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General Gaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale is here!
« Last post by Stratos on Today at 01:19:28 AM »
Steam sales have lost their luster. Between the broadening of PC game platforms with similar discounts (GOG, Epic, Origin) as well and the reliably cyclical nature of these digital discounts on said platforms, the Summer sale--or any sale for that matter-- has lost all sense of uniqueness and urgency. I have seen nearly all of the games on my Steam wishlist on sale for great deals, and I know they will be back with even better deals down the road.

Couple that with a bulging backlog already existing from prior sales and Humble Bundles and you get to where a lot of people are today.

As with Insanolord, the Switch has an exemption in my book, but it has even dampened my purchasing there as well.
Chlamydia, Syphilis Cases on the Rise Among US Military Members

incidence rates of chlamydia in service men and women more than doubled from 2013 to 2018, gonorrhea infection rates also doubled for men and rose by 33 percent for women, and diagnoses of syphilis were nearly three times the number just 10 years ago.

Nearly 350,000 troops were diagnosed with a sexually transmitted illness between 2010 and 2018. According to the report, that included 212,405 cases of chlamydia, 32,987 cases of gonorrhea, 4,674 cases of syphilis, 28,295 cases of genital herpes and 71,138 cases of HPV

Women were "markedly" more affected than for men for all infections except syphilis, and younger troops, ages 24 and under, were affected at rates higher than any other age group for most of the diseases.
TalkBack / Re: Super Neptunia RPG (Switch) Review FAQ
« Last post by KDR_11k on Yesterday at 10:36:41 PM »
But do you have any Neptunia dakis?
General Gaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale is here!
« Last post by NWR_insanolord on Yesterday at 10:00:37 PM »
I don't let that stop me on Switch, but for whatever reason it has on Steam.
TalkBack / Re: The Quirkiness of Mario Maker Is Muted on Switch
« Last post by ShyGuy on Yesterday at 10:00:36 PM »
the Wii U was quirky and weird console, it fits.
General Gaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale is here!
« Last post by ShyGuy on Yesterday at 09:58:14 PM »
Unwilling to buy more games because of unplayed games? Jon Lindemann would be rolling over in his grave right about now!
but it does make sense.... and you have to remember this is from the perspective of a Warrior fan hoping he stays long term.

If he planned to stay... He already knows the Warriors are offering him the Max. Why opt in and make $31.5M when he can opt out, and then sign back again for $42.4M. He'd be losing out on $11M if he took the player option.

Unless he planned on opting in and then hoping for the Max next year instead.... assuming he comes back near 100%, that would be likely, but what if during that year off, they see the snap back isn't that great, and they decide to let him walk in 20/21 season.

Even if he plans to leave, it would still make sense for him to opt out, and re-sign for the Max and then allow himself to be traded (with a trade clause) to the team of his choice, because no other team can offer that money. He'd be leaving money on the table.

The only downside to the opt-in and trade is that he would be losing assets on his new team to get traded from his old team for the sake of a higher pay check.

But he could just bounce to the Nets, join Kyrie, and forget about the extra money. "Instant" contender in the East (year after next) for sure. Assuming the team he goes to gives him all the time he needs to come back as close to 100% as possible.
TalkBack / Re: The Quirkiness of Mario Maker Is Muted on Switch
« Last post by mereel on Yesterday at 09:03:39 PM »
I for one, have many amiibos, and I’m sad that they won’t be used for unlocking characters in this game. Why?
it would only make sense to opt out and then re-sign if he plans to stay.

I don't think that's true though.

Opting out is automatic - he can demand, and will receive, contract price/length up to the available limit from whichever team he signs with. No matter what team he picks, that will be better than what he gets paid otherwise.

Right now, if Golden State sees him walk away they get nothing in return. Their cap situation isn't great, so letting Durant walk won't open up much space for them to use to reload in the coming year. By signing him now and then trading him later (let's assume next year) Durant would get paid more and have more security from his contract, while the Warriors would still be able to get some kind of resources back from the trade. Largely a win-win situation, assuming Durant puts a trade veto in the contract to ensure he is sent to a team that he wants to play for.

That said, maybe Durant prefers the certainty of picking his own path if he doesn't plan to stay. Maybe he feels like somebody from Golden State didn't treat him properly when rushed back this year, and wants a different medical team involved in the rehab. Maybe Golden State doesn't consider the future resources to be worth the cost of paying for an injured player this coming year. Who knows what will happen?
General Gaming / Re: Steam Summer Sale is here!
« Last post by NWR_insanolord on Yesterday at 08:18:30 PM »
Between the massive library I already have and the upcoming 32-bit apocalypse I'm not really interested in taking advantage of the sale.
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