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Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 700: Welcome to the Tubtime Galaxy
« Last post by MASB on Yesterday at 08:09:09 PM »
The episode pic is actually from the future. A glimpse of RFN in 2040. NWR Chat will be the number one podcast in the Tubtime Galaxy!
I heard alot about Square PS1 RPGs such as this back in the late 90's. Be interested to see how this re-release turns out. Maybe they'll smooth out a few rough edges the game may have had while they're adding the new content.
Shale Jokes / Re: ok Stevey, I was promised girl link porn.
« Last post by MASB on Yesterday at 07:27:16 PM »
Based on Khushrenada's video, clearly, you wouldn't want Girl Link or Linkle as a house guest.
Shale Jokes / Re: Lindemann is for the Children.
« Last post by MASB on Yesterday at 07:21:04 PM »
ShyGuy's the guy! :)

As for Lindemann, of course, he's for the children. Such a fun loving guy attracts them. He's the fun crazy uncle everyone looks forward to seeing!
Movies & TV / Re: Forum Movie Club / Retrospective? Connery. Sean Connery.
« Last post by MASB on Yesterday at 07:13:58 PM »
I assume the filming of Thunderball is when Connery discovered his love of the Bahamas and decided to move there.

If A Fine Madness is the movie I'm thinking of, I've seen it once and it was amazing. Just a crazy film in good and bad ways. Not the best Connery performance by far, but interesting to see him in a comedy. I think Connery was more suited for dramas that could allow for funny moments rather than straight comedy. He was better in Wrong Is Right, a comedy where he plays an early 24 hours news network reporter, but that was more satire so was played a bit more seriously. He sort of played the serious guy with the world going crazy around him role.

I'm defintely going to use this topic as an excuse to watch some Connery movies I haven't before or those I haven't seen in a very long time.

If you're into sci-fi, an interesting movie to check out is 1981's Outland. Connery plays a space marshal whose job is to maintain law and order in a mining facility on Io, a moon of Jupiter. Not the most glamourous post. Normally not such a tough job, just handling a few fights among drunks. But recently, miners have been taking a drug that eventually makes them crazy and commit suicide. In his investigation, Connery finds out that the mining company that runs the mine is connected with the drug coming to Io and must fight the company and corrupt miners to stop the flow.  And when you're in an area where no one likes the law, that's a tall order.

It's a good movie, not great. A good concept, some good action, suspense, some interesting characters. While it's not remembered like Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, etc. it's definitely not B movie sci-fi.
Agreed.  They have mature content that's a proven hit, they can capitalize on it by picking these shows back up and putting them on D+.  There's also so much they can do creatively with these established characters.
Save Daredevil Trends as Rights Officially Return to Marvel

Except bring back Ben Affleck because I want the internet salt.

Seriously though, to piggy back off the discussion in the Disney+ thread, bringing back these shows would help justify the subscription for me with a caveat or two:

No reboot. Do not recast.

To fully transition these characters into the MCU umbrella, it would be cool to see Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock show up in Spider-Man: Home Run Derby as Peter’s lawyer and definitely in Disney+’s own She-Hulk show for lawyer hijinks.
That's a really interesting speculation. Is it your own?

Yeah just me spitballing based on a few observations.
Did a bit of googling though and here's something which throws a wrench in my theory: this PokéBeach interview appears to indicate there was ongoing legal action of some sort all the way into 2008. Which would mean The Pokémon Company (and/or Nintendo?) were in some sort of continued contact with Mr. Geller for a solid 8 years minimum.

Not a lawyer, so if true I'm not sure what to make of that. But perhaps TPC/Nintendo put up more of a fight than I thought?
Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« Last post by nickmitch on Yesterday at 05:05:08 PM »
I have been eyeing HBO Max It just seems to offer a huge amount of content for all ages.  Sesame Street to me seems like enough of buy in for me.  But then all the Warner Bros stuff, DC stuff, and HBO content.  It just seems like HBO Max is the best contender to Netflix.

There's some adult swim stuff and Studio Ghibli, which really makes the service for me.  I already liked HBO programming, but adding things like the Adventure Time specials and the aforementioned really puts it over.  They did a great job, imo with the value proposition.

As far as when deciding what to watch, I either go into an app with intention based on what I'm currently binging (e.g., the other night I wanted to watch The Mandalorian, so I went straight there).  But if I'm just browsing, I'll honestly go to YouTube unless I want to sit down and watch a movie.
As of right now, there is nothing I am aware of that would conflict with such a meet-up. So I will schedule it in. Was there a title you wished to tackle?
I am assuming that all of the 2 player SNES Switch games can be played online correct?  If so how about Kirby Super Star, Wild Guns or DKC2?
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