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The latest in the series promises to change the battle system and come out worldwide at the same time.

Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate was the headlining reveal during Square Enix’s Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream, though specific details and platforms for the upcoming game and the rest of the announcements were scarce, especially for Western fans.

No release window or platforms were revealed for Dragon Quest XII, though series creator Yuji Horii mentioned that the battle system was going to change. Exact details weren’t given, but Horii said they had a few ideas. In general, the tone of Dragon Quest XII seems to be more serious and is meant to be more “for adults” than recent entries.

An HD-2D remake of the NES classic Dragon Quest III was also announced, headed by Octopath Traveler producer Masaaki Hayasaka. The game has a similar look as the 2018 Switch RPG and currently doesn’t have a release window, but it will be simultaneously released worldwide. Horii also heavily teased that he would like to see Dragon Quest I and II remade in a similar style.

Dragon Quest Treasures, a spinoff RPG featuring Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI, was announced, but without much other detail. Taichi Inuzuka, who has experience with the Dragon Quest Monsters series, is producing the game and it’s aiming for a worldwide release, though no platforms or release window were announced. Horii, ever the teaser, also hinted at the Monsters series continuing in the future.

Dragon Quest X, the Japan-only MMO, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Version 6 and there will also be Dragon Quest X Offline. This is a version of the long-running MMO redesigned for offline play with a new super-deformed pixel art style. Offline is due out in 2022 in Japan with no official word on a release outside of Japan.

Finally, a free-to-play mobile puzzle game called Dragon Quest Keshikeshi was announced for iOS and Android with a Japanese release of 2021. A western release was mentioned for the future.

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