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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1000 on: July 12, 2020, 11:53:45 AM »
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (WiiU)
My biggest gripe might be that last dungeon was driving me nuts. Maybe I've been away from 2D platformers for too long, but I had more trouble getting to the final boss than actually beating 'em.

Yeah the final dungeon is an absurd difficulty spike. The final boss is way cooler if you collect all the bats, too, but I never bothered going for it since the prospect of going through that dungeon again was too daunting. There was no easy teleport straight to the final boss either right?

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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1001 on: July 17, 2020, 05:31:15 PM »
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (WiiU)
My biggest gripe might be that last dungeon was driving me nuts. Maybe I've been away from 2D platformers for too long, but I had more trouble getting to the final boss than actually beating 'em.

Yeah the final dungeon is an absurd difficulty spike. The final boss is way cooler if you collect all the bats, too, but I never bothered going for it since the prospect of going through that dungeon again was too daunting. There was no easy teleport straight to the final boss either right?

If there was, I never used it. I stocked up on recovery items so beat the final boss on my first go around.

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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1002 on: July 22, 2020, 10:09:52 AM »
Asassin's Creed: Odyssey (Xbox One X):

Did all achievements in 200+ hours. It was exhausting. But still finished it 100%, the feeling is similar to how i felt after completing MGSV -- they really should have cut down most of the content and stayed slim and brief. Game is largely the same as Origins and some things are slightly improved from Origins, but the overall bloat  just becomes tiresome instead of enjoyable. They wasted so much of own their time and hard work for such a little and underwhelming outcome. It feels like they stretched their devs and talent so much -- most of the quests felt like busywork and there was no quality and impact felt for anything in the game.

The decision to make both Kassandra and Alexios playable as main characters, that alone doubled if not quadrupled their voice acting time and budget. I picked Kassandra and her VA is okay, but from what i heard of Alexios as main character in youtube videos -- he just sounds as loud buffoon. All that time these 2 actors spent on their lines (and motion capture!) feels like a complete waste on Ubisoft's part because the game is so monotonous -- NOBODY is gonna be in a hurry to replay it just to hear different VA.

Other NPC voice actors also feel like they were stretched thin. It feels like there are only 5 people doing the voices even if imdb page lists hundreds VAs. One guy especially stands out, his voice and mannerisms are so noticeable and cartoonish he always takes me out.

Gameplay-wise Odyssey is pretty much the same as Origins. Everything good that Origins brought is still there: brilliant eagle vision redesign, BOTW-like climb everywhere, less emphasis on a map and NPCs giving you directions based on actual in-game sights (again -- very similar to BOTW), great graphics, interesting setting and gorgeous vistas. The game is even more colourful than Origins and visuals really pop with HDR.

They fixed a problem i had with Origins with UI elements. Because my TV is prone to burn-in i always try to hide all UI elements but in Origins a few of them were always shown. Odyssey fixes that, allowing you to remove everything. For some of the bosses i had to bring back my health indicator and ability icons because i needed to see cooldowns on abilities and when i need to heal, but most of the game i played without most of the UI.

One of the differences from Origins is notoriety system, like in GTA or very first Assassin's Creed games. Of all things to bring back they reintroduced the most annoying one. Now you get penalized for looting and killing people (yeah, the game called Assassin's Creed penalizes you for killing -- figure that one out). Eventually the heat on you gets too unbearable with soldiers, mercenaries and even citizens and random dogs attacking you -- you're forced to run away. It's just annoying and breaks power fantasy of roaming around in this open world doing whatever.

The main villains are now yet another secret organisation they made up instead of Templars because neither Assasins nor Templars can't exist properly before Crusades start. It's not a big deal but i wonder why had to make up yet another new power-hungry "not-Templar" secret society when they already had Order of the Ancients in Origins. It is especially dumb because in DLC story Order of the Ancients shows up too! And the game have even more secret societies than these two -- there are also Followers of Ares! How many masked cults can one country have?

Odyssey also removed a longstanding tradition of baddies having post-death cutscene which at least gave some characterisation to their villains and was a signature feature of the entire series. Was that also because of bloat? They made so many cultists, they couldn't afford doing the lavish death cutscenes for all of them? It's really a shame.

The bloat also probably hurt quests -- so many quests feel like so generic like they were autogenerated. And many of them WERE: game features special time-limited quests that pop-up randomly and these are your generic "deliver this to that guy", "kill this person". Some of them are just "i'm down on my luck, gib me money plz" -- these are the best because you just get an exp right then and there without all that delivering or killing business.

The sheer number of story and side quests was why quality of writing took a major nosedive. And to make things even worse -- Ubisoft was so eager to utilise their new dialog branching systems -- number of lines were multiplied several times over. And many of the decisions you make in dialogs DO change the story rather significantly which is good in theory but looking back feels like yet another wasteful decision on their production team because they multiplied their writing and quest making budget for seemingly no result -- because again who is going to replay this huge open world game.

I actually got to see the impact my decisions make on a story -- because of a bug. Due to random error my save file got overwritten by previous version and i lost 20 hours and had to replayed some of the quests. Man, i was so demoralized because of this, i didn't touch the game for a week. But still -- what else am i to do sitting home? So i came back and it wasn't too bad and i got to see different outcomes.

And the impact of my dialog decisions also turned out to be yet another underwhelming mess. My choices definitely DO make changes but they're don't really follow any logic and just feel random. When i didn't kill one person first time around that led to additional time wasting and when i DID kill him after file-save bug it led to cutting that quest line down to 10 minutes instead of 20. There isn't really any logic or reward for doing things one way or another even if you DO replay quests.

And some of the writing is just plain bizzare, like one quest line involves an NPC asking me to kill his grandma? And this is supposedly a good and standup guy? Oh by the way, the game features "romance" system in dialog and i can romance this dude too in-between all that grandma killing. Really sets the mood.

That "romance" system is kinda hilarious for how out of the blue it is. Sometimes you just walk up to random NPC and speak for the first time and a dialog choice with heart symbol appears right away. It almost feels like a parody of romancing options from Saint's Row but implemented completely seriously.

I am okay with the fact that open-world games like AC: Origins are mostly auto-generated these days. But i really dislike the trend of not only autogenerating the map but to also fill it with autogenerated mission as well, like Shadow of Mordor does.

Odyssey introduces similar system to Shadow of Mordor orc generals with mercenaries than you occasionally have to hunt down or they start hunting down you. And as i mentioned -- some side-quests are auto-generated too. Publishers really want to cut down costs of making these huge open world games and it feels like you're being tricked.

Odyssey also has user-generated missions, though i never opened them even once. From i've seen it's bad, but i like the aspect of opening-up dev tools for quest making to players.

But the most obvious autogenerated thing in Odyssey are tombs. These are just mazes, with the same generic copy-pasted corridors and same rooms, it feels like an 8bit RPG with confusing 3d labyrinth that was added just to pad time (and it's not like Odyssey needed to add any more padding). There is no climbing, no grand set-pieces, like we got in previous games with churches and secrets inside them. We just roam around in these tombs and occasionally move some blocks to clear the way. It's especially insulting when you compare them to pyramids from Origins because each pyramid was entirely unique outside and inside.

Combat is basically the same as in Origins and the same loot system. There are now even more abilities -- they even added a second melee wheel of abilities. Lower enemies you can just kill by assasinating them one by one, but bigger enemies and especially bosses require to run around spamming arrows and waiting until cooldowns on abilities end and then activating. That's how i was killing most of the end-game enemies in Origins and the strategy stayed mostly the same here. Only this time there are no healing arrows so i have to circumvent that with different loot weapons. Overall all bosses are huge bullet-sponges so battles span a lot of time doing the same thing -- running around shooting arrows and dodging and activating abilities. It takes a lot of time and is really annoying when you die right at the end and have to redo the entire boss encounter. Cerberus boss fight was especially infuriating because it (literally) dropped you into this boss fight so the game was checkpointed and i couldn't even go back to previous point in the game and change and upgrade my loot accordingly. I think that alone took me almost an hour of retries.

Speaking of loot, they also added another annoyance -- if you get too many loot weapons and armour you become "encumbered" and start to move really slowly, so you're artificially forced to either dismantle all your trash weapons or sell them to the nearest blacksmith. Loot is just became more annoying to deal with especially the procedure of dismantling hundreds of loot trash weapons and clothing out of your inventory.

Game has lots of extra costumes, ships and costumes to buy but i was more than fine with what game was giving me, though for half a day Ubisoft REALLY wanted me to buy anything from their costume store so they've been showing an ad for their DLC sale every single time i was opening a map which was kinda annoying.

Speaking of DLCs. Game has 2 extra DLC campaigns. Each has 3 episodes each and are pretty long. One is on the same map as regular game just with added missions and other one features a new pretty big maps for each of the episode.

Legacy of the First Blade is more focused on the story -- however it just exposes further how tired Assassin's Creed's "revenge story" has become really. In both main game and in this DLC especially you always know that everyone main character becomes close to WILL die violently at the hands of baddies du-jour so they can fuel the story.

Fate of Atlantis i liked more because it had 3 rather big location with fantastic and different style. I loved "floating-islands" design of Elysium and grand gold-laced futuristic Atlantis. I really like fantastic architecture in videogames and movies -- the weirder and more aesthetic the setting is -- the more i like it.

Speaking about weird, Odyssey did something really, really, REALLY strange in (one of it's) ending and i actually kinda like it. They actually pushed the envelope on the sci-fi side of a series and changed the relationship between main characters inside and outside the animus. So kudos for that.

Overall the biggest problem with the game it is filled too much with filler. Where Origins quests and story felt brief and meaningful, Odyssey is almost all filler and at odd with itself. In Origins they purposely capped themselves to only leave the most interesting quests in and in some places there wasn't even much to do, but at least it played good. While in Odyssey it feels like bar for quality was lowered so much -- nothing leaves an impression.

It's a good game in minute to minute gameplay, but they really should have cut like 70% of it instead of stuffing it so much.
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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1003 on: July 28, 2020, 07:12:28 PM »
Xbox Gamepass (PC):

I saw that this was $1 for a month to start, and wanted to play Carrion, so I signed myself up. The desktop app is weird and kinda terrible, and makes you jump through dumb sign-on hoops, and a good third of the time the games don't boot right, but given how cheap it is, these are forgivable quirks.


I was excited for this, but it's just kinda okay. It makes a strong first impression because the monster is fun to control, and the gamefeel is quite different from much else out there. Unfortunately it's very linear, not really a metroid-type title, and fundamentally repetitive. Combat is more of a hassle than anything, and the level design is rather plain and one-note.

The Messenger

I'd been wanting to try this out for a while, and was happy to find it on the service. Ultimately, though, I found it somewhat hollow and repetitive. Some of the boss fights are fun, but most of the regular level space feels very similar to traverse regardless of whatever gimmicks are introduced here and there. The big "metroid' switch up is not actually that interesting or engaging, and the 8-bit 16-bit lightworld/darkworld flips are pretty arbitrary--nothing ever feels different.

Sunset Overdrive

One of the few Xbox titles that looked interesting this generation, and I was pleased to find this runs perfectly well on my laptop. But boy, what a whiff of a game. Once you unlock all your traversal abilities, it's genuinely fun to cruise around the map, but that only goes so far when the combat is a miserable chore and the level design is by-and-large the dullest open world suite you could imagine. There are maybe four or five story missions that actually leverage the movement toward engaging challenges, and those are easily negated by repeated, dreadful, mandatory base-defense sequences.

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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1004 on: August 12, 2020, 07:08:09 PM »
Xbox Game Pass (PC):

My $1 intro price rolled over, but hell, I'll stick around for another month at $5. I might exhaust the catalog in that time, but I can always just drop $5 back in if a few things drop that I want to play. Although, I guess there's always the specter of them jacking the price up, but it doesn't seem to be on the near horizon.

Halo 3

Finish the fight! JK, there will be infinite Halo games. I'm not a big fan of the franchise, and in fact actively dislike the fact that it made certain of its features standard for years (very limited weapon inventory, shield regen, e.g.), but I nonetheless played through the first two games on Legendary back in the day. I got 3 on Gamefly pretty close to release, but popped it out and returned it after about an hour because it felt exactly like the previous two games and I was sick of it.

Many years later I was in the mood to revisit, and it runs great on my computer with OG graphics. And it does still feel virtually identical to the first two games. In the current landscape, however, it was moderately refreshing. It repeats the franchise's flagship sins (repetitive environments, repetitive gameplay, AI boners, weird pacing, botched checkpointing, etc.), and adds a few new ones (throw-away auxiliary items, crappy new vehicles/weapons, lack of dog-fighting, reduced enemy pool), but I mostly enjoyed blowing through the campaign on Heroic (too old to **** with Legendary bottlenecks). No collectibles, no map, no loot, no crafting, no skill tree, no stats, decent time!

As was my experience with the previous games, I had the most fun careening around trying to blow past as much combat as possible, and/or the overpowered vehicle sequences. It's bizarre they only put you in a plane for like two minutes, though. Notably, there's a hideous all-Flood level in extremely narrow corridors that 100% blows, perhaps worse than any previous Flood sequence, which always sucked. Also, the "boss fight" and final escape sequence were absolutely awful. Not sure overall why this is considered such a pinnacle, but I'm glad I can put a cap on the "real" series.


Pretty much as standard an indie cinematic platformer as can be imagined. Great hand-drawn look, decent level design, if overall very easy. Sniffing out the collectible bits tends to be more engaging, but the game is also poor at signposting how the progress works, so it's very easy to go past points of no return when you think you're trying to explore. This is a problem in a lot of these games, where "go left or right?" can screw you out of a complete run of a level. The areas in Gris are also quite long, so I have no desire to re-run them to clean up the missing stuff and possibly miss something again. On the plus side, there is no dialog, so you can completely ignore whatever "this is about emotions" thing they were going for.

The Touryist

Been interested in this for a while, but not enough to pay for it. Enter GamePass! First of all, the game looks great. They really nailed the voxel thing down to tiny details, and it definitely augmented the whole experience. Overall, it's quite a pleasant time, and keeps you chugging after progress and interaction as you open up more islands. Ultimately many of the side quests devolve into busywork with little tangible reward, but it's entertaining enough rooting around in the environments to keep you engaged, and the majority of the minigames are engaging enough in their own right. Weirdly, though, there are a few extremely irritating platforming bottlenecks that I don't understand how they made it through play-testing. There's one particular sequence where you have to jump on rotating orbs to finish a temple that just blew my mind how it existed.

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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1005 on: August 25, 2020, 01:52:54 AM »
Played both Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) and Partners in Time. For "reasons" I won't divulge, the last few hours of Partners in Time were horrible because of some frame rate drops. That said, I had a great time revisiting them. It's been years. Of the two, I enjoyed Superstar Saga more, and of all of the Mario & Luigi titles, it seems like the most versatile in terms of hardware it could be played on because it's a fairly brisk play through, with zero reliance on touch screen, microphone, dual-screen mechanics. I'm hoping we get a new Mario & Luigi title, despite the sad closure of Alpha Dream, but if we don't, a port of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in HD would be great!
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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1006 on: August 26, 2020, 07:08:51 PM »
Nintendo has stated in the past they typically don't buy studios, they buy talent and bring them in. I would not be surprised if Nintendo did this with a portion of the talent at Alpha Dream and they have them carry on the M&L games or some other projects.
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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1007 on: August 31, 2020, 10:38:05 AM »
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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1008 on: September 10, 2020, 02:56:50 AM »
LA Noire - Great Game. It's exactly like GTA except you're a detective. I hope for a sequel. Maybe San Andreas Noire.
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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1009 on: September 10, 2020, 07:01:08 PM »
Xbox Gamepass (PC) Continued:

Ori and the Willy Wisps:

I am on record here as finding the first game thoroughly mediocre, particularly in terms of Metroid-style design. The sequel is very similar, but significantly bigger. Within the general linear flow of the progression, however, I found the sequences better designed and more intricate, and the increased focus on horizontal mobility enhances the moment-to-moment gameplay. Swapping out the weird shooting from the first game for a Hollow Knight-esque melee-focused combat system is definitely an improvement, but the busyness of the visual design makes combat difficult to track at times, and, like with the first game, there's just too much of it. The addition of sidequests pretty much only serves to provide more secret junk to rustle up, which is fine, as the big-ass map needed the density, though I did like the races.

Like with the first game, I found the visual palette repetitive and borderline garish along the lines of Trine 2. And the sentimental narrative is even more eyerolling. Still, overall, I'd probably give this a 7/10 compared to the first game's 5/10. Weirdly, though, they removed the one formally innovative element from the first game, the incorporation of quick-saves into the basic gameplay.


I have vivid memories of renting the NES game multiple times and never making it out of the tunnel level, so I am both a prime target for a revival of this property, and one of the vast majority of original players who never saw most of the game. Outside of surface similarities (beat-em-up core, vehicle segments), nothing about this new game really feels like the old game. Instead, it's more of an interactive cartoon frequently swapping genres  and inserting minigames, which is a perfectly fine approach for a game in 2020. That said, most of the constituent elements aren't that fun, and the brawler gameplay gets tiresome quickly with its dependence on spammy ranged enemies. The tongue system was a good idea, though!


I'm cheating here, because I didn't finish this game. I quite liked it initially; it felt like the rare retro-styled game that leapt forward in time to carry on the particular visual and design ethos of ambitious 16-bit action RPGs. But the more I played of it, the less I liked it. Everything is just too much: too many systems, too much enemy health, too many screens between towns, too many branches on the skill trees, too much grinding required for trading, too many rooms in the dungeons, etc. By hour 25 or so with no end in sight, it felt like chewing a mouthful of dry carrots, and I just spontaneously quit the game and uninstalled.

It bears mentioning that the narrative presentation is actively offputting. The concept of the game is a confusing mess that feels like otaku fan fiction of itself, and the "We're instantly best friends!' character stuff is cringe city.

Super Lucky's Tale:

So this one is frustrating. I recall the original VR release of this getting pretty poor reviews, but also that the re-release for regular consoles being heavily tweaked and improved. Given the paucity of 3D platformers out there today, I was happy to check it out.

It was just okay at any given point, kind of a cross between Crash Bandicoot and Mario 3D World. Never particularly interesting or challenging, but basically competent and fulfilling a certain gaming need. Bad pizza of platforming, if you will.

But then like a week after I finished it, it turns out I was mistaken (?) and they put the actual rejiggered version out on Gamepass that's supposed to actually be good. Or at least a major improvement. I'll never play that version.   

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Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Reply #1010 on: September 22, 2020, 02:42:27 PM »
Golf Story:

This was a fun one.  The humor really makes the game, but the core golf gameplay is really solid.  The RPG element are pretty good, and made me feel like I was progressing a bit too slowly at times, but really it was just right.  Leveling up gives you points to add to your stats, and adding points to power takes away from other stats.  This means you'll lose accuracy and spin as you gain power, but you can get those back by adding points.

Puzzles were fun, but I wish there were more.  Being able to tee up from anywhere is a fun gimmick, but felt underutilized.  The side quest challenges often felt harder than the courses, but were more fun than frustrating.  Actual courses and match play were pretty far on the easy side.  I only lost once, and it was the final tournament.  Speaking of side content, not being able to play minigames after you beat them once is the pits.
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