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I wonder how that's working with Universal Studios?  They still have all that Marvel stuff in Orlando last time I checked.  I last checked in January.

I think that a more relevant topic when discussing potential roster picks is what games/series don’t need more representation in Smash, or have no more roster potential.

This is an interesting approach to the "who should be in" question.  Not one I would've thought of.

But while the Mushroom Kingdom is thoroughly represented, I think Waluigi should be in as a fan favorite "fun" character.

Also, of the other franchises that seem fully represented, I can't think of one that couldn't add or change up the representation in an interesting way.  For Zelda, Wolf Link and Midna could be a really interesting addition.  Despite being niche, Poo or Flint from Earthbound could be fun additions.  And despite having a lot of representation, Fire Emblem needs some axe and lance users, but I'm not sure who you cut other than Lucina.

Actually, I think Pikmin having more of the other Captains as alts for Olimar would be the only extra representation that franchise needs.

But what about F-Zero?  I think it's time for a new game Samurai Goroh (or someone else) got in.

Also there's this:

Also Wargroove will come out just in time for people to have played the next Fire Emblem and start hating strategy RPGs.

Wargroove in particular is disappointing to me that it hasn't yet appeared.  I guess if they can get it out before the next Fire Emblem, there'll still be a gap in that type of game they can fill, but I was hoping it'd be there early-on when there was still a somewhat limited offering of games. 
Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official Sales Thread
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A bit late to the party but...

Massive increase in Switch sale this week vs last.

Word of mouth is clearly causing it to catch fire!
Nope. Only admins can alter their forum scores. But if you already think of me as an admin, why not make it official? :D
TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Labo (Switch) Hands-on Preview
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Looks like Labo's legit.
You're a mod, you could change that very easily if you really wanted to.
but we all know there won't be no sequel. LOL

Ok! You got me laughing hard at that ending zinger!! Good job.
General Chat / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« Last post by Linkle Link on Yesterday at 11:51:14 PM »
Arrow, unfortunately, is back to its season 3/4 state of affairs. To quote my favorite word from the last episode of Season 1 of Arrow, the problem seems to be redundancies. It seems to be retreading familiar ground and it doesn't help that the writers didn't seem to do with the great cliffhanger ending it left at the end of Season 5. The smartest thing they've done this year is bring on Micheal Emerson which is the main reason I'm tuning in but after being genuinely excited to keep going forward and seeing each new episode of Season 5, Season 6 wore out that excitement pretty fast and now I almost have to push myself to watch the next episode much like I did with The Flash last year. Also, I was really hoping for more Deathstroke and am very disappointed he's just had a brief two parter which was probably the best part of Season 6 so far. The Oliver / Deathstroke pairing just works so well. And, I think the show has created an Oliver/Diggle/Green Arrow problem for itself as Diggle could practically be the Green Arrow at this point and Oliver doesn't need to be or at least could be acting in a different capacity while letting Diggle take on the mantle. But that's a lot more I could get into on this crazy show.

Having just mentioned that I had to push myself to watch the rest of The Flash Season 4, I guess I'll touch on its current season quickly. At first, I was quite surprised and intrigued by what I thought was Metron in the floating chair. Metron is one of the New Gods and I was wondering if The Flash was going to take on that part of the DCU. However, I soon learned it was Devoe and not Metron. Aside from that, The Flash seemed to be about where it was when Season 3 ended. But it did make one significant change. The writers decided to stop having Barry be so brooding and making him a bit more optimistic again has begun to have a ripple effect in improving the show. Introducing Ralph Dibny has also been a better addition even if it has been at the expense of Wally West but his character has been spinning his wheels for awhile now. The whole learning to be a hero thing with Ralph is also coming close to some "been here, done that" feelings but the writers have kept it light enough with enough comedy to still enjoy it. Harrison 2 coming back is also a better fit helping the show shake off a bit more of what ailed it in season 3 and after finally having Barry and Devoe face off, the conflict has begun to gain some stakes and motivation. When trying to decided if I wanted to see the next episode of The Flash, Supergirl or Arrow, my answer lately has been The Flash to my surprise. I wouldn't exactly say this is its best season or anything but if you liked The Flash for its first and most of its second season then it seems to be working its way back to that level in my opinion.

As for Supergirl, I'll get to it a little later. I've spent enough time on this post already.
General Chat / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« Last post by Linkle Link on Yesterday at 11:50:42 PM »
I've almost caught up with DC Arrowverse. I'm caught up on Supergirl currently. I'm three episodes behind in each of The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

I talked a bit about how much I liked Arrow Season 5 and part of me still feels like getting into a lot of why I thought it was one of its best seasons but it takes a long time for me to type, edit and convey my thoughts so who knows if that will ever really happen. However, I have to admit that Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 was probably neck and neck for best show in the Arrowverse last season. Supergirl had a strong start and great momentum but then it slowed down in the middle and began to see some ups and downs before righting itself and having a pretty good finish. The Flash, despite leaning into a lot of its comic ideas and what could have been strong story hooks, just wasn't that fun or unenjoyable. It stumbled from the begining with its Flashpoint and the unwanted changes to its status quo and it never really could recover from the rough start that set the tone of the season.

However, with the current season, Legends of Tomorrow sits alone at the top. It's kept up its brand of superhero fun and is staying pretty smart by not taking itself too seriously which I think is a problem the other shows suffer from at times. That said, I do find the show faltering a little bit from the Crisis on Earth X crossover to where I'm currently at. We've got some characters entering and exiting and shuffling around and I do think it is affecting the pacing / dynamic a bit. As well, I'm not really interested or care that much about Malus. At the moment, he's a bit of a weird dud of a villain though he hasn't really had much given in detail or motivation to care about. After the terrific Legion of Doom who were as fun to watch as the heroes, Malus is a bit of a letdown right now. I also wasn't as thrilled about bringing back Darhk yet again but considering how well he worked last season, I was open to his return. Unfortunately, this seems to be more the Arrow version of Darhk and less the LoT version from last year. Part of that is because he doesn't really have anyone to play off of like last year and, like in Arrow where he had the "weakness" of his wife, his daughter seems to be playing that same role here. Nor do I get Darhk's motivation in being involved with Malus or how they are tied or what the plan is with the totems. Adding Constantine to the cast and possibly doing more magic worries me because magic never seems to work out well on superhero shows and I'm starting to fear it is going to bog down the Legends here as well but maybe my fears will be alleviated in the next few episodes.
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