Author Topic: Breath of the Wild 2's Hidden Ties to Vaati and the Minish - E3 2021 Trailer Analysis  (Read 1843 times)

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John digs into the sequel to the first trailer for the seqeul to The Legend of Zelda: Beath of the Wild which is now in development for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

As required by law in several states, I found things to try and translate in the new Zelda trailer.

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The most important aspect of the trailer is that the "Link" in the skies has their hair down and seems blonder than BOTW's Link matching Zelda's (new) hair length and color but is normal on the ground (and with no visible floating Islands either). I'm guessing that either it's Zelda or a fusion of them both like how the sage's hand fused with Link (and Zelda).
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My friend Drew mentioned that he thought it might be interesting if this takes place 10,000 years ago, and Link i/ Zelda are transported there, effectively becoming the ancient heroes from the legend. If you care about the timeline, then that could act as an explanation on why Loftwings are in the game (if they are). And the Minish Cap storyline takes place pretty far back on it too.
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