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Pillage Coming to GameCube
« on: August 05, 2002, 09:40:43 PM »
The developer of Wetrix announces an "action strategy" game for GameCube.


Zed Two Game Design Studio have announced details of their latest project, Pillage.

Pillage is an original, action strategy game where a gang of brave warriors must fight an evil band of creatures and avenge the destruction of their tribe. The game is currently under development for the Nintendo® GameCube™, PlayStation®2 and PC with all versions scheduled for release in late 2002.  

Pillage is Zed Two's first original production since the critically acclaimed Wetrix/AquaAqua and continues the company's tradition of remarkably addictive gameplay matched with rich visuals and environments. This time Zed Two have turned to TV scriptwriter and Digitiser columnist Paul Rose to make sure that Pillage had a plot as rich as its gameplay.  

In the world of Pillage, years of rule by a race of despotic creatures has forced people to give up technology and regress to a simple existence, surviving off what they can grow and hoping that the creatures won't target them next. The creature's immortality has made them immune to fear and able to continue a reign of tyranny over the peoples of the planet.  

Swearing vengeance on the creatures for wiping out his tribe, Low and his sister Pepper recruit a band of hardened warriors to restore the planet to its rightful owners and obliterate the fear that they have lived with for so very long.

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