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Who's That Smash Arranger? (A-F)
« on: February 12, 2020, 02:42:29 AM »

From Soshi Abe to Yasufumi Fukuda, a brief history of the composers who have contributed remixes to Super Smash Bros.

One of the most exciting things about Super Smash Bros. is hearing all the new remixes from people all over the Japanese side of the games industry. From big names like Yoko Shimomura to small newbies like Soshi Abe and everything in between, there's nothing cooler than seeing these composers come from different companies and franchises to tackle an iconic song from another world.

In this series we're gonna cover a brief history of every composer who's arranged music in Super Smash Bros., as well as highlight some of their work in the series. In this episode we cover Soshi Abe, ACE, Hirokazu Ando, Yoshino Aoki, Yasushi Asada, Atsuko Asahi, Masato Coda, Toby Fox, Jun Fukuda, and Yasufumi Fukuda.

Smash Anthology Album Art by Roynerer