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Mighty Mafia Power Rangers - Rules and Roles!
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Citizens of Angel Grove:

You, fine folks, are the   backbone of this game.  Zedd and Rita have come to earth, disguised as   two of your - your mission is to find them and vote them out!  However,   it is dangerous out there!  Zedd and Rita are powerful magicians who may   use their magic to force you to fight with them!  But have no fear -   the Power Rangers, rumored to be five normal teens from right here in   Angel Grove - will be there, fighting Rita and Zedd every step of the   way.


Master Villains - Lord Zedd and Rita   Repulsa
At the beginning of each day (via nightly action PM'd to the   Host), one master villain (Alternating each day - if one villain is   voted out, the other villain will still be limited to picking every   other day) will pick a "townie" to cast a spell on.  The townie will   remain under that master's spell until either they are defeated or the   master villain is defeated.  Each Master Villain can only control two   townies at any given time.  Additionally - Zedd and Rita KNOW THE SECRET   IDENTITIES OF THE POWER RANGERS.  The Master Villain with the most   townies under their control will win the game - if the villains defeat   the Power Rangers.  Additionally, the Master Villain who wins will be   allowed to choose one other player that was under their control at some   point to win a prize.  The only way to defeat a Master Villain is to   vote him/her out of the game.

Special Bonus Power - Once during   the game, the Master Villains can choose to disable the Ranger's   communication with Zordon.  To do so, they must PM the GameMaster with   the name of who they believe Zordon is.  If they are correct,   communication with Zordon will be cut for two days.  If they are   incorrect, they fail and will be unable to use this power again.

Monsters   - Transformed Townies
Normal Townies will be transformed - one each   day - into a monster that will attack Angel Grove and the Power   Rangers.  The player will select two weapons that are his/her weakness   (via PM to the Host).  If a Ranger chooses to attack you with said   weapon, you will be defeated and out of the game.  If you survive the   day, you will be given the option (via nightly action PM'd to the Host)   to destroy one other player.  This means, possibly, multiple monsters   could be attacking multiple players (and, thus, multiple Rangers)   nightly.  Monster attacks against Zedd/Rita will fail.  Monsters DO NOT   KNOW THE IDENTITIES OF THE POWER RANGERS OR WHO ZEDD/RITA are.  Zedd and   Rita can communicate with the monsters if they so wish, and are   encouraged to give them direction (i.e.: who to vote for, who to   attack).  However, the information given to monsters should be minimal -   because, as an alternative to defeating them, it may be possible for   the Rangers to break the spell cast upon the townie.  Monsters can also   be voted out of the game.  A townie that has been transformed into a   monster can win a prize by becoming one of the elite soldiers in Rita or   Zedd's army - if Rita or Zedd wins and picks you as their most loyal   subject.
If a transformed monster does not submit a weakness during the day, they will not be able to perform a night action.  All players will be made aware that this monster will be inactive during the evening, as not to waste their own night actions.  If the monster fails to submit their weakness on the second day, then they will be removed from the game.

Troublesome Duo - Bulk and Skull
Two players will be   selected to play as Bulk and Skull.  These two players cannot have a   monster spell cast upon them, nor can they be recruited as Rangers.  The   only way to remove Bulk or Skull from the game is to vote them out.    Each night, Bulk or Skull (alternating while two remain, otherwise,   whichever lives) will get to "investigate" one player (via PM to the   Host).  Their goal: Expose the secret identities of the Power Rangers.    To win, the team must identify and publically unmask all five current   Rangers before either the Rangers are defeated or before Zedd and Rita   are defeated.  They may only make one proclamation each day as to who   they believe are the five Power Rangers.  Investigating a player who is a   Ranger will reveal to them that Ranger's color.  Investigating a normal   townie will reveal that the player is a townie.  Investigating a   spell-bound townie will reveal that said player is a monster.  If Bulk   or Skull investigates Zedd or Rita, their magic will hide them as normal   townies.  If Bulk and Skull manage to identify all five Rangers (they   do not need to do so by color, just player's names), the team will both   win prizes.  If they reveal a monster, they may want to share this   information with the Power Rangers.  However, doing so may reveal their   own secret identities.

The Good Guys:

Big headed   mentor - Zordon
You are an unusual player.  You cannot be voted out.    YOU CAN NOW VOTE.  You cannot die.  Before the game starts, players will   send the Host PMs with a "vote" as to whom they wish to be the most   powerful player of the good guys.  Whomever gets the most votes will be   given this role.  Starting off, your role will be a small one - you will   get to know the secret identities of the Power Rangers.  You will   communicate with them and hold them together.  If needed, you will   recruit replacement Rangers from within the ranks of the normal   townies.  If the Rangers win and defeat Zedd and Rita, you will win a   prize!  Additionally, you will get to pick one other Ranger who has   risen above the rest to receive a prize.

If Zordon's   communication with the Rangers is disabled, he will be knocked out of   the game for two days.  This will prevent him from communicating with   the Rangers and will prevent him from picking replacement Rangers when   needed.

Red Ranger:
The only Ranger with a special "power" -   Because of your great leadership skills, if you are attacked at night by   a monster, you will inspire a random teammate to take the hit for you   (so long as teammates survive).  The Red Ranger no longer has a special power

Each day, each Ranger   will send the host a separate PM.  Include the name of the monster you   wish to take on and the weapon you choose to use.  If you succeed, the   monster will be defeated.  If you fail, the monster will have the chance   to attack an individual Ranger at night.  You can defend yourself or   another townie against attack if you know to protect yourself (or the   teammate) from the monster attacking (via nightly PM to the Host   containing the name of the monster you think will attack and who you   wish to defend - yourself or another townie.)  If a monster attacks the   Red Ranger and he fails to prevent the attack, the other Ranger who   takes the hit will fall, regardless if they were on guard against the   attack themselves. Additionally, you can be voted out by townies.

You can also break the spell on a monster!  In stead of choosing to protect someone, you can submit the name of a player and the monster you believe them to be.  If you are correct, you will break the spell and free them from their cursed monster form, reverting them back to a normal townie.

There will only be 3 Rangers, due to the low number of sign-ups.  There will be no Blue or Yellow Ranger.

Replacement   Rangers - Recruited Townies
If a Ranger falls, either in battle or   by vote, Zordon will be allowed to choose a replacement Ranger by   sending the host the names of three townies.  After removing Zedd/Rita   (if applicable), one townie will randomly be chosen to replace the   fallen Ranger.  Zordon can only replace up to two Rangers per night.  If   Zordon chooses a townie that is under Zedd/Rita's spell, that spell   will be broken and the former monster will become a Power Ranger - with   all the knowledge that Zedd/Rita gave them before.

Blade   Blasters
Megazord: Battle Mode
Tyrannosaurus - Can only be used   by Red Ranger
Mastodon - Can only be used by Black Ranger
Pterodactyl   - Can only be used by Pink Ranger
Sword   of Power
Power Blaster
Power Bow - Can only be used by Pink Ranger
Power Sword -   Can only be used by Red Ranger
Power Axe - Can only be used by Black Ranger

Daily   Time Line:

New Ranger(s) will be notified.
New   Monster will be notified and announced (via Host) and will need to PM   Host with the weapon that is their weakness.
Thread will be created -   Active Monsters will be listed as well as a recap of events.
Each   Player Votes in the thread - Remember, the goal is to vote out Zedd and   Rita.
Rangers need to PM Host the monster they wish to attack and the   weapon they wish to use.
Bulk/Skull make make a post in the day's   thread proclaiming which five players they believe to be the Power   Rangers.

Any voted out players will be removed from the   game.
Zedd/Rita get to pick a townie to cast a spell on.
Any   remaining monsters need to PM Host with who they wish to attack.
Rangers   need to PM Host with the name of the player they wish to protect.
Bulk/Skull   need to PM Host with the player they wish to investigate.
Zordon   needs to PM Host with replacement Rangers candidates (if applicable).
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