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Mafia XLIX: Mafia Party II Player List and Rules Thread
« on: March 28, 2011, 12:15:25 AM »


Dasmos, Day 1 vote out
Silenced, Day 1 Mafia hit
Maxi, Day 2 vote out, lost tie
Vudu, Day 2 bomb from voting Maxi
Bustin88, Day 3 vote out
Nickmitch, Day 3 Mafia hit
jrlibraian, Day 4 vote out

Remaining Roles
5 Townies
3 Mafia


Fast Facts:
-Game starts Monday, March 28th. Days end at 12AM (midnight) EST, player actions are due in by 12:30AM, and the new day starts as soon as all actions are processed.
-There are no special roles, there are only basic Mafia and Townies.
-There is no Godfather; one Mafia member is randomly selected each day to perform the hit.
-Each day, every player will receive one ability to be used that day.
-All actions happen overnight and are not time-sensitive.
-There will be a minigame available each day. The explanation for it will be in the second post of every thread.
-Role PMs will be sent to every player.
-All random actions are decided by the roll of a die.
-In the event of a voter tie, it will also be determined by the role of a die.

Game Rules and Roles and Rolls

This game has no special roles, not even the Godfather. Instead, every ability is granted randomly each day, determined by a role of the die. This gives each and every player a chance to use a special power, but also adds an element of unpredictability. You never know who will end up with what, so anything can happen!

All actions happen overnight. An action can be sent in at any time during the day, and must be received before thirty minutes after the daily thread closes. Actions are not time-sensitive; some take priority over others. If an ability is not used by the end of the day, it does not carry over to the next day.

The Townies
There are no townie roles. Every ability which is usually associated with a townie role is now a random ability which will be assigned to each player every day, that will change every day.

Townie rolls
1: Red Space   
The player's vote for that day will not be counted in the tally. They may still cast a vote in the thread, it will just not count.
2: Ballot Box Space
The player can change the vote of another player.
3: Protection Space
The player will be protected from the nightly hit.
4: Investigator Space
The player may investigate another player and learn their role.
5: Blue Space
The player's vote for that day will count as two votes.
6: Bob-omb Space
The player transforms into a bomb! If they are hit that night, then the Mafia member who performed the hit will lose along with the player. If the bomb player is voted out, the player who cast the first vote against the bomb player will be taken out as well.

The Mafia
The number of Mafia members will depend on the number of people who sign up. If we get the typical number of signups as we have these past few games, then there will probably be 4 Mafia.

There is no Godfather role. Instead, one member of the Mafia will be randomly selected each day to perform the nightly hit. All members will be informed who currently has this ability. If the member with the power is voted out that day, the hit will be stopped.

Mafia rolls:
1 or 4: Feign Innocence Space
If this player is investigated on this day, they will come back as a townie.
2 or 5: Nullify Space
The player can choose another player to nullify their ability, causing whatever it may be to be ineffective. This ability can be used on another Mafia member too.
3 or 6: Starman Space -or- 3: Red Space, 6: Blue Space
These numbers are situational. If the player with the hit power gets this, it will guarantee the nightly hit will be successful, regardless of any protection the target may have. Also grants protection from being exploded by a bomb player. If a player doesn't have the hit, they will receive the effects of the coloured space corresponding to the number rolled.

Minigame and Reward
Each day, there will be a minigame which all players can participate in. What kind of minigame will appear? Nobody knows! It will appear in the second post of every daily thread. The player(s) who win a minigame will be rewarded with one free roll, to be used at any time. This item allows the player to receive a different roll for the current day. Although there is no limit to the number of free rolls a player can collect, only one can be used in a single day.

PM Dump
To keep things fair, here are the PMs that were sent to townies.

Townie Role PM
Congratulations! You are a townie! Your goal is to discover Bowser's disguised cronies (the Mafia). Good luck out there!

Your roll for day 1 landed you on a [space name, then explanation as listed below]!

Die Roll PMs

Red Space
Your roll for today landed you on a Red Space! I regret to inform you that your vote today will not be counted in the final tally, though you may still cast a vote in the thread.

Ballet Box Space
Your roll for today landed you on a Ballet Box Space! You can change another player’s vote to the player of your choice. Make your decision wisely!

Protection Space
Your roll for today landed you on a Protection Space! If that Mafia scum tries to hit you tonight, you will be protected!

Investigation Space
Your roll for today landed you on an Investigation Space! You can select one player to investigate, revealing to you their role! Your result will be received at the start of the next day.

Blue Space
Your roll for today landed you on a Blue Space! Your vote today will be counted as two votes in the final tally!

Bob-omb Space
Your roll for today landed you on a Bob-omb Space! Yikes! You transformed into a Bob-omb today! If you are hit tonight, you will take the killer with you, and if you are voted out, the player who cast the first vote against you will explode.
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