Author Topic: RUMORS: Impossible Mission Remake Available as a Download?  (Read 3450 times)

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Nintendo Power says yes.  The publisher says not so fast.

 Impossible Mission is a platform game with puzzle elements where players assume the role of a secret agent who must infiltrate the facility of an evil genius in order to stop his destructive plans.  Last year, System 3 acquired Epyx's assets to bring 80s-era game franchises such as California Games and Impossible Mission to Nintendo DS, Wii, and Sony PSP.  This led Nintendo Power to speculate in their October issue that we could see Commodore 64 games on Virtual Console.      

More recently, the May issue of Nintendo Power made the claim that the Impossible Mission will be available from the Wii Shop Channel, possibly making it the first new game software available for download.  Oddly, box art had already been released for the Wii version.  We spoke with System 3 to confirm this recent development; however, they stated that they could neither confirm nor deny the story at this time.  For now, it looks like the game's distribution method is still being evaluated.

Aaron Kaluszka
Contributing Editor, Nintendo World Report