Author Topic: I recreated all of Luigi's Mansion in Animal Crossing: New Horizons  (Read 64 times)

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It's scary how long this took to make.

Hey all, Xander here! If you haven't played the original Luigi's Mansion before, or if you're a veteran; this is your chance to live through Luigi's terrifying first adventure... in the context of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you'd like to visit my island, and explore a handful of the rooms in the mansion for yourself, my Dream Address is: 1431-3368-4866.

Timestamps!00:59 Neville in the Study1:44 Lydia in the Master Bedroom2:27 Chauncey in the Nursery3:45 The Floating Whirlindas in the Ball Room4:13 Shivers in the Butler's Room4:57 Melody Pianissima in the Conservatory6:16 Mr. Luggs in the Dining Room7:11 Spooky in the Boneyard7:46 Bogmire in the Graveyard8:58 Biff Atlas in the Rec Room10:18 Nana in Nana's Room10:46 Miss Petunia in the Bathroom11:21 Slim Bankshot in the Billards Room12:27 Henry and Orville in the Twin's Room13:20 Madame Clarivoya in the Fortune Teller's Room14:01 Boolossus on the Balcony15:04 Uncle Grimmly in the Wardrobe Room16:01 Clockwork Soldiers in the Clockwork Room16:47 Sue Pea in the Guest Room17:30 Jarvis in the Ceramics Studio17:53 Sir Weston in the Cold Storage18:42 Vincent Van Gore in the Artist's Studio19:29 King Boo in the Secret Altar21:10 Professor E. Gadd's Lab

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