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Jon Lindemann is not part of the show this week. This podcast covers the latest release from Nintendo: the Nintendo Switch Online Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games, Kirby's Return to Dreamland demo, and Bayonetta 3. We also discuss the latest version of LEGO Star Wars, The Skywalker Saga, and why Guillaume has stopped playing Blue Dragon.

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On Bayonetta 3 "streamlining" combat challenges, i think that it was actually a bad thing because more often than not casual players were entering these challenges and getting stuck in there thinking they're mandatory or out of stubbornness.

Challenges are meant to be that -- challenges. Alfheims in Bayonetta 1 were hidden on purpose so that only people who are actively looking for them would find them.

These challenge room are meant to teach players intricacies of combat system, like Bayonetta 1 teaching players how to defeat enemies in 10 or less punches/kicks.

Despite that Bayonetta 3 niflheims are easier overall they are wasted on people who don't want to learn combat and only sour most people's first playthroughs.

I think this was especially contrasting with Hi-Fi Rush's campaign which unlocks it's deeper combat challenges only after player completes the game, because overwhelming majority of players never replay games (if they even finish them to begin with) and that filters out casual players leaving only people who actually want to wring out more out of the game.
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Love love love Superstar Saga. One of my most nostalgic games, and I’m glad so many people have access to it now. I adore its personality. Glad Greg is enjoying it. I enjoyed exploring the GBA games that are available. The only one I disliked was Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I had that one as a kid and didn’t really enjoy it then either. I don’t think I realized how important the game makes the coins until now.

Also, I had never tried Kuru kuru Kurin before, but had a really great time checking it out. It’s kind of challenging, but in a fun way. I’m going to keep playing it, for sure. It’s simplicity makes it a bit addicting. Didn’t spend too much time with those cool E-Reader levels, but I’m sure I’ll get to them. I played a lot of them when they released “the game with a long name” back on the Wii U virtual console. Great to see them returning here. Really hoping James is right with WarioWare Twisted, given the precedent about Kirby: Tilt n’ Tumble being announced. That would be super cool; both games I have never played.
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