Author Topic: Wholesome Direct Features Multiple Switch Game Announcements  (Read 401 times)

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This is just the confirmed stuff in a sea of Steam pages.

Although down from prior years, the annual Wholesome Direct still featured a fair number of games confirmed for Switch release - including a semi-shadowdrop.

  • As predicted earlier this week, Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge was shown with its launch today.
  • Moonstone Island, a monster collection and exploration game, launches on June 19.
  • A robot joins the media in Times & Galaxy, which will be out on Switch June 21.
  • Garden of the Sea, which puts regular gardening on the high seas, is due for launch in 2024.
  • Publisher Sodesco briefly showed two games for Switch due in 2024: island exploration game Petit Island and the very self-descriptive Magical Bakery.
  • Previously launched on Steam, casual management sim Minami Lane will come to Switch this year.
  • Caravan: SandWitch, a city rebuilder set in a wasteland, was shown for Switch but with no release date
  • Pine: A Story of Loss, a "single-serving" adventure game about a lumberjack who recently lost their wife, was also shown with no date.
  • First footage was shown for the Humble-published On Your Tail, which has a Steam window of 2024 but this has not been confirmed for the Switch version.
  • Chain grocer simulator Discounty will be out in 2025.
  • Also due in 2025 is Critter Cafe, a blend of exploration game and cafe simulator in which the focus is finding animals both common and fantastical.
  • Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo will attempt to get people out of the in between in 2025.
  • Train based adventure game Free Ride will be out in 2025 and has a demo available now in Europe (and shortly in North America).
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