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Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: January 28, 2023, 05:56:55 PM »
Space Jam

It's only a bad movie if you think about it; otherwise, this is a movie for kids.  Modern kids' movies are very nonsensical, and this one is no exception.  The slapstick Looney Tunes antics are there, which is nice.  LeBron is no better an actor than MJ was, but this movie feels like it asks more of LeBron to act?  It feels like a LeBron James movie starring the Looney Tunes and not a Looney Tunes movie starring LeBron.  That definitely hurts the film.

Overall, I thought it was good enough.  The part I liked the least was where LeBron's son is basically doing magic to make his video game work.  It's fine if cartoons are doing cartoon things, but the movie doesn't feel grounded on LeBron's end, so the contrast between worlds isn't really there.  The film would've been better off just rehashing the plot from the first film, in my opinion.  So much of what the film was going for just wasn't working for me, but I still found it funny.


I want to come back and give this movie a 3/10. I know I said it's only bad if you think about it, but I've thought a lot more about it since this post, and it just gets worse and worse. It didn't help that someone tried to tell me that the first Space Jam wasn't "some cinematic masterpiece", so I went back to watch it. Space Jam 1 holds up in ways the sequel absolutely does not.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: January 28, 2023, 05:39:17 PM »
Werewolf by Night - 8.5/10

This was a fun little romp and a neat way to expand the MCU into the magic realm. The pacing was just right, and felt like what a full feature could be without any side plots going on. Some of the shots looked like they were trying really hard to be artsy, but I'll be damned if it didn't work. I'd definitely be interested in seeing these characters more.

Lightyear - 7.5/10

This is one where I have to like it for what it is and not what I wanted it to be or what it wasn't. The opening says that this was the movie Andy saw before the events of Toy Story, and I don't believe them. The twist with Zurg only works as someone who is already familiar with the character from Toy Story, the ride at Disney, and the cartoon series. That said, it is a fun interpretation of the characters and a pretty interesting movie on its own merits. My only other gripe is that Buzz kept talking about going "home", and the ship was on its way somewhere, but there never seems to be any attempt to make contact with those people. Maybe I missed something about the ship containing the last of humanity, but that stood out to me throughout the movie, considering it's the primary motivating factor.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: January 14, 2023, 07:16:34 PM »
We haven’t gained access to a part of another region since Gen 2, so I highly doubt that we’ll see a return to Kalos, or even a part of it- if you look at that part of the map, it’s tall and featureless, and would probably be pretty lame exploratory content. Even if we returned to Kalos in some format, it seems to conflict with the nature of Scarlet and Violet’s narrative and thematic concepts, unless we’re just considering “stones” (mega and tera) to be the connective tissue.

There is the fact that Roaring Moon looks like Mega Salamence. It's Violet Pokedex entry references a "phenomenon" from "a certain region". Usually, other regions are referred to as "far away" regions. But otherwise, this is a fairly strong connection. This region is also the first time we've seen wild Gogoat since Kalos, which makes sense if they're close to each other.

But I do think expecting Kalos is expecting a lot. I just don't see it happening. I think we'd be more likely to get a Pokemon Legends game set in Kalos.

The thing is, the third legendary and the rumored Scarlet and Violet DLC legendaries pretty much confirm that the Time Machine isn’t actually a Time Machine. I don’t want to get into narrative specifics, but the supplemental lore pretty much states that there are more dangerous parts of Area Zero that we have yet to explore, and that there is a reason we don’t actually get a glimpse into the past or future that these machines access.

I do agree that the lore makes Area Zero seem like more than it is, but I think that's par for the course for most Pokemon games. The alleged DLC legendaries that we see sketches of, don't make me think we'll see those things, specifically. But maybe ancient versions of the legendary beasts and future versions of the swords of justice. They're explicitly stated to the work of an artist's imagination. But I do wholly expect a DLC pack centered around the third legendary. Something like the Crown Tundra.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: January 12, 2023, 01:49:16 AM »
I was actually kind of expecting something like the SwSh DLC. There's the blocked-off area in the northeast of the map that a lot of people think is going to be Kalos, and I do think something will come of it for DLC. However, it could be one of those things that GameFreak puts in the game and never come back to.

Expanding Area Zero would also be something I'd like to see. They could easily add more area or give us the chance to go through the time machine and see more paradox Pokémon. There's at least one new legendary the game has hinted at that we should see. Plus, even though SV gave us 4 more legendaries to go hunt down that SwSh, it still feels like we don't get as many as we used to.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: January 11, 2023, 05:34:19 PM »
I guess the anniversary of Sword/Shield DLC just passed. Anyone have any DLC expectations for SV?

Also, happy that Caterkiller isn't banned, lol.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Upcoming Switch games! What's on your wishlist
« on: January 11, 2023, 05:30:05 PM »
I'm pretty excited for Zelda, but everything else is going to depend on my level of free time. I'm trying not to buy too many new games without some plan to play them. I really liked the MMBN games on GBA and DS, so I might pick that up for nostalgia. (I also saw a video that talked about the older games' online community that was still going.) Bayo Origins looks good to me, but it might be one I wait on. Tales of Symphonia Remastered might be one I wait on as well and maybe pick it up during a sale.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: December 30, 2022, 04:40:13 PM »
Anybody do the Cinderace raids yet? I did one with my support Grimmsnarl, who I've been using since the Charizard raids (I actually have two now: one for physical, one for special).

I'll have to get a Slowbro together since that's the new hotness.

Also, what did everyone think of the post-game??

The Flash has gone mostly silent.... rumors of cameos and spin-offs, but no news of how they plan to handle the problematic Real Life stories surrounding their lead actor....

The news around The Flash leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth after they canceled an all-but-finished Batgirl movie for HBO Max and decided to just reboot the whole DCEU. Like, if they're going to go all-in on a new direction, are canceling projects, and have the lead actor **** bad press constantly, then why hang on it?

(All the Black Adam stuff including Cavill quitting his job at The Witcher to be Superman for one scene only to get fired again)

Black Adam was 10 years in the making because The Rock kept getting too big for his britches with the role. He signed on to play the character and didn't want Black Adam to just be a one-off movie villain, which is fine except that the character is basically C-List. It's a B-List villain's arch-nemesis with a muddied background. He fought for the solo film and then again to avoid having Black Adam lose to Shazam. He wanted a character that could go toe-to-toe with Superman and actually have that fight play out.

I like The Rock, and I thought Black Adam was pretty good, but Dwayne Johnson is the type of star that you build around. Dealing with him as a star and having to involve his production company likely wasn't worth it to James Gunn and Other Guy for that level of character. It sucks Cavill got roped into it, but Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sucked, and Cavill was left playing a stiff, two-dimensional Superman.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: 2022 NWR Forum Awards - Best Nintendo Game
« on: December 05, 2022, 12:15:55 AM »
I haven't had a chance to play everything on this list I wanted—specifically Bayo 3 and (my vote for most backlogged) M+R2. I've wanted to complete playthroughs of Bayo 1&2 since the Wii U, but I have yet to.

That said, I voted for Kirby. It's my personal favorite out of what I've played. I loved Legends Arceus, and it was easy to replay for shiny hunting purposes while watching something. I like SV, but the technical issues keep it firmly out of GOTY status.

Also, Splatoon 3 is great, but it needed a little more "oomph" to get over how good Splatoon 2 was. I liked the story, and the new levels are great. I just can't help but feel annoyed at my win rate against King Salmonids and the prizes I got when I did win.

General Gaming / Re: NWR Forum Awards
« on: December 05, 2022, 12:06:38 AM »
Can we add a category for "most backlogged" game? An award for the game we all wished we played but never got around to?
That's a great idea, but I am not sure what the nominees would be. We could create a regular thread for that and just have people reply with their most backlogged game, or they could mention it in the replies to the other awards?

I think nominations are a good way to go, but something based on the latter might be best. Let people speak on what they haven't played and let those be the nominees. That way it's more of a consolation prize.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: November 30, 2022, 03:04:08 AM »
Wait, I didn't realize you could nab that. I might have to go back and look.

I still haven't taken on the Elite Four. I took a few more classes after getting a lot out of one. The history class gives you a lore dump and explains the spikes you may be coming across. I'm still hunting those down. But there was less to get out of the others so far. I'm actually kind of interested in seeing what the hell they do for the math class and if I get more sandwich recipes from the Home Ec course. The stories about the teachers are fun too and give them some depth

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: November 28, 2022, 12:33:27 AM »
I’m barreling towards the end of the game. I completed Starfall Street and Path of Legends, and I only have the Elite Four left. I’ll admit that challenging the final bosses of a path while still in the middle of one path left me a bit under-leveled. But that just made for more challenging battles.

I tried to map out which story beats I would hit based on the descriptions on the map. I thought it would be exhausting bouncing around the map like that, but the game rewards you so much for exploring the different areas.

One thing I was surprised about was how much was going on at the academy. I was off on my treasure hunt for so long that I didn’t notice you can actually take classes at the school. Yo can even take midterms and final exams. And I can say Pokémon made taking a final exam entertaining. The one course I completed gave me some info on something I had been wondering about since I saw it on the map early on. It was a very organic way of giving the player more info.

The bugs and glitches are whatever; the camera pretty consistently clips through terrain when I battle on a slope; the slowdown can distracting at times. But I really don’t care. The game is just so much better than its technical shortcomings. I do wish the level scaling was better and that the gyms had more gym trainers. But I feel like those are minor changes compared to how much the franchise has moved in the right direction with this one.

Nintendo Gaming / Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« on: November 26, 2022, 12:37:44 AM »
Couldn't find the topic for this.

Anybody else playing? What stories have you gone through and how far? Any favorite parts? Do you find the glitches/bug distracting? How does everyone feel about the new direction?

General Gaming / Re: NWR Forum Awards
« on: November 26, 2022, 12:33:01 AM »
Can we add a category for "most backlogged" game? An award for the game we all wished we played but never got around to?

Kyrie honestly would've been fine had he just apologized and deleted the tweet. Instead, he acted like the biggest ass hat imaginable. So much of that story could've easily been avoided. But at least it somehow led to several people making fun of Royce White on twitter.

NWR Forums Discord / Re: 13091919 1305?
« on: November 02, 2022, 09:37:29 PM »
Sometimes, life is about the Khushrenadas we make along the way.

but doesn't posting in the dead discord mean that he died??

I'm confused. In her initial video, she said the final offer was $4K. In the third video, she says the final offer came after she wrote to Hideki Kamiya to get that final offer. But her recent tweets suggest that the total offer was $15K. So, she's basically walked her initial claim back? Or did I miss something there?

I didn't want to start a new thread for this.

My Disney+ subscription expires next month. I'm strongly considering the Disney+ and Hulu without ads bundle. I don't need so many streaming services so I may also cancel my recurring Netflix subscription and subscribe only when there's something I really want to watch.

Has anyone else done this or something similar? How is it working out for you?

I've used Hulu Live TV in place of cable for a while. Not sure I can recommend outside of that use case. I don't watch much of the streaming content on Hulu. But I do like having my few shows and live sports available.

I finished She-Hulk today. I really liked the show overall. The ending was a bit of a miss for me. The massive fourth wall break felt anti-climatic. While I didn't need the big fight scene, when Jen comes back to reality, the whole issue is just solved. The police just showed up and arrested everybody. Also, they seemed to completely undo Emil's character development. Although, I guess they alluded to it with the electric fence/inhibitor scene.

The scene itself was cool for the reasons Adrock laid out. It just felt like the season avoided a climax. I did like that Jen handled it her own way, something more in line with her character and the rest of the show. It just didn't feel like she did anything other than stumble upon the villain and call the police.

I imagine the Wong/Abomination relationship might imply that the former has a need or seeking to help the latter not be in jail. But I could see him going for the Thunderbolts job in order to have "legit" work.

Movies & TV / Re: Disney+
« on: October 20, 2022, 09:14:08 PM »
I got that notification. I'm on the Hulu ESPN+ bundle. I was basically paying for Hulu + Live TV, and ESPN+ was basically a free add-on. I think I'm all set to go, but I'll double-check.

I think there's an Amex offer and a Rakuten cashback deal to also grab.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 792: The Life Pharaonic
« on: October 11, 2022, 12:07:55 AM »
I want to thank Jon Lindemann for having the courage to bring up Mario's lack of an ass. Also, shout out to Gui for not letting James gaslight Jon.

But there are two amounts of ass that a character can have: a notable amount and a non-notable amount. The concavity made it squarely into the former category.

Interesting they went with the types and not the Pokémon themselves. I usually pick the grass starter, so I'll be Team Grass for this.

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