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Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official Sales Thread
« Last post by Mop it up on Today at 01:07:36 PM »
Are they no longer going to track Wii U sales for the new year? How will we know when it reaches single digits?!
All videogames are time wasting bullplop.
This is (just about) how I feel as well.
TBH I've never had a problem sneaking up on a sleeping Hinox, worst case you just put away your weapons and shield, maybe change your armor until you're standing next to it.
You all missed some DRAMA last night. When does Bleacher Reports Game of Zones return? I think the opening drama for that went down last night.

But before I get to that... the Warriors Cavs game was good for the 1st 3 qtrs.
I think all Cavs fans should be a little concerned though. IT may not be 100 right now, but Cavs are not playing well... last night withstanding though. They did have a few highlights with some alleyoops from IT to Lebron that were pretty damn nice if I might say so myself. But even though the Cavs got to eat last night Chef Curry was only serving up L's to the competition.

Westbrook got double T'd (in a matter of seconds) last night as well and ejected. OKC still beat the Kings though.

But the real drama of the night was CP3's return to L.A. to face the Clippers last night. Whooo boy did the **** go down. (I didn't watch the game, but caught the breakdown)
First Blake was taking it to CP3 physically, shoulders, elbows, etc etc etc. CP3 tried to laugh it off
Blake took it physically and verbally to Coach D'Antoni.... CP3 comes verbally at him, Ariza pushed him off physically... I believe Blake and D'Antoni or Ariza got a tech for this
Blake was body bumped out of bounds by Gordon, so Blake jumped up, and damn near chucked the ball at Gordons head so it would be out on him. (looked like it was still out on Blake as it touched him last)
Austin Rivers (sidelined w/ injury) got into it verbally with Ariza, so Blake got in the middle... they both (Blake and Ariza) got ejected
and at the end Gerald Green was barking at a ref.

but the best comes last
After the Rockets lost the game, they devised a plan to go confront the Clips in their locker room.
CP3 sent Capella up to the front locker room door, only to have it ultimatelly shut in his face.
But while that distraction was happening, CP3 led a small squad of Harden, Ariza and Gerald Green through a secret back hallway entrance to the Clips locker room to confront Blake and Rivers face to face.
Security got involved and the LAPD was in the mix too. and they were all separated before anything serious went down.

But Bleacher Report should have fun on Game of Zones with this one. Sounds like a season opener to me LOL

edit: Here's a Rocket Clippers recap

edit 2: TWEETS!!!

edit 3: ESPN Article!!

LOS ANGELES -- In the aftermath of a cantankerous loss, Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza and stars Chris Paul and James Harden marched through a back corridor and into the LA Clippers' locker room late Monday night, suggesting that they wanted to confront Clippers players Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin, league sources told ESPN.

Rockets guard Gerald Green joined Ariza, Paul and Harden through the connecting hallway and breached the entrance of the home team's locker room.

Stunned Clippers players, celebrating a 113-102 victory, leaped to their feet upon the realization that four seething Rockets players had come calling for them, sources told ESPN.

For a few fleeting moments, several Clippers dared the Rockets to come farther into the room, sources said. Security and team officials soon converged on the Rockets, pushing them out the door and back toward the visiting locker room, sources said. Ariza was described as the first one through the door, with Paul lingering in the back, witnesses told ESPN.


CP3 draws mixed reception in return to L.A.
The boos for Chris Paul weren't the reason it was a disappointing return to L.A. for the former Clippers star, with his Rockets falling 113-102 at Staples Center on Monday night.

Clippers beat Paul, Rockets 113-102 for 5th win in a row
Lou Williams scored 31 points, Blake Griffin added 29 before his ejection, and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Houston Rockets 113-102 on Monday night in Chris Paul's heated return to Staples Center against his old team.

"It was classic NBA," one Clippers witness told ESPN. "None of these guys were going to fight."[/]
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 76: The Youtuber Takeover: Day 2!
« Last post by Stratos on Today at 11:41:32 AM »
I'm With Her!

Vote Shyguy
General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« Last post by Stratos on Today at 11:35:03 AM »
By the by, in case anyone wants to know, Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates is a hot mess of story and character but decent character customization and dungeon design, but Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time is one of the best action RPGs Square Enix has ever produced, with amazing multiplayer, great character customization, fabulous dungeon design, and an antagonist with the best sense of fashion in history.

Yes, I'm placing it above Kingdom Hearts, because it actually has a decent narrative.

Really? I might have to pick it up on the cheap. I adored the original, but Ring of Fate was so awful I abandoned the series. Does the online still work or is that dead?

I dove back into Fire Emblem Warriors now that there are some new heroes, and It is nice having some spear wielders. Given me a bit of extra life for the game, so I'm working on unlocking Lyn in History Mode, and its a pain in the ass. I just want Owain and Minerva from DLC and I'll have all the characters I would want to play as. I'm really hoping for another wave of DLC, but with the Hyrule Warriors port coming soon (and the hints dropped by the devs), I suspect development on FEW is complete, and we are more likely to see a sequel in 2019. Ah well, at least there are enough character between the main game and the DLC I care enough about that I can field a full team of "likeable" units.
TalkBack / Re: Detective Pikachu Comes to the West on March 23
« Last post by nickmitch on Today at 10:09:50 AM »
Might have to clear my schedule for this.
Booo Vikings.
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 76: The Youtuber Takeover: Day 2!
« Last post by pokepal148 on Today at 09:06:24 AM »
Let's force a tie so that everyone lives and wait for the detective to do his thing. If a tie means that nobody dies than the best course of action is to just use that to draw this out until the detective finds the real mafia.
Bluppees drop ruppees if you strike them.  You can sneak up on them more easily with the stealth suit.  It's also good for creeping up on sleeping hinoxes.
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