Author Topic: Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season spoiler discussion.  (Read 326 times)

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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season spoiler discussion.
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2020, 05:39:50 PM »
It was a great finale. Lots of great moments. Think we even got to see Chopper from Rebles and his introduction, as he was one of the droids that helped Ahsoka and Rex.

I know its a long shot, but I'm hoping for another season were they add all of the remaining missing episodes. There are still a number of half finished episodes that have the voice work and just need their final animations done. Then we can hope for them to list all the episodes in the actual order of events since that has been botched since the first episode.
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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season spoiler discussion.
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2020, 01:02:20 PM »
I'm also hoping against hope for another season but all the current marketing treats this like it's the end. And they butted up RIGHT into Revenge of the Sith, so technically the Clone Wars are over. Plus they're probaably refocusing energy moving forward on new projects... *sigh*

This last season was very enjoyable, and Ahsoka has GOT to have earned a place as one of the TOP Jedi of her era after dealing with Maul, but I still want more!

It doesn't help that due to the place in the timeline it's in, it ends with a dark, downward trend. I really would've enjoyed if they never quite got to RotS and ended The Clone Wars on a fun jingoistic upswell. Something like "Wow, can't believe we went through such a great adventure/battle/intrigue. Oh no, Coruscant's under seige? Well, see ya! Who knows how this will turn out? *wink*"
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