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RIP to the Iron Sheik, who sadly will not be making anyone humble in WrestleQuest this summer.

As has become tradition, the first event of the Summer of Too Many Game Reveals was the Guerilla Collective indie show hosted by The Mix, and with a single show of nearly three hours it resulted in more than 25 Switch-relevant announcements.

In approximate order of release...

  • A Switch port of Annalynn, a maze based platformer from developer Cruise Elroy, is available now on the eShop. Previously released on Steam, the Switch port adds tate mode support and a new playable character.
  • Also shadowdropped today was action platformer Nocturnal from publisher Plug In Digital.
  • Space-focused home building sim Nova Lands is next to launch, coming out on June 22.
  • Open world airship base builder Black Skylands will be available on August 3.
  • A trailer was shown for WrestleQuest, the turn based RPG centered on the art of professional wrestling which features licensed wrestlers including "Macho Man" Randy Savage, the Road Warriors, and former five-time WCW champion Booker T: the lockup will occur August 8.
  • 30XX - the sequel to the randomly generated run and gun platformer 20XX - will be available on Switch sometime in the third quarter (July to September).
  • A sequel to year-one Switch title Hammerwatch - which adds new multiplayer elements to the existing randomly-generated overhead action formula - will also be available this summer.
  • Originally shown in last November's Indie World showcase, the pixel-styled first person adventure World Of Horror nailed down an October 19 release date.
  • Three Minutes to Eight, another retro-styled adventure about preventing your death which would otherwise occur at 7:57 pm, is targeting a Q4 (October to December) launch.
  • Updates for existing titles were also shown: Spiderheck announced a "Quality of Heck" update which will add a map editor for the game's multiplayer in the summer, along with crossplay with PC / PlayStation / Xbox platforms and dedicated servers. Dawn of the Monsters unveiled an "Arcade Mode" update, which will add new DLC characters as well as a "New Game++" mode to the kaiju-based brawler.
  • Wario Land-styled platformer Antonblast was announced as "coming soon".
  • New trailers were shown for the following games with a "2023" release window: Toxic Crusaders (brawler based on the Troma property and its early 1990s cartoon), Growth (tile based puzzle game), Demonschool (turn-based RPG similar in style to the pre-PS2 Persona games), QuestMaster (construct your own overhead adventure - Zelda - levels), SacriFire (action RPG with a Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack), Lil' Guardsman (point-and-click mystery adventure), Promenade (2D collect-a-thon platformer that cites Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie as influences), and StormEdge (action roguelike where skills often damage the user).
  • Shown with either a 2024 or unknown release date, or releasing after the completion of a Steam Early Access period: Terra Memoria (3D isometric turn based RPG), Forgotlings (sequel to Forgotten Anne, a side-scrolling adventure game), Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed (latest entry in the Kingdom series of strategy games, such as Kingdom Two Crowns), A Void Hope (pixel adventure about memory loss), Bye Sweet Carole (Disney-inspired art in a horror game), and Gori: Cuddly Carnage ("skate and slash" action game).

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