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Quote from:  Mafia #1: The Nintendo World Report Staff
The Mafia: "Nintendo World Report staff."

John Raridin "Godfather": The current NWR Site director who is out to bend the entire NWR community to his will by any means necessary. Comes up as a townie.

Kairon "Prize giver" (Mafia detective)
Kairon has convinced me to give him the identities and roles of up to two other players with very tempting offer of a Joycon wrist strap.

Daan Koopman (goon): Is capable of doubling a single vote they place the same way as a Townie can. If killed by a hit the remaining mafia members will learn the role and identity of his killer.

Quote from: Townie Roles
Townies: Normal players who do not have a power role. Although they are not entirely powerless. By following in the example of a certain Retroactive ballot stuffer a townie can have a single vote they place throughout the game count for double. This power can be used once and can be used by PMing the host. If a townie changes their vote after activating the double vote power then the double vote will be rendered invalid and lost so choose carefully.

Jonathan Metts (Townie Detective): Is capable of using the powers of investigative journalism and book interviews to learn the roles of any other player besides John Raridin (who isn't actually a site director yet and thus there is no information about his tenure available) or James Jones (who was never even a site director in the first place.

Steven Rodriguez (vigilante) driven mad by E3 2007. He has been secretly plotting to end Nintendo World Report and games journalism so nobody will ever have to cover a bad E3 press conference again. He can place a hit on any other player However if he ends up killing a townie role he will be removed from the game.

Jon Lindemann (Townie Doctor): Can protect a player by allowing them to hide in his backlog. If he hadn't gone all digital he'd have enough room in there to hide himself as well but alas, this is the true cost of digital distribution.
Quote from:  Third Parties
Neal Ronaghan (Killer) Ousted Nintendo World Report Director out for revenge. Can kill a single player as a night action. cut due to balance reasons

Billy Berghammer (Joker) Because he joined Nintendo of America's  he is no longer a part of the NWR staff and in order to prevent any potential conflicts of interest his votes are not counted at the tally at the end of the day unless it is to break a tie. If he is voted out however than Nintendo will be victorious in the war against traditional games media (a war started with the shot heard around the world known as the Nintendo Direct) and thus he will win the game. In the event of a Joker victory the game will continue regardless. The Joker victory has no real effect on the game and basically just turns a Mafia win into, for example a Mafia + Joker win or a townie + Joker win.

Billy also isn't told of his role until later in the game and I will announce in the day thread when that happens.

Ty Shugart: Torum Ferrorist (bomber) Can deploy two bombs. The bombs will likely be of the hot potato variety where they can be passed between players a certain number of times before they explode. Ty also has access to the vigilante kill but again, if he uses it on a player with a townie role he is also removed from the game. lastly if killed by a hit the player who placed the hit against him is also killed and if they are killed by the vote than every character who voted against them is also killed.

This game uses the majority rule day structure where a day can last 48 hours or until a majority vote is reached and held for an hour.

Night actions and double vote requests are sent by pm-ing me on the forums or by messaging me on discord.
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