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Players list.
thatguy roleplaying as speedy
Unclebob roleplaying as Kcid Nosyarg(Larry)
Mop it up roleplaying as a citizen of the city.
 Insanolord-townie voted out 1st day
Ceric-townie killed by Mafia on first day.
Sundolous-Puppet King was voted out on Day 2.
Khushrenada- townie Dead by the Mafia on Day 2.
MaryJane- townie voted out the 3rd day.
Toruresu- did not vote for 3 days-Starfire
Dispicable- did not vote for 3 three days- townie.
Golden Phoenix-townie dead by the Mafia on Day 3.
Shyguy voted out.He was Slade.
apdude was killed by Raven.He was Darkfire.
stevey-Mad mod-Dead by vote on Day 5
Known Townie Roles
 Beast Boy
Known Mafia Roles
 Mad Mod
Puppet King

There is 2 normal townies remaining in the game.

That is all the roles for both sides

I will add one known role for the Mafia and townie Roles each day.Once both sides roles have been revealed then I will add how many normal townies there are.
I will have 24 hour days.If you want to change your vote then you must put your new vote in a new post and leave your previous vote visible but un voted. If by the end of the day if you do this then your vote will not count.If there is a tie then everyone who has voted will need to keep their vote. If there is anybody that hasn't voted they can break the tie during the 30 minute tiebreaker period.If everyone was voted then during the tiebreaker period the first to change their vote will be the tiebreaker. If nobody has changed their vote then everyone tied up will live.
You must vote once every 3 days or you will be gone from the game. I will send you a reminder PM to vote if you haven't done so for 2 days in a row.
If someone asks for your role PM let me know.I am not allowing the use of my role PM as proof as to who one is.

Player Roles
Robin:Investigator till the start of Day 4 then will become the Apprentice if Slade is still alive.
If Starfire dies then Robin will stay as the Apprentice after the start of the 4th day. If Slade dies before the start of the 4th day then Robin will stay the investigator.If Slade doesn't choose the apprentice as a role then he will remain the investigator for the entirety of the game.
Starfire:She is the Doctor this game.She can protect someone of her choosing or she can evade to protect herself from harm.She can not evade 2 days in a row.If she dies and Slade is still alive at the start of the 4th day then Robin will be come the apprentice.She can use either her protection or evasion a night but not both a night.If Slade doesn't choose the apprentice as a role then she can die and Robin won't become the apprentice on the start of the 4th day.
Raven:She will become active if Robin becomes the apprentice.She can kill one person a night or can search someone.  Will be chosen from one of the townies left in the game. If Slade doesn't choose the  apprentice then she will become active on the start of Day 3.Robin will be able to choose her for the team but she will have to live till then to be able to do her damage.
Beast Boy: Will start with 3 unique roles to start the game but can only use one a day and must PM me which they want to use for the day sometime before the day ends.I'm thinking of giving him a set amount of maximum roles he can have total. Maybe 5 or 6.These are the 3 he will start with and can add and swap out so he can custimize himself. Can choose someone and can change the target of said persons role if they have one. He or she will need to PM me and say someones name and then another person for the role to affect.
Can have 2 votes for the day.Here are his options.His vote counts as 2.He can have his first vote and he can add a vote for someone that hasn't voted.
Can send a message to me for me to post in the day thread.It has to be in the form of a joke though.Might be helpful might not depending on how one uses it.

Cyborg: Can protect someone from death then he will not be able to use it again the next day. Can message me with a name and I will inform them that person who Cyborg is.Kinda risky that last one but it might help get the townies hooked up quicker.
This game Slade will get to pick his own team from the avalable roles below.Darkfire will be on the team already.

Slade: Can choose who to kill by sending me a PM of who. He can either choose himself to make the hits or can choose one of his Mafia members to do the hit.He will show up as townie in searches.Once day 4 has rolled around he will chose the investigators searches if he has chosen the Apprentice Role.

Darkfire: She is the only one that can kill Starfire when chosen to do so.She will show up as a townie in searches.Has the Mafia pretender role.

The Apprentice: Can investigate one person a night. Avalable to Mafia at the start of the 4th day.Show up as Apprentice. He will also not know who the Mafia are until he is perminately a Mafia member by Starfires death.This is to prevent him from going back to being a townie and spilling the roles.His role will be controlled by Slade till he becomes a perminate role. If for some reason Slade doesn't send in a search then the apprentices search will be used.If Slade doesn't choose the Apprentice Role then this doesn't matter.

Cinderblock: Will be able to protect Slade one time if Slade is attacked.He will die after that.Will show up as Cinderblock in searches.

Mad Mod:Will be able to nullify one persons ability a night.Will show up as Mad Mod in searches.

Puppet King: Will be able to switch 2 persons roles. He can not switch townies and Mafia members roles but can switch  his role with a Mafia teammate, He can switch 2 of his team mates roles, He can switch a townie role and a townie role, He can switch a townie role with a normal townie. He can switch a normal townie and another townie.  Will show up as Puppet King in searches.
Plasmus: Can pretend to show up as anyone in the game for a day in searches.Meaning their roles. However he will morph back to his regular role the next day. If the person with the role doesn't choose to use their ability the first day then it show up as Plasmus until they choose to use thieir role.This ability is not a fixed one.The player that has this role will be able to use this once every other day.

If Slade dies then there will be a vote for a new leader and there won't be a hit that night.If someone is chosen as the hit for the night by Slade they won't be able to use their own abilities that night aside from Darkfire.If someone is voted out then they will not be able to use their ability that day.

 The majority of the roles will be either one a night but not both a night for everybody.
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If anybody has any questions please either PM me or post in this topic if it concerns the above post.
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Fine I will start it.
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Just wanted to point out that this thread is the most up to date rules and the sign up thread shouldn't be used for the rules.
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