Author Topic: Episode 864: We're Getting Roody-Sued!  (Read 650 times)

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Episode 864: We're Getting Roody-Sued!
« on: March 03, 2024, 09:16:12 AM »

We're going to have to flee the country...all of them.

James is missing. We're concerned.

We're not actually concerned, because honestly...who cares?

Also, he's the one writing this article, so he was probably fine.

Also he shows up a few minutes after recording started, but I like to imagine that you are concerned.

And yes, that sentence contains first, second, and third person.

Technically, not true - I'm projecting my thoughts on "you" rather than writing from that perspective.

What were we talking about?

Right, New Business.

Greg kicks the show off with a look at the remake of Mario vs Donkey Kong. Then James returns and wants to turn RFN into Lethal Leap Year. Justice for The Assassination of Tex Ferguson['s arm] by the Coward Chad 2 Badd. Greg then resumes his, irrationally interrupted New Business with a look at Blast Corps, now on the Nintendo Switch Online service. James still hasn't got into Unicorn Overlord, because Trails to Azure literally refused to end. Instead he lead a conversation on the new Smash spirits that didn't happen and the Pokémon Presents that did. Jon dives into Cyberpunk 2077's DLC that "fixes" the game, and into the weirdness that is Kid Dracula on his very official copy. Lastly, Guillaume has impressions of two old games now on Switch: Arcade Archives: Mystic Warriors and Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Somehow we only answered a single email, yet again. This time, we explore what a world where "AAAA" games exist means for "BBBB" games. Also, we violate all of Mr. Johnson's recently-acquired IP.

You can send your C&D here.

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