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Plus another announcement... next week.

The other announcements from the Pokemon Presents video:

  • Along with Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor launching today, a new Raid Battle will be live for the mythical Pokemon Zeraora (introduced in Ultra Sun / Moon). Although it cannot be caught in the raids, if it is defeated one million times between today and June 28, all players will receive a shiny Zeraora (to be distributed through Pokemon Home).
  • Pokemon Cafe Mix is a new touchscreen puzzle game for Switch and mobile devices, with cross-save compatibility. Players will use Pokemon to build a cafe by miixing Pokemon ingredients. A free-to-start game, it can be preloaded today and the estimated arrival date (on Switch) is the 23rd.
  • Pokemon Go will add Galarian Farfetch'd starting from today, and Victini at some point in 2020: Mega Evolution will come to the game in a Go fashion in 2020 as well.
  • Pokemon Smile is an application for mobile devices that uses AR to encourage children to brush their teeth. It is completely free and available to download now.
  • Another presentation for a "big project" will air at the same time one week from today, June 24.

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