Author Topic: Questions needed for interview with NOA regarding Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.  (Read 3001 times)

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I'll be conducting an interview with Rich Amtower of Treehouse to talk about Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GameCube, which is being released this fall in North America.

If you're a big Fire Emblem fan and would like to ask a question, post it here and the best ones will be selected for the interview!  

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I would ask about what sort of marketing push they have planned.  This is kind of Nintendo's big Cube game for the year by default so I'm curious how Nintendo sees it.

Ask if Fire Emblem is for-sure release in North America now.  Even after the first GBA game was released there was concern about the other GBA game or this game not making it here.  Should we just assume now that if Nintendo makes a new Fire Emblem that it's going to be released in North America?

Ask if Nintendo is considering bringing the older Fire Emblem games to North America.  Perhaps via the Revolution download system?  I seriously doubt that this question would be given a straightforward answer but it's a good idea to plant into an NOA guy's head.  Naturally asking about a possible DS or Revolution Fire Emblem would make sense too though again that wouldn't get a straight answer.

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Something like...

"For years before Roy and Marth's appearance in Smash Bros, there was a hardcore group of fans practically begging for Fire Emblem in America, but the answer always seemed to be 'nah, it'll never happen'. Now that Fire Emblem is a major part of the Cube's lineup, and seems to have been a shoe-in for localization, can you even imagine the days when it wasn't?"

"How exactly does a game get approved for localization?"

"Do you think maybe you 'missed the boat' back in the NES/SNES days, by not picking up the Fire Emblem series earlier?"

"Are there any other Japanese titles that you would've liked to give a chance to, or you think might've had a shot at being contenders? Which ones stand out in your mind?"

"Do you think the Revolution's download service will allow Nintendo to jump back onto the boats they may have missed the first time around? What are you more looking forward to, the old favorites, or the old unknowns?"

"Do you think it really matters if a particular game does well, because one game's sales and popularity always comes at the expense of another?"

"Do you think you have a responsibility to nurture niche titles, even when they don't sell well, because you never know when one of them might step up and save the day? (Case in point: Fire Emblem)"

"Do you think that Nintendo, as a first party publisher, has a responsibility to ensure that there are a wealth of games available for their consoles, even if that means thay have to step up and offer to publish games developed by third parties, when those third parties don't think it's profitable enough to publish, or even develop games for a Nintendo system? Do you think this responsibility overrides Nintendo's requirements as a profitable publisher?"

"Is there anything holding Nintendo of America back? How agressively would you say you're looking at the Revolution?"
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Damn ruby, you nearly asked all of my questions!

But I was able to come up with a few:

Were there any lines in the script that had to be 'toned down' for the North American release?

Any pre-order incentives coming from NOA's end?

Any plans for Fire-Emblem DS?

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Are you contemplating the possibility of including a Twilight Princess demo disc with the game to spark some interest?
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Ehh, tell him I want some cel-art and an OST as a preorder or special edition bonus.

No need to suggest it through a question, just tell him that KN demands it.
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Ask if Nintendo is considering bringing the older Fire Emblem games to North America. Perhaps via the Revolution download system? I seriously doubt that this question would be given a straightforward answer but it's a good idea to plant into an NOA guy's head.

This is the only question Iwould have you ask.  
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Ask if there are any significant changes/improvements over the Japanese verison.
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generic where do you think the series is going after this stuff, any plans for revo and ds versions, do they really anticipate this game selling well?  

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Thanks for all the questions. Look for the interview later on this week on PGC.