 2024, 06:04:00 AM »

Justin is back to see if he can handle a Kung Fu Tea gauntlet like never before.

On March 18, 2024 Kung Fu Tea revealed that in just four days they would be rolling out a new line of beverages to coincide with the launch of Princess Peach: Showtime! I found this somewhat surprising as with Kung Fu Tea’s previous promotions for Kirby & Pikmin, I remember getting several months notice. I’ve survived the sugary beverages in the past, but my gut’s fortitude would be put to the test like never before as there were a whopping five promotional beverages to sample this time. Someone has it out for me.

I should also mention that all of these beverages are peach flavored to match the Princess Peach name. What makes this drink gauntlet even more difficult for me is that I don’t really care for peaches, but I knew I couldn’t let the avid readers of Nintendo World Report down and made sure to try everything. Onto my thoughts.

(Note: All bold text is the official drink description.)

The Leading LadyA standing ovation for our NEW Leading Lady – a delicious creamy Peach Slush topped with our exclusive Peach Milk Cap. This slush is our Kung Fu take on the classic dessert, Peaches & Cream! *Contains dairy (Dairy free without milk cap)

The Leading Lady is a frozen beverage and its peach flavor wasn’t as hard hitting as some of the other options. This is mainly because it is mixed with the Peach Milk Cap which basically just tastes like cream. The cream flavor softens that peach and actually compliments it well. Though, at times I was wishing to just have a cup of the cream but honestly that would probably have killed me. This is easily my favorite beverage of the lot even with one downside being not all the ice was crushed enough leaving some small chunks to chew.

Peach’s Showstopping Milk TeaOur classic milk tea meets Princess Peach for the ultimate showstopping flavor. This is guaranteed to be a fan favorite so grab it before the curtain closes! *Contains Dairy and Caffeine*

The first thing I noticed while drinking Peach’s Showstopping Milk Tea was actually that it tasted like tea. Yes, this is the first product from Kung Fu Tea that I’ve tried that doesn’t just taste like a dessert and actually lives up to the brand’s tea name. The milk helped to soften the peach flavor and made it even better. The included boba bubbles were good and chewy as well. This creation actually surprised me as I thought it would be the one I liked the least.

Peach Premiere Green TeaCatch this refreshing and crisp tea before it hits the stage! The Peach Premiere Green Tea is a delicate blend of floral peach and crisp green tea, ready to shine at center stage! *Contains Caffeine

The Peach Premiere Green Tea just tasted like sugary tea. I really did not enjoy the pieces of floral peach mixed in, though it was bearable. The included Lychee Bubbles were nice to chew on but didn’t taste like much of anything. Would never even consider getting this item again.

Spotlight SipperMade for the spotlight - our Peach Oolong Tea is made with bold flavor and the delicious taste of ripened peaches - you’ll get why the limelight is on her. *Contains Caffeine

The Spotlight Sipper was in the spotlight for one reason and that’s because I found it putrid. One sip and I was completely disgusted. I’ve never had oolong tea before, but I’m not sure if it’s because of that or the really awful pieces of peach and aloe jelly. I couldn’t drink more than a few sips of this and regret every second of it. The crap coming up the straw also didn’t have a nice texture and I’d warn anyone to stay away. Seriously, I’m feeling sick just thinking about it.

Peach Green Tea CanOn the go? Our Peach Green Tea can is the perfect light and refreshing companion to keep you quenched on your next adventure!

The coolest thing about the Peach Green Tea Can is that it comes in a can featuring artwork from Princess Peach: Showtime!. This is the first Nintendo cross promotional drink from the company to do this and it looks kind of cool. The tea itself was middle of the road tasting exactly like a mix of peach flavoring and green tea. That said, it did have a bit of a flavor that tasted somewhat fake which some consumers may detest.


All the drinks except can came in a special promotional cup featuring Princess Peach and special tops featuring her too. There are four cups, two in each size, to collect but my store only had two in stock. Every item also included a Princess Peach: Showtime! Straw Topper of Princess Peach’s crown. Coming later this month stores should also be getting a promotional bag too. So Kung Fu Tea has really taken this promotion to new heights.

That said, even though I found some of the drinks tolerable I think this is overall the worst tasting drinks of the entire Kung Fu Tea X Nintendo line. I’d probably never order any of these drinks again unless Kung Fu Tea forces my hand. In the end I still think the Kirby drink was easily the best. It just sucks Princess Peach had to really get that name in North America because I think I would have preferred some Toadstool beverages to the nasty peach gauntlet I had to survive this past weekend.