Author Topic: Kingdom Hearts Sora Announced As Twelfth And Final Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character  (Read 1272 times)

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It's not an anime swordsman, because the weapon is a keyblade.

The final Smash Bros Ultimate DLC was the most requested fighter of all.

Sora, main character of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, will be the 89th and final fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when he launches on October 18. During the presentation, it was revealed that Sora was the most requested fighter overall in the 2014-15 "Smash Ballot" that was used to decide DLC fighters .

Sora's costumes will be based primarily on the main trilogy of Kingdom Hearts games as well as the 3DS title Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, though one costume will be devoted to the "Timeless River" stages which are tributes to original Disney short Steamboat Willie.

The stage will start floating around the Hollow Bastion, though at low time or stock it will transform into "Dive to the Heart", which shows random Kingdom Hearts character memories.

The Mii costumes coming to the game with the update are hats for Splatoon's Octoling and Judd, as well as the Doom Slayer.

Amiibo for Steve and Alex were announced to be available in spring 2022, with Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya to follow (presumably Sora as well, though his was not announced).

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No objections here. That's a more than worthy pick. Long history with Nintendo, beloved game series, and fits in well with the Snash aesthetic. Good note to end on.
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The keyblade boy finally got in! Also, the Smash Fighter survey strikes again for the final time!!

I don't have any particular affinity for Kingdom Hearts, and have only enjoyed the crazed machinations of the series from afar. But the reveal trailer for Sora in Smash is so gorgeously (melo)dramatic that I feel I will watch it many times in the future to come when I need a tear and a smile.

Secret (or not so secret) best inclusion is having more luscious Yoko Shimomura music in Smash Ultimate.

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I'm not surprised they went with the expected obvious choice for the finale. It's yet another boring choice for me, but I'm sure there are plenty of happy fans.

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Objection, they should have at least made it to 90 characters!

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I think it's a great addition.  Sora feels like a good choice to end on because of how many people wanted him for so long.
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Obviously very unlikely but I would laugh if Nintendo had a 3rd pack that was just Waluigi as a way to troll and get to an even 90 characters.  Also, for what it's worth, there is a very funny fan made video regarding Waluigi that had good production value:

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It's kind of funny looking back, but Sora getting in not only ends the Smash Bros Ultimate ride but also finally finishes the dream many had when Brawl was first announced.  I mean after Snake was revealed, look at all the character prediction list back in 2006 that were made.  The hype that Brawl created was just insane and when the final roster was revealed, many were disappointed it didn't live up to what they thought was possible.

Well now fast forward 15 years later, and with Sora getting in, almost every major requested character from that time is in Smash.  It's rather nostalgic thinking about all the custom character creation pictures from back in that day and how many of them ended up coming true, but it just took a few games to reach it. ;D

Definitely a great way to end this chapter of Smash Bros.  It'll be interesting to see what the future will bring for this series but we're probably a ways away from the next installment so plenty of time to enjoy the game that truly lived up to it's tagline, "Everyone is Here".
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