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Mafia LXXI: Dick Tracy. Player List, Roles and Rules.
« on: November 14, 2016, 01:55:46 AM »

List of Players


Stratos - Townie
TOPHATANT123 - Big Boy, the Mafia Godfather


NWR_Insanolord - Townie (Killed by Mafia Night 1)
Stogi - Flattop (Killed by Vote Day 2)
lolmonade - Townie (Killed by Mafia Day 2)
Lucario - Townie (Killed by Vote Day 3)
Stevey - Diet Smith (Killed by Mafia Day 3)
Silenced - Dick Tracy (Killed by Vote Day 4)
Mop it up - Townie (Killed by Mafia Day 4)
Dasmos - Townie (Killed by Vote Day 5)
Pokepal148 - Townie (Killed by Mafia Day 5)
nickmitch - Townie (Killed by Mafia Day 6)



Dick Tracy - The townie detective. This player is able to investigate any player of their choice and learn their role for the game except for the Godfather who will come up as a townie in an investigation.

Diet Smith - The townie doctor. This player is able to protect any player of their choosing from the Mafia's nightly hit. The only player the doctor can not protect would be himself/herself.


Big Boy - The Godfather. This player is able to eliminate any player of their choice during the night action phase of the game. If investigated by the detective, they will be revealed as a townie and their true nature remains hidden.

Flattop - Goon 1. Part of the mafia. Big Boy and Flattop know who each other are and are working together. If Big Boy is eliminated, then Flattop takes over the mafia hit night action. If investigated by the detective, Flattop's role will be revealed even if he has taken over for the Godfather.

And there are 1 townies still remaining in the game.

A Reminder on the Elimination of Certain Roles

- If the mafia is able to eliminate Dick Tracy via their nightly hit, they will gain an extra mafia member of whomever they choose. If the mafia vote Dick Tracy out, they do not gain an extra member. It is only by eliminating that player through their hit.

- If Dick Tracy is part of a majority vote against Big Boy (aka the Godfather) then he will gain 2 extra investigations that can be used the next day. If Dick Tracy voted for Big Boy but another player was eliminated, he does not get the bonus.

- If Dick Tracy is part of a majority vote against Flattop (aka Goon 1) then he will be randomly given two townie names that will be verified as legit townies allowing you to narrow in on Big Boy and create a possible townie alliance. If Dick Tracy voted for Flattop but another player was eliminated, he does not get the bonus.
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Re: Mafia LXXI: Dick Tracy. Player List, Roles and Rules.
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The Rules
(plagiarized from Pyropizm)

Every game day, each player is allowed to vote for whomever they believe is mafia. Since all roles remain anonymous, mafia members will vote along with the townies.

For each game day, a new thread will be made and will open up with a narrative.  Each player then has the chance to vote off another player.  Simply type in BOLD for whom you wish to vote.  You may change your vote as much as you like.

Every night, the mafia is able to make one hit. These are not based on calendar numbers, but rather on game days. The player who is able to send in the hit order will be informed by the host as to who has that ability.

For the townies to win, they must remove all mafia members from the game.

For the mafia to win, they only need to tie the game. I.E., there are two townies left and two mafia members left.

Majority Vote Rule

In past versions, Mafia game days often lasted 24 hours. For this game, the length is going to vary.

Each game day can last a maximum of 48 hours or so. I will mention what the maximum day length period will be each day in the Announcements post. However, if the players come to a majority vote before that day's deadline and that vote holds for 2 hours, then the day will end and a night period will begin. So, let's imagine there are 16 players and 9 players vote Player A, 3 vote for Player B and 1 votes for Player C. In this case, Player A would be voted out provided there's no change in Player A's vote total in the 2 hours from the 9th vote which is what makes the vote a majority vote. The day would end after the 2 hours wait even if there was still 16 hours left before the 48 hour mark.

Let's say that the 9th vote was cast for Player A but an hour later, the 7th person to vote Player A decides to change their vote from Player A to Player B. However, 30 minutes after that change, another player logs on and votes for Player A restoring the 9 votes against Player A. In this example, Player A would not be eliminated in 30 minutes from the new 9th vote. The majority vote was lost in between that 2 hour period. Even though it was restored in that period, a new 2 hour period starts from when the new 9th vote cast.

In the case of 16 players, 9 votes is the majority. Even if other players hadn't voted yet, it doesn't matter since all the remaining votes combined could only equal 7 which is a minority vote. If a majority vote isn't reached before 48 hours is up, then who ever has the most votes at the end of the 48 hour period is the one voted out. So, if the votes are 6 for Player A, 5 for Player B, and 3 for Player C, then Player A is voted out because of having the highest vote total even though 2 players didn't vote and could have put Player B in a higher vote total.

Again, days won't necessarily have to last 48 hours but the possibility is always there.
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