Author Topic: Mafia LXXXVII: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. List of Players.  (Read 514 times)

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nickmitch - Townie
NWR_Insanolord - Mafia Goon 1
Order.RSS - Townie
ThePerm - Godfather


Mop it up - Townie (Killed by Vote)
pokepal148 - Townie Doctor (Killed by Mafia)
Crimm - Mafia Goon 3 (Killed by Vote)
BeautifulShy - Jamie (Killed by Mafia)
Stratos - Townie/Jamie's Partner (Killed by Mafia)
MKBungle - Townie Detective (Killed by Vote)
lolmonade - Townie (Killed by Mafia)
stevey - Mafia Goon 2 (Killed by Vigilante)
MASB - Townie (Killed by Vote)
TOPHATANT123 - Townie Vigilante (Killed by Mafia)
Wah - Townie (Killed by Vote)
Luigi Dude - Townie (Killed by Mafia)

Roles Still Active



Seasons Mafia

The Godfather
Mafia Goon 1
Mafia Goon 2
Mafia Goon 3


Townie Detective
Townie Doctor
Townie Vigilante

And there are 2 regular townies still alive.
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