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It's as if Nintendo made a Direct just for me. Anime and way too much Smash.

Fair criticism that E3 2018 was a poor presentation from Nintendo, but I'm blinded by finally getting a new mech game.
It's been almost a week, what's next?
Incredibles 2 sets several records and lands at the 8th Largest Opening Weekend All-Time - $181M

It also sets the record for:
Largest Saturday Gross for an Animation ($53.1M) beating Shrek the 3rd ($47M)
Largest Opening for an Animation, and
Largest Opening for a PG film

in lesser news.....
Avengers Infinity war is at $2.02B Worldwide
Black Panther is about $385k away from $700M Domestic

and for some unknown reason, A Wrinkle in Time has jumped 1,643% and added 88 Theaters to gross $1.7M in it's 15th week, just to crawl past $100 Domestic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« Last post by nickmitch on Today at 08:20:14 AM »
I also saw Incredibles 2 recently and will say it was as good as the first.

One thing though: That baby is OP.
Neal is really into arcade-style soccer games. He may be the world's biggest Sega Soccer Slam fan, so he tends to grab anything in that vein.
Who does this Neal guy think he is? Insanolord is the one and only soccer authority on Nintendo World Report and everybody knows it. Either get with the program or get lost. :ph:
And the only major 3rd parties that would have anything to announce is Atlus (Etrian X and Persona Q2 aren't out in Japan yet) and Capcom (they're only localizing MHGU on Switch).
Don't ask about indies: they're as dead on the 3DS as E3 should be.
Nintendo didn't show any.
That Lakers situation of Kawhi, PG13 and Lebron is scary for the Warriors.
Depending on who the Lakers would give up. My money is still on the Warriors until I’m given reason to change my mind. It’s on other teams to prove they can hang with the champs.
I never thought of Kawhi on the Sixers, I always figured he would take that SuperMax contract they are gonna offer him, and call it a career.
I’ve heard conflicting things on this, ranging from the Spurs not wanting to offer the supermax because they’re so used to the David Robinson and Tim Duncan types who will take a discount to be part of a system and basically shut up and play to the Spurs apparently taking the supermax off the table until Leonard proved he was committed to the team, as in they would wait until at least he got back on the court and played for a while before offering it which wasn’t even a guarantee. Bad move? Maybe the Spurs called his bluff? Leonard (and/or his camp) already felt slighted by the handling of his injury. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Spurs were so bold.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Was all this squabbling on Leonard’s people to force Spurs to offer the supermax? Did the Spurs really mismanage his injury despite being known as the team that doesn’t do that? Either way, an $80 million difference is a lot at stake. I tend to side with players more than teams. And if the Spurs refused to even entertain a trade to the team Leonard requested just to spite him, that shows their true colors. I wouldn’t want to play there if I was a star player.
Been some talk going around about the Jazz possibly trading for Kevin love, giving the Cavs some minor bench players (and Alec Burks) and some first round picks for him. It'd be a good trade for the Jazz since they'd give up nothing of value & Favors could be the bench backup at that position.
Assuming LeBron James leaves, the Cavs definitely want at least a first and preferably not to take on long term money. This would be a good move for the Jazz even though Love is a minus defensive player. I mean, he tries, but he isn’t very good on the side of the court. In any case, the Jazz could use another option on offense instead of asking Donovan Mitchell to do so much. They lost to the Rockets. I wanted but didn’t expect the Jazz to prevail. If the Cavs blow it up this summer, I kind of hope this trade happens. Might as well make the West more competitive.
General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« Last post by broodwars on Yesterday at 02:59:18 PM »
Just got out of Incredibles 2 and...that's a very OK movie...that's a follow-up to a legendary one. -_-

14 years for that? Really?
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