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I demand the original PGC color scheme back.

Vote NuclearSpeed

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia 66: Rehash of the Daleks: Intermission
« on: March 22, 2015, 11:56:55 PM »
They need to do something with the Doctor's daughter and giving the Tardis a personality of sorts.

All the MASH References make me want to put on a Dress and get Discharged.


Artistic license.
Agents of S.M.A.S.H. had a pretty glaring one where She-Hulk goes I can't read alien.  Than in about 5 minutes know how to run something complicated like a teleporter.

Just got a charm with +10 Power Coat AND +5 health. This will be a great talisman for when I want to use a bow that does not support power coating, which boosts bow damage by 50%. I could now gem an armor set with my Dharen Mohran bow and get the use of all coatings at once. Very nice!

Dont worry about your pace, Ceric. I'm only at HR4 and just enjoying the ride to G. We do need to play together at some point. I double checked your FC and it is the same as the one in your profile. Is that still an accurate FC or did you change it?
Should be.  Hasn't changed since the first day of the 3DS.  I did post it in this thread too.

I'm using a +10 Stun +5 Evade dist.

I'm trying to do the event quests just to do them but, at the moment I'm a little sidetracked getting a 2 Firestones.  If anyone want a group to do the different quests I'm in but I'm only still HR5 for some various reasons.  Even though I have over 115 hours.

If anyone is on I need help with an Zinogre for the DLC Quests.

Also I added you Stratos but you haven't popped.

Also I have a solo quest for fighting 2 frenzied khezus. God help me.
That one is a pain.

Defeated Shagaru Magala.  I have to say.  Compared to the Gore Magala fight.  This was easier.  He's slower.  Less physical.  Must do Dragon Damage because he didn't hit that hard with the armor I had.  Relatively easy to light bowgun, compared to say dual Khezu or Tigrex.

The Kut-Ku Light Bow Gun is a a lie.  A lie....

It will change the color of your tag but yeah mostly useless.  It becomes an ePeen later.

I'll play but with new job don't expect much.

We did are Annual Corporate get together yesterday for my new job and it was pretty obvious there was no way for IT to get recognition for being the backbone of the company.

Heck, I've been told that my current manager hasn't approved training for over a year and there is a budget specifically for that.  There is this mentality in IT Managers that they need to save the company ridiculously low amounts of money when you think about it instead of getting the job done.  I could be trained on something or spend over a week trying to figure it out.  Ultimately the company will pay more for that week than just sending me off to training.  I also like that my CIO is telling us to spend 20% of our time innovating and my manager like "Heck No am I going to let you spend and hour and 36 minutes a day innovating."

So I have a hunt going on at 11:00 for an hour to do some of the HR2 Non-Key Quests.  Trying to complete them all.
You can Sign up here:

TalkBack / Re: Could Pokemon Work In the Theatrhythm World?
« on: February 27, 2015, 07:51:08 PM »
HarmonKnight proved they don't have the chops for a rhythm game.

Well I'm 4596-9710-4135 FC if you want too.

Though I would warn I might not be the best of company do to what I mentioned in General Chat.

Didn't think about that.

Which was $502 of pay.  The literally went into my time card and put PTO days on 3 of the days I worked the last week I was there.  So not only are they screwing me out of 3 Days of pay they are also making me a criminal for working without pay those 3 days.

I bent over backwards trying to make for a smooth transition from the company and they just stabbed me in the back.  They know I don't have the money for a lawyer so I have no recourse.  I should have not transferred any of my knowledge or helped with anything.

I worked there for 5 Years.  Over 4 different Managers.  Lack of Funding.  I kept that place running without the resources I actually needed.  IT = being Screwed.

I'm up for hunting.

Going online unfortunately.  I wish they beef up the books you buy in the game to being more than just stat unlocking.

Since I'm gunning I'm not overly fond of mounting.  I'm going to have to read up more on whether range weapons  are an exception but, with melee you have to stop attacking when someone is mounted.  Most of the time people don't actually pull the mount off and I got wasted time.  Than on Zinogre and some others it is really annoying because you can harvest when they are on there sides but if someone mounts them they pop back up.  No bugs for you.

Also for the most part monster hunter makes sense when it comes to physical interaction.  Mounting breaks that.  You can mount a Zinogre full encased in lightning which makes no sense.

Marvel has tried Spider-Man as not Peter Parker many times and I have yet to think of one that was truly successful.

The Feelers?  They are a pain to get.  We should hunt sometime together though I never see you online.

Finally defeated Gore Magala Offline wearing the complete Gore Magala Armor set with the Gore Magala Light Bow gun.

It was rough but I did get the feeler break and that one I was talking about before must have glitched because I trapped him this time with no problem just a bit after he started limping.

I am stuck at the Village 4 Urgent.  The Core Magala is in rage mode most the fight.  I'm light bowgunning through this time I unload almost the full complement of my 182 attack bowgun.  He spent half the time limping but wouldn't trap the 3 times I tried.  I slept bombed him 3 times.  He would not die.  On my 2nd faint ,which happened at the 5 minute mark; first around the ten, I just had to end it vie subquest so I would get the feeler.

I'm stuck online because I keep getting bad groups when I'm in the control of the quests.

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