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Those NES joycon are ridiculous.  $60, and they exclusively work with the NES titles.  I can think of a LOT of eshop titles that would gain a lot from being able to use those controllers. 

Outside of that, it's kind of whatever.  If you're buying-in day one on this, it's because you play enough of the online Nintendo games to justify it, and crossing your fingers the NES titles they add after this are something you care about having access to.  Zelda and Mario 3?  That's really the only games at face value that I expect I'll play any of.
TalkBack / Re: Tricky Towers Building To October 11 Release
« Last post by lolmonade on Today at 08:59:31 AM »
I got this game for PS+, but only played it once when visiting a handful of friends in Chicago.  Great fun with the right people, kinda disappointing solo, IMO.
Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Run the Series 7: Star Fox
« Last post by Ian Sane on Today at 08:58:20 AM »
I think the problem with all the games that followed 64 was that it didn't really leave them anywhere to go. Star Fox is a fairly simple concept, and 64 executed it so brilliantly, that developers had to choose between messing with the formula, which they haven't been great at, or just making Star Fox 64 again, which people don't seem to like.

I think this applies to a lot of games series.  A gameplay style usually has a logic endpoint in terms of expanding concepts and polishing them and a lot of series that get stale end up passing that point and then continue on because the brand name sells.  Nintendo is actually probably the most successful company at being able to redefine a franchise's gameplay template into something new that is still successful.  Both Zelda and Mario have done it.

I would say that the Star Fox gameplay was pretty close to reaching it's end point with Star Fox 64 but there is one element of it that still hasn't been harnessed - the squadron element.  From the beginning, a key part of the series is your wingmen.  So today we have the tech for online co-op to allow players to go through the full game with each wingman represented by a human player.  It could literally be Star Fox 64 gameplay with brand new levels, better graphics and four-player online co-op and that would be a logical progression to the formula.
Captain Marvel trailer. Looks alright. She punches an old lady in the face.

Direct link:
WNYX Newsradio / Ruin the series: Star Fox
« Last post by ShyGuy on Today at 06:59:12 AM »
General Gaming / Re: La Mulana 2 announced
« Last post by ejamer on Today at 04:54:33 AM »
I'm still very jealous, even with the report of some rough spots.

The first game had enough BS moments that I straight up wouldn't have been able to complete it without internet help... but it also had more than its fair share of amazing "Ah-Ha!" moments where you solve clever puzzles, avoid traps, or discover entirely new aspects of the game world.

Sounds like the second game manages to create enough of those moments to be worth the effort. Hopefully I'll find myself in a position (ie: with a supported platform) to play eventually.

Congrats on beating the game, and thanks for coming back to give your impressions!
General Chat / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« Last post by oohhboy on Today at 01:57:41 AM »
Nah, that's just McDonough playing his type, when you hire him that's what you get. Unlike usual he is in a good show with good dialogue. I mean, seriously Legend of Chun Li.

Darvill absolutely sells how much of a bastard he is with that intensity. Not only that he plays different versions of himself convincingly.

That said I love the Legion of losers Doom, the interaction between them far exceed McDonough ham.
Honestly, it feels like Nintendo decided they should start charging for online since free online play didn't seem to be helping them gain much in sales from that stance. But then they just sort of let the market decide what to charge. As soon as it was announced that there would be paid online, within a week people were throwing out the amount of $20 per year and then people were like, well, I guess that's not TOO bad. Did Nintendo really know a year and a half ago that $20.00 would be the price yet still had so many other details of the service undecided that they still don't even know what they special offers will be? It just seems like the internet reached a consensus of $20.00 and then Nintendo decided to just run with it to compete against the higher cost of MS and PS services.

Internet should have tried to bargain more. Maybe we could have got it down to Nintendo paying us $20.00 a year to use their voice app.
Ah, still a Splatoon 2 tax.
Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 589: One-Third of a Title
« Last post by Enner on Today at 12:50:22 AM »
Hmm, I thought the co-op boss fights against a giant robot was more of a Armored Core for Answer thing? Never got around to playing either Armored Core 4, 4A, 5, or Verdict Day. Kinda wish I did.
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