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It's a new character and I think I read somewhere that Kate Kane (the previous Bat Woman) will be written as having disappeared and that will be part of the story of this season, so it'll an organic in-universe transition.

Honestly I watch maybe two or three episodes of the first Bat Woman and just couldn't get into it or excited. With the renewed interest in the show I'm looking forward to giving it a second try in season 2, though it's probably got more to do with the style of their storytelling than anything to do with individual characters.
I'm more curious how they will write her as the new Batwoman in the show, since it revolved around a totally different actress for a full first season. Are they just going to swap her and not say anything? Or somehow write in a new character that then "takes the mantle" and how can they effectively make that transition without the previous actress there to help with the handoff?
TalkBack / Re: The Thirsty Mage - Xenoblade Chronicles DE
« Last post by Wanderlei on Today at 07:17:06 AM »
David didnt get advantage of updates to the battle system UI. It tells when you are lined for for side or back attack, etc. Helps with learning the systems.
I haven't gotten around to modding anything, but always thought the GBA with a backlit IPS screen would be incredible. The size and layout of the original GBA layout feels really good, but those original screens were horrible! I know many people don't like the idea of keeping AA batteries to power the system, but using something that is rechargeable and easily swappable works for me.

At one point I had a really nice little library of games and a GBA Micro, but eventually decided to downsize my game collection and it (sadly) ended up being sold off. Will be watching enviously to see what you end up doing.
Podcast Discussion / Re: RetroActive 47: Crystalis
« Last post by Crimm on Yesterday at 08:25:58 PM »
Its a better game; as long as you grind when the game wants you to.

Again, like Zelda II play it with a guide.
She's gorgeous. I'm interested in see what her costume is going to look like. Here is another picture from her facebook fanpage.
General Gaming / Re: What is your most recent gaming purchase?
« Last post by nickmitch on Yesterday at 06:38:43 PM »
I recently got a copy of Ring Fit, maybe 3 weeks ago.  It's a surprisingly good workout!  That said, the first few days of starting up the game can be annoying, but they eventually give you the option of not having them ask as many questions.  I also have trouble with exercises that rely solely on the leg strap for some reason.  But other than that, the game is pretty great, especially as you get into it more and more.
Watch out for the nerd rage!
Weirdly enough, YouTube recommended a video to me that talked about modding a GBA with the IPS screens and the new speaker with an amp.  It looked really cool!
I subscribed to This Does Not Compute a few weeks ago. I saw a bunch of his videos while I was researching whether to get into Game Boy modding. The Retro Future, Macho Nacho Productions, and makho are also very good. There are a few others too.
With modded consoles, I've always been intrigued by doing one, but never really went for it.  I have been interested in buying some parts for someone to mod for me, but I've never gone for that either.
Once I get the nerve to actual attempt a mod, I'll post some pictures/impressions here. I plan on keeping two modded GBAs (in case anyone ever wants to play Four Swords Adventures) and the DMG styled GBP (due to its pure sexual energy). I'm only doing this for fun. It doesn't look that hard so I'd recommend just going for it if you can stomach the cost of all the supplies I listed above.

What console mods were you thinking about? I'm not at a point where I feel comfortable offering to mod for someone. I've only done the soldering training kit. Hopefully, I'll get there though.

Nothing too exicting.

The first I ever wanted to try was the GBA Afterburner (I think that was it).  It was the one that added a backlight to your GBA.  But I was pretty young and not sure my parents would've been cool with me prying open an expensive electronic.  Later years I've thought about replacing joy-sticks for bigger ones and some casing replacements (especially for the DS phat I had with the broken hinge).

But honestly, anything requiring any amount of soldering anything immediately scares me off, lol.
The CW found it's next Batwoman!!

discuss. :D
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