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Wanda's new fit was looking great, even the tiara.
They nailed it. It was sexy without being revealing, and classy while she also looked powerful. Like Queen of the Witches.

as for Agatha.... Wanda gonna need someone to experiment on that she won't feel guilty about.

but we also forgot about Mr. Scratchy..... just an easter egg?
We haven't seen the last of Agatha, so maybe Mr. Scratchy has more story as well? (failed summoning of Mephisto? just a transmutation?)

Also where does new Vision pop up next? He just took off after HexVision executed the Memdows Recovery Disc on him. Too bad he didn't upload his new experiences/consciousness from the Hex as well.... or maybe he did?

Season (Mini-Series) Finale!!!

:siren: Mid Credit & Post Credit Scene :siren:

We finally found out who Ralph was (Ralph Boehner)
Vision v Vision, I am the real vision v neither of us are the real vision! Who's the real Vision now?
Hayward exposes himself to Woo, Darcy turns him in for indecent exposure
Monica sacrifices herself to save 2 fake children... children die in the end anyway. (Monica survives and is summoned away)
Agatha thought she had Wanda out smarted, but turns out Wanda is a quick study.

Something tells me that after the sabbatical, the WandaVision family may be seen again, but no Hex needed this time.

In the end, Monica has new powers to explore, and she didn't seem all that curious about them while developing them.... I found that to be a bit weird.
and Wanda will get a HUGE power buff by astral learning the Darkhold.... which I'm sure is the connection to Doctor Strange. I'm guessing Agatha will be her "mentor"/"trainer" even though she was kinda left behind in Westview and not shown in the post credit scene.

No Mutants, no Sorcerer Supreme cameo (just a name drop), no Multi-verse, No Mephisto, No Nightmare.

but I'm ready for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Let's GOOOOOOO!!

Or maybe their solution doesn't have the 5 year time skip at all as Scott wasn't lost in the Quantum realm for 5 years.

I haven't seen a single episode of What if!? yet, and now i need this to be part of the 2nd half....

How would this play out?
Scott may still survive and come back, but how do they figure out the Time Travel issue w/o Banner or Tony?
Could Hank Pym step up and be a team player? Atleast they would've had unlimited Pym Particles to play with.
Janet Pym may be of great use as well.
Shuri with all her tech?
Dr. Strange and his magic.... maybe his 14 millionth and 1 solution?

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: March 03, 2021, 05:24:46 PM »

This looks like fun.

New Superhero film on netflix
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer


I pretty much gave up on getting the Liquid Cooler ARGB lights to work with the software. Something I may revisit at some point....

New Project... upgrade old computer and setup in daughters room.
hows it going you ask? Well, the computer works fine. That's the good news.
the bad news is that I can't access the Windows key from my old harddrive still in that computer, and I didn't write it down becuase it said it would auto detect on new install in new computer. :facepalm;

initial issue was I installed the Win10Home instead of Win10Pro, so I just had to overwrite that install w/ a Win10Pro install. but it still didn't autodetect the other installation of Windows on the other HDD still in the computer.

Does anyone know a way to get that Win key?

p.s. I did replace the motherboard, so my next venture is to rebuild a 3rd computer (but i need to get the Windows key off that one before I do anything, first got to get the video output to start working again). So I was just thinking that I would rebuild the 3rd cmouter w/ the MB of the 2nd, so maybe I'll just steal the SSD from the 2nd computer and initially boot it with that and get the Win Key before putting it back in the 2nd computer, then use the Win Key and correct Win 10 version for the 3rd computer to redo that computer (does that all sound terribly complicated? please tell me there is an easier way)

Long story short, is rebuild of 2nd computer also exceeds specs for Oculus, but also turned into something far more expensive than what I set out to do originally.... Originally I meant to upgrade the MB and CPU. ended up also having to upgrade the RAM and bout 2 new m.2's for it.
Only thing not new in that "re"build was the case.

This 3rd rebuild will be easy though, because it will basically be the old 2nd computer, just in a different case.

Hindsight is 20/20
No pun intended.

TalkBack / Re: Wii U System Update Released; Yes, in 2021
« on: March 02, 2021, 01:46:52 AM »
Honestly this is cool Nintendo keeps updating...but I kinda hoping one day Nintendo will update the Switch to allow the Wii U controller to be a Switch Stream So you can leave it docked.  That would be cool.

That's a neat idea. is the WiiU controller hardware compatible?

The actress playing Monica was also teasing about being excited to reveal who her "engineer friend" was, and so far it turned out to ne fuckingnothing.gif.
If Bettany was teasing being able to act with himself (OG Vision vs White Vision), that would actually make perfect fucking sense, and I should have though to of that after having seen the episode.

Now they just need to reveal that Monica's "engineer friend" is a Skrull or something, because that minor "hype" she did was a dud so far. I'm not even sure her female engineer friend had a name. LOL

page from the comics: White Vision, Wanda, and the kids

What I was saying is that if we have an advantage against a team, I hope that advantage continues and turns into W's. Of course I want it to be a good game, but still want it to be a game we win.

Turns out we didn't even show up to LA, and The Santa Cruz lookalikes till our place, so it didn't even matter. Maybe it would've been better if AD were playing 🤷🏿‍♂️. Lakers might've played a little slower instead of running us out of LA in the first quarter. 🤣

Either way, Warriors were trash tonight. And Dray may have injured himself 🤦🏿‍♂️.
Monkeys Paw Championship run still trying to linger those side effects!!!

Hopefully Dray is good and can play next game. Just need like 2+ wins on this 6 game stretch to hopefully stay in playoff rankings.
Tonight was a terrible loss that no one wanted to watch. Wasn't even fun for Laker fans.

I'm just gonna share this as they reference some comics that could be sharing where this is going

New Rockstars

Once again, Mephisto keeps coming up. West Coast Avengers and comic history between Wanda, Agness, the kids, Mephisto, and White Vision.

I'm thinking the next episode is gonna have double run time length, and be around 70 minutes long.

I'm also really eager to see who the teased cameo/character appearance is gonna be.
Someone Paul Bettany has never worked with before iirc... (meaning it's not Cumberbatch "Dr. Strange")

I have no real speculation on how this is supposed to wrap up, or how it's going to tie in, connect to, or directly lead into Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and then Spider-Man: No Way Home

I've never read the comics on Vision (white or otherwise)/Scarlet Witch/SWORD/Agatha Harkness, so I have no idea where this could go.
I've avoided all spoilers (outside of Bettany teasing being excited to work with this person that he's always wanted to work with before)

and most of the speculation I've read so far all just seems like baseless speculation, so I feel clueless right now, and I'm good with that. Completely in the dark for now, but i'm sure comic panels on potential plot lines will pop up in places (like Vision in dissected, Agatha being friends w/ Wanda, etc etc)

and then we still have to deal with Monica coming back into play with new powers
Not(?) FoX-Men QS kidnapping her
Agatha and the kids
SWORD w/ White Vision outside the Hex Barrier
Regular Vision
Darcy he left at the light
Agent Woo and the Missing Person he originally came looking for
the Hex Barrier and everyone trapped in it.....

and then the direct connection to DS:MoM

too much to cover in 35/40 minutes.

I mean no jinx on the Jazz. As long as it's not the Lakers or Clippers (or the Nets) in the finals.... I'm ok with the result.
Jazz being a current favorite in likelyhood of making the finals, means neither the Clipper or Lakers made it, so I thought that would be an interesting "stat of the day" to share. hence the congrats.

as for the Dubs v Lakers, I meant it should be a good game to watch as a Warrior fan.
I'm really hoping Curry put on a Lakeshow by soaking the whole place in 3's. If we can get this one, then I'm hoping AD is out for the next still as well and we can sweep them in the season series.
Then if we can take another win or 2 from the Blazers and/or Suns and Clippers, we're in good shape to move up to the 6th seed and stay hopefully stay away from the play-in tourney at the end of the season.... lots of games left to go, but I feel we are finding a rhythm and playing in that groove. Curry and Dray running the show. Wiggins and Oubre on support, and Wiseman improving a bit each game.

Once we get Klay back next year (and ditch wanamaker<?> and other useless bench players, whose names I haven't bothered to learn yet, for some fresh blood looking to make a name for themselves) we should be back in the running as a serious contender.

p.s. I don't think I've watched a full Jazz game yet this year. I'm hoping that I have the time to catch the Dubs v Jazz on the 14th

also, maybe we should talk about the Jeremy Lin statement...

now I'm not gonna defend the comments made against Lin in any way whatsoever, but I know players will talk **** to get in the head of their opponent while in the game. Rarely is it ever personal, but that's not to speak on how the person receiving the comments may take them.
Especially in todays climate where such comment has been politicized and racism is a hot topic.

talking **** is part of the game, but blatantly racist remarks don't need to be.
Hopefully whoever said that got slapped w/ a hefty fine and a suspension, assuming the league was even aware of it. But I'm glad Lin wasn't too afraid to speak up on it in the first place.

Apparently the Raptors were about to play tonight w/o a coaching staff due to health & safety protocols.
Now they don't have enough players to field a team.... Bulls v Raps has been postponed.

Warriors v Laker tonight gonna be good though.
No AD, and we got a full squad.

We got the toughest schedule coming up (Lakers x2, Blazers, Suns, Clippers, Jazz), so if we can take out the Lakers today, we'll be on a good start to hopefully getting 2-3 wins on this stretch.

and in an attempt to not extend that previous post any further.... I'll just double post :)

this is for Brood... can I just offer an early congratulations?

(no jinx intended... no wood to knock on ;))

edit: and I meant to comment on this clip earlier in the week...

how the Pacers just gonna hand the win to the Wiz like this!?
no even one of them cut to an unguarded wide open basket for an easy 2 to tie the game and take it to OT on their home court? Just had to lose the game going for the win from 3 even though that was also unguarded too?

how do you not get rightfully chewed out for this? this is with 3 seconds left in the game... down by 2

and have ya'll seen this monster? 7'9" and likely dunking without jumping.....
whip dude into shape and what you supposed to do against this guy?

I just watched a clip of the Jazz dismantling the Hornets late in the game, with a 3rd Qtr push to comeback, that let into a 4th Qtr blowout. It was from earlier in the week (playing catch up).

but this so was this....

Who and what would the Dubs even consider trading for Porzingis that the Mavs would accept?
and then again... what is certainly off the table? Dubs have an interesting young mix, and the pieces  I wouldn't mind seeing being replaced, ain't what the Mav's would take for Porzingis. So who do you think the Mavs reached out looking to trade for?

I assume the Mavs are looking for Wiggins, but what I think are not on the trade table in this situation are:
Steph, Klay, Dray, Wiggins, and Wiseman

But would the Dubs consider parting w/ Wiggins in return for Zingis? and what other sweeteners do we gotta give up? and I like Oubre, he needs some more fine tuning, but I like him. So I don't know what's left. LOL

edit: and I think it was the v Knicks (or v Hornets) game, where our bench/2nd unit scored all of 1 point for the entire 1st half of a quarter, erasing a small lead (luckily the other side couldn't score all that much either), before Curry (and Dray) came back in and all of sudden made the game look like it should've always been a blow out.

If Curry ain't getting an MVP nod this year....
I'm sure there are other contenders out there, but Curry (and Dray) out here dragging this Warriors squad hopefully into a Playoff Spot against their will and all odds.

We gotta give this boost to Dray (DPOY nod) for whipping this team into coordinated team play on both ends of the floor.

Another quick thought.... ok, 2 quick thoughts

Hayward says: "I can't let you leave here with $6B(?) in vibranium, when she's talking about taking Vision's body, and eventually Wanda just left.

Wasn't there a video of Wanda storming the building and taking the body?
was that all just fabricated? (not that it would be a stretch for them to doctor such a video/event in such a short time in the MCU w/ the tech they have at hand)

and two.... Where is Wakanda on the recovery of all this stolen Vibranium? Vision died in Wakanda, or just outside of, and on the African Continent. Did they state how Vision's body was released from Wakandan control and back to the U.S. under SWORD? or have we just kinda glossed over that for now?

you'd figure, that even with Shuri dusted, studying of Vision as a feat of man would have been a high priority. With BP also dusted, I sincerely doubt they would even give Tony Stark the remains to hold on to privately, as it was created with stolen national resources and also incorporated into the most advanced piece of robotics ever created on Earth.

but maybe I need to set the blunt down and stop over thinking this....

They did, and it's needed to get the material and the continuity justice, unfortunately.

But they make the money back hand over fist, so it's all worth it. MCUTV on D+ is probably pre funded for the first 4 years on the profits of just Infinity War, not to mention Endgame.

The Comicbook panels and storylines are coming to the screen!!!

:siren: There is another MID CREDITS SCENE :siren: don't miss it, because Spoiler below

So Director Hayward was lying about Wanda stealing Vision's body, seemingly trying to paint Wanda as an evil and dangerous superpowered thief that stole from the Gov.
when in reality, she's just a grieving but dangerous witch, w/ an Infinity Stone power up, who accidentally took over 100+ acres and everything and everyone within it to play a part in her fantasy come reality creation of the life she wanted.

Agatha happens to witness this from the get go... probably living somewhere nearby (or in town already), and just wanted to know who was powerful enough to create such a bubble, to wield so much power, and was using wasting it to relive a simple TV Family lifestyle.
So it appears she deduced it had to be Wanda, and started pulling the strings to get her to show her power, and reveal how she was able to wield such immense magical power, create this bubble, manipulate soooo many people, and eventually create actual beings and matter out of thin air.

I guess Hayward is lucky that his attempts on Wanda's life were doomed to fail, and that she bothered to return their drone, otherwise his actual goal to resurrect Vision but under his control (White Vision) would have never been successful.

We only have 1x 45-50 minute episode (including credits) left, unless the finale episode is set to be feature length.

But we got to see a glimpse of Wanda as a child, from post credits of TWS where she got her powerup, and Civil War(?) where she first "fell in love" with Vision. Turns out that she was always powered, and just never really knew it.... the mythical "Scarlet Witch", but is somehow able to use her power without incantation or knowledge of what she is doing, and so powerful that she is wielding "Chaos Magic" at will.

So does Agatha become friend and teach her the laws of the land?
What is up with fake Pietro (not FoX-Men QS), and Monica?

and Agatha made it known that Necromancy is not impossible... killing the dog was a ploy to get Wanda to reveal her true power, and reveal that she practiced "Dark Arts" like Agatha. It was a test... as she really wanted to see what Wanda's limits where prior to a direct confrontation.

and when White Vision is online..... who is he? (I haven't read any of those comics)
 - Will he be "Vision", Ultron, Jarvis, or more Dr. BannerStark. Something else entirely - cold and emotionless?
but what happens to Wanda's Vision if the bubble were to collapse?

Where and How will this tie into Doctor Strange!!? and how will they resolve all of this in just 35 minutes of actual show time!!!!

Is it Next Friday yet?

edit: Wong Thread.

just a warning.

Post Credit Scene in WandaVision today.
*Minor spoiler scenes and characters from the comics are are being brought to life to the screen but not really a spoiler*

Marvel Studios is showing all the other creators how it's done. Staying true to the source, while reinvisioning it for modern storytelling, and keeping it all connected, with a budget and platform to do it justice.

I'm sure you all have seen the No Way Home reveal video?

but I post that, to focus on this:

all the jokes, and the hexes....
hexagons all over the place....  (WandaVIsion reference?)

and then the Puerto Rico shape around the title....

I'm sure that's just a coincidence, but what if it's a Miles Morales reference?

some off the top of my head speculation real quick....
Since we dealing w/ the Multi-verse, and rumors of past Spidey's making an appearance, and the fact that we know Sony wants Spidey to cross over into their "VenomVerse", what if the title is literally the shocker at the end of Spidey getting sucked into the VenomVerse and not being able to make it back to the MCU?

Also Holland's MCU contract ends w/ NWH, and Miles is super popular... so additional speculations:
What if Miles makes his appearance in the MCU in the MCU Spider-verse, and crosses back to the Venomverse w/ Holland (what if the miles that crosses over from the cartoon Spiderverse, but becomes real in the MCU) what if!!!! what if that is how Sony crosses all it's spidey's up to work throughout the upcoming VenomVerse of Spidey characters and boost the upcoming animated Spidey to all be part of it?

i think it sounds terrible.

And think of all the extra post production time these movies have.... I expect the CGI to be TOP NOTCH in these movies.

And something like The Eternals was probably heavy on the CG to begin with. Better be eye poppingly beautiful and nearly undiscernible from reality. That's what the MCU budget and 8+ extra months, and access to the best graphics house in the business should buy you.

I haven't watched a game since friday, and missed the terrible loss by the Warriors.

I saw they had a good win last night, Curry had a good game at least, going by stats.
and we on a the back end of a back2back tonight that I'm gonna try to tune into.

But playing catch-up, what i just noticed, and I'm sure someone has mentioned it recently, but the Dubs are 2 above .500 and in 8th seed in the West. (pretty happy with this, all things considered)

and in the East..... :/
being at .500 gets you the fifth seed.

Silver really should start seeding based on record and not this East/West BS. Gotta make every win count, and not just the ones against the teams in your division.  I feel like last seasons abbreviated bubble schedule would've been the perfect time to experiment with that format, but this season is good too.

Anyone here support a Top 16 seeding over a Top 8 per Division?

was that on the list....?

I was gonna post a few hour ago about how Holland was teasing other titles...
but work got in the way, and I'm just now free to see the real title got released.

there was a third one too... Home Slice

but I just went back and checked the most recent list, and No Way Home wasn't on there....

As for other news in the land of MCU, Loki's series got moved to Jun 11th (should we expect a Black Widow delay?)

and insider knowledge states that Eternals is better than even Feige expected, and my interpretation of that is that maybe Feige gets his first Best Picture Award?

pre-post edit2:

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