Author Topic: šŸŽ¶ It's fun far as the eye can see! Here at the FGC. šŸŽ¶  (Read 583 times)

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What the ****?! I finally took the time to look into this and just WTH is going on here?

It doesn't help that there isn't really a good summary of what's happening because everything is going to be out of date immediately.

But suffice to say, there are a bunch of allegations against major people in the FGC community and it's really ugly.
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Re: šŸŽ¶ It's fun far as the eye can see! Here at the FGC. šŸŽ¶
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2020, 07:37:36 PM »
The fact that the FGC is still seen as a niche thing by the mainstream, means it's gotten by pretty much unregulated for way too long.  In the case of Smash Bros there was literally a house where minors with no supervision would stay with adults, in the presence of alcohol.  Seriously, that's something that should have been a major redflag to everyone.

Of course it doesn't help when many at the top are being busted for engaging in this activity as well.  It's not just a cover up, they had a sexual predator club going on.  I mean, this **** was an open secret for years by the looks of things.

If the FGC want to have any future outside of local events, they really need to completely redo how they operate.  For one, anyone under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed at an event unless they have a parental guardian.  The fact that wasn't a rule is just insane.
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Re: šŸŽ¶ It's fun far as the eye can see! Here at the FGC. šŸŽ¶
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2020, 11:34:40 PM »
The tl;dr version of this is that a frighteningly large amount of people in the fighting game community fit into three categories, some falling in more than one category:

1. Abuser
2. Heard about abuse, actively tried to hide abuse and/or discredit victims
3. Heard about abuse, did nothing about it

I'm horrified but also not surprised that a community left to its own devices had no ethical guidelines let alone an establishment of actual oversight.

This isn't the end of the FGC as a whole. Games companies will distance themselves from the existing entities like EVO as well as the outed abusers, several of whom should probably be charged from a legal standpoint. However, these companies aren't going to stop making competitive games, and they know how important sanctioned events are to keeping said games relevant. There are a lot of things that can be done moving forward to make the events and space safer for people, particularly younger people.

I hope the egregious string of allegations will deter people in the future. However, what has happened in the FGC speaks to a larger issue we have as a society that does very little in supporting and protecting its most vulnerable members.

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Re: šŸŽ¶ It's fun far as the eye can see! Here at the FGC. šŸŽ¶
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2020, 01:21:26 AM »
I saw some of these allegations on Twitter, but seeing them all together in that post was mind boggling.  It's actually hard to believe all this had been going on, just within the Smash community, let alone FGC as a whole.  It's honestly disturbing.

I imagine the publishers will me more controlling over these sorts of events going forward.  The competitive community is too valuable to the publishers to let go, but it clearly needs more regulation.
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