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For reference, that introduction is sort of a mash-up of the introduction to the Jamie's Quick And Easy Food series with a bit of his 15 Minute Meals intro mixed in there as well with it being adjusted to more appropriate Safe Words... wording.

How many other chefs are we going to have sign-up to be part of this new culinary experiment?

When life’s crazy busy, all I crave is amusing forum fun that’s quick and easy to make. So, after all of these years, I’ve come up with a new way of forum gaming that’s completely changed my life and it’s going to take the stress out of yours too. I’m stripping back excitement to its bare essentials and I’m going to show you some amazing results using just the most basic forum ingredients. We’re talking high stakes fast!

And these are great competitions without the Mafia guilt. The ultimate pick-and-play of go-to fun for those of you who love your forums but don’t have the time or energy for complicated Mafia rulesets. If you’ve got a long old list of rules for a game, that’s one more reason to not play and I want to get you all playing. Balanced, pleasurable and good for you. You can create magic in the Funhouse with some time saving tricks and multi-tasking to the max. If you think you haven’t got time to play, think again!

You must not confuse simple with not lively. This is really lively. It’s delicious, nutritious, super-slow fun as we wait two days for Stratos to select a word. Right. Let's play it!

Players so far:


A total of 5 wonderous chefs have signed on so far.

General Gaming / Re: Deadline December 2021!
« on: December 05, 2021, 09:26:52 PM »
For myself, I'd like to finish the following games:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Stated playing this in November after wrapping up Metroid Dread. After playing quite a bit of it on the Wii U, I hadn't really bothered to do much with this game on Switch. In fact, I hardly did much with 200cc mode when that came out. However, coming back to this game now, I've come to appreciate just how good this package. A lot of really great courses. And I've ended up getting 3 Stars for all the Cups on all Modes including 200cc. I'm just trying to unlock the last gold kart pieces now. As such, I'm now going the 150cc Time Trials. Much nicer as well is that only 5,000 coins are required to unlock one of the parts unlike MK7 and its 10,000 coin requirement for one of the parts. I'm over 4300 currently just from racing and getting all those 3 Star Cups and Time Trials will surely get me much closer to that as well. Should have this wrapped up pretty soon.

Shantae GBC - Have this on the 3DS VC. Have also been playing it here and there. Am currently on the hunt for the 4th Labyrinth. Would like to get back to it this month and wrap it up.

Part Time UFO - Another game I've been playing off and on with MK8. I've beaten the game but there's still a bunch of other tasks to accomplish in it. I'd like to get those extra things done to put a bow on it and wrap it up.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Remember me talking about this back at the end of Backlaugust and into September? Guess what? I still haven't wrapped it up!  :-[ When I last left this game, I had gotten to the final stage of the last boss and proceeded to completely choke and play it poorly. I know I should be able to get it done but it's just the time it takes of having to get through all of that Phaaze planet and the Dark Samus / Aurora Unit fights that has kept me from loading this game up again for the past few months. However, I definitely want to finish 2021 with this finally done.

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue - Another leftover from Backlaugust. Beat the game but there were a few collectables/unlockables that I've meant to get so as to mark this game complete and wrapped up. Want to get that done also.

Luigi's Mansion GC - The first time I played Luigi's Mansion, I was about 5,000,000 short of getting the A rank mansion. Which isn't that much based on the game's currency. I was very close. I started doing the Hidden Mansion 2nd Quest but my interest petered out at some point and I never got around to finishing it. Then I did the Luigi's Mansion Mafia game and thought about getting back to it in order to give me some more inspiration for that game but the game started before that happened. I know it's a shorter game so I'd like to finally go back and replay it again after 4 years or so since first playing it and also get that final goal accomplished.

Pikmin GC - I've played this a game a lot because, for awhile, it was one of only five GC games I owned in the early GC days. But then, I got an income and suddenly it was easy to start getting all the games I wanted. Now, I've still got GameCube games to this day I have yet to play! What a time to be alive! About 10 years ago, I had some data on one of my GameCube memory cards get corrupted and I lost my Pikmin save data. I figured it be easy enough to pop this in at some point and beat it again. So easy that I've yet to do so. With my next Mafia game being Pikmin themed, I'd like to replay this now also and refresh my memory of the Pikmin franchise. Again, it's short enough that I think there's a good chance of squeezing it in when holiday time comes around at the end of the month.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - And now we come to the big one. The game that dominated my first half of 2021. This was pretty much all I was playing through the first 4 months of the year although there were also periods where I wasn't playing it because of having to move and other life tasks. I had gotten to the point of getting flight for my Skell and then my interest in the game crashed because there wasn't that many new and exciting things to see after getting flight and all it seemed to do was show me a bunch of high level creatures meaning I had more grinding ahead of me. I was not in the mood for more grinding after all the time I had spent up to that point. Yet, now enough time has passed that I'm ready to get back in that cycle. While I don't expect to fully complete XCX in December, I do think I can get through the rest of the story and at least beat the game for this month. We'll see how much more I stick at it afterwards. Having been such a large part of my 2021, I do think I should at least beat it before this year is up.

8 games. That's my December Deadline Mission.

Although maybe I can get to 10. I'd also like to finish Mario's Super Picross on the Switch SNES app and I suppose I should just look up a FAQ to figure out where the few bonuses are in some DKC levels that I've forgotten about and just cannot find to also wrap that game up.

General Gaming / Deadline December 2021!
« on: December 05, 2021, 08:46:45 PM »
Much better than Indie-cember! It's Deadline December!  ;)

With the end of the year almost here, what games are you hoping or trying to complete and wrap-up before the end of this year? Combining the fun of having to get an assignment in on time along with the stress of the holidays, it's the best Community Gaming Event yet!

Sort of like Backlaugust, just list off what is you would like to wrap up on this side of 2021 and post in here how it's going through the month of December. Simple!

This is the paper. It lets me know when I've stopped being funny. (Enough already - Ed)

I don't understand any of that...


Of all the games shown for the N64 online expansion, this is the one I most wanted because it's the N64 game I've had the highest urge to go back and replay. Been thinking about doing that for a couple years now. Yet, it's not a $40 more dollar urge when I can just pop it into my N64. There's a lot about the game I remember but also  a lot that's faded and seeing that trailer was a lot "oh yeah!"s as it refreshed my memory. Really increasing the urge to replay it now.

It would be interesting to play a game where the only players who can use PMs are the Mafia and everyone else can talk only in the daily threads, but I can't think of any way to enforce this.

It would not be. I've played games like that. They suck. As soon as one townie shows initiative, the mafia offs them. So then you've got a bunch of players that don't want to speak up and hope they can look like they bumbled onto a correct vote out or get other players to join them in a "wacky" guess and hope the mafia doesn't realize who's the smart player still in the game figuring things out and trying to vote out the correct people. Private messages level the playing field a bit more and doesn't exactly punish players that can make deductions.

Because if I recall you can't use your vigilante kill if someone kills you first. I put my kills in pretty quickly after days end. It would have been nice to avert a goon death and get out the vigilante at the same time.

Incorrect. Maybe in some games but not mine. It's really becoming apparent that no one reads the rules anymore except for BeautifulShy because Order.RSS had to ask me about the same sort of thing. Next game, I'm not even going to post any rules since it is a waste of time and just wait for players to ask questions and respond them then. In any case, here's the relevant portion.

Resolving Orders

I see the game as divided by its Day and Night sections. If a player with an ability is voted out during the day portion then they should not be able to use their ability at night since they were unable to reach that portion by being eliminated in the day.

If two or more players have the ability to make a hit and eliminate a player of their choosing and they all select the same target then all get credit for the elimination and no one is told the target has already been taken out or selected by another player. As well, if players who have the ability to make a hit target each other then both or all hits would carry through and they would eliminate each other. One hit would not cancel the other hit from happening nor does it matter who sent in a hit first. Timestamps do not matter. In addition, let's say that Player A sends in an order to hit/eliminate Player B while Player C sends in an order to hit/eliminate Player A. Player A would be eliminated but that doesn't stop their hit against Player B who would also be eliminated still.

Also, what was the deal? There were two detectives? Were they aware of each other? Or was this a copy-paste error on Khushrenada's part?

Copy paste error. Someone else brought it up a bit after the day started and I corrected it. MASB was just a townie.

If you click on the image in the story post, it will enlarge to its giant self. I put some size tags to it so that it would show up without overwhelming the page. Maybe I could make it a bit larger but I figured you'd post another version like you have to let the people see things more clearly. I really loved how well you made Dave Nelson look like a psycho killer. I guess Matthew finally drove him over the edge.

Not the original ending I had for the story but then ThePerm sent me this piece of artwork about his coming victory which I loved and decided to try and use it as a basis for the ending. Not sure if cannibalism was the direction he expected but with people on display for a Harvest Festival and the horror-like vibe, it just seemed to be the place it led me when doing up the finale.

Announcement Post

Previous Year’s Results:


Wah – Regular Townie (Killed by Vote)
Luigi Dude – Regular Townie (Killed by Mafia)

Wait a minute. That means there are 4 players left and two are townies and two are mafia so......

That means THIS GAME IS OVER!! It's a


Congratulations to:

ThePerm - Godfather (Old Man Winter)
NWR_insanolord - Mafia Goon 1 (Mr. Spring)
stevey - Mafia Goon 2 (Sir Summer)
Crimm - Mafia Goon 3 (Miss Autumn)

Those are your winners for Mafia 87!

The remaining players were:

nickmitch - Regular Townie
Order.RSS- Regular Townie

I hope you were able to have some fun with the game and I hope you can make it for the next one. It won't be until January 2022 as we find out if some days you feel like a purple pikmin. Until then, feel free to post all you want about this current game and who you want to Vedetta for next time!

With all the death that had happened over the past few years, no one was much in the mood to celebrate anything as the year progressed. That is why Mayor Khushrenada was so surprised to receive an invitation in the mail about something being called the Good Buddy Festival. It was being sent by someone many may have considered the spirit of Shady Village, BooOrder.Rss. Intrigued, Khushrenada headed over to his property.

“Welcome to the Festival,” BooOrder.RSS said when Khushrenada arrived. After they sat down in the backyard porch area, BooOrder.RSS then announced, “I’d like you to meet a few friends of mine.” Khushrenada turned and gasped in shock as he saw two villainous figures step out of BooOrder.RSS’s house and also join them on the porch. Khushrenada knew Old Man Winter from when he killed Jamie and Mr. Spring who had stopped by to see him after the death of TOPHATANT123. “W-w-w-what are you doing here?” Khushrenada asked nervously. “Why, we live here. We’re long time friends of BooOrder.RSS,” Winter explained as smiled menacingly. Khushrenada’s brain began furiously thinking hard and connecting the dots as to why no one could ever figure out where the villains came from or why they could never figure out where they were hiding. BooOrder.RSS had been harboring them this whole time. But why? And what was the purpose of now bringing the Mayor into their clutches. Wasn’t there anything that could be done to stop them?

Suddenly, there was a sound of breaking glass and a voice cried out: “WAH-HA-HAAAA! Waluigi Time!!” Everyone turned to see that Wah had leapt out from BooOrder.RSS’s Anemone greenhouse. “I’m a-gonna stop these Mafia cheaters because Waluigi number one and you’re lousy!” he declared and then added, “I’ve trained this pack of raccoons to sniff out and attack lousy cheaters like you because I’m the best! Evil schemes are my specialty! Wah-ha-h…..”

But Wah’s laugh was cut short as Old Man Winter, Mr. Spring, and Order.RSS suddenly pulled out guns from their pockets and fired away at Wah. Yet, the surprised weren’t over yet as nickmitch suddenly also emerged from out of Order.RSS’s greenhouse and provided the final coup-de-grace and shot Wah in the back. “Awww, I lost,” he cried out as he fell to the ground and began to bleed out. Everyone was startled at the sound of smashing glass as Wah’s raccoons now burst forth out of the greenhouse and looked around snarling at everyone. “Is everyone in your greenhouse?” Khushrenada asked Order.RSS while being continually shocked at everything unfolding around. After surveying the scene, the raccoons then rapidly raced to Wah and began attacking and devouring him. “Oh, come on!” he cried out at the irony of the raccoons attacking the lousy cheater like he had trained them to do. Then, after getting their fill, they all scattered off in separate directions. And so another regular townie, this time Wah, had also now been killed.

Nickmitch then walked over and sat down on the porch. However, the interruptions were not over yet for running around Order.RSS’s house came Luigi Dude. “Mayor, mayor! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. I did it! Id did it! I got a panda and yak to breed and have created a new species!!! Take a look at this,” he spoke excitedly and in a hurry and then pulled out a strange hairy lifeform from out of the box he was carrying. Continuing on, Luigi Dude added, “With this, we can get all kinds of publicity and save Shady Village. No mafia will be able to operate here now with all the media attention this will bring our village. I call it….”

Luigi Dude did not finish that sentence as a knife was lodged in his throat. Seconds later, another knife suddenly appeared in the panda-yak hybrid which let out an ungodly squee before it also died. Khushrenada turned behind him to see Mr. Spring holding a couple knives which he then put in his pocket. He grinned menacingly at Khushrenada and simply said, “You can also call me Throw Galley.” Thus ended the life of Luigi Dude, a regular townie who did irregular things with animals.

“I hope that’s the last of any more interruptions,” Old Man Winter spoke coldly, “This story is getting much too long already. ;) You may be wondering why it is that BooOrder.RSS (here’s hoping he gets a better username after this) and nickmitch are so willing to help me out. It turns out that the anemone plants Order.RSS is so fond of actually produce a hypnotic narcotic that can be used to control the minds of other people. I only realized this a couple years ago when I was talking to him in disguise. We were having a disagreement on the price of sweet corn I was selling and I told him to go jump in a lake and he did. Turns out, he’d been around the plants so much they had already affected his mind and there was nothing he could do about it. Thus, I’ve been using his place as a base of operations and have found a way to harvest this hypnotic narcotic to allow me to mass produce it and enact the final stage of my plan for Shady Village. Let’s go to the Dining Room, shall we?”

The five people then rose from the porch and went to the Dining Room. No sooner had they got there then suddenly Mr. Spring cut down Order.RSS and nickmitch who collapsed dead at the table. Yet, they were not the only dead people at the table. Khushrenada was aghast in terror at the scene laid out before him as the remains of various residents of Shady Village lay scattered about the table and room. “Welcome to my Harvest Party,” declared Winter. He then took off his hat and casually tossed it aside to a chair in the room. “You know,” he said chillingly, “Old Man Winter is really more the moniker of my father who first made this into a Mafia Town and it doesn’t really suit me. You can just call me ThePerm. Welcome to Shady Village’s greatest crop: people! It’s not fish or flowers or vegetables. The best thing about Shady Village is the people. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Spring?”

Yes, sir, I do,” Mr. Spring cheerfully replied as he stuck a fork into nickmitch and cut off a slice, “Mmm. Delicious.”

Khushrenada wanted to scream but all he could do was throw up. This Mr. Spring was some kind of insano-lord! But, lo! ThePerm then also joined him by tasting a bit of Order.RSS! ThePerm then continued, “From now on, Shady Village is going to focus on producing a high population of people which we will then use to make a new foodstuff out of which we alone will control and make billions from. With the hypnotic narcotic, people will be as docile as cattle as we grow them and put them through our farming system here.”

“This is insanity!” Khushrenada cried out in disbelief, “It’ll never work!”

“Oh it’ll work because we’ll have you as the public face of Shady Village and you’ll be able to divert any prying eyes by acting as a shield for us,” ThePerm countered.

“I’ll never do that,” Khushrenada declared.

“I think Order.RSS’s anemone’s say differently,” ThePerm cooly replied as he took out what looked like a cologne bottle and then spritzed the contents into Khushrenada’s face.


The next year, Joja Mart’s across the country began offering a new wonder product: Shady Village Soylent Green. A tasty new product designed to give people the complete nutrition they needed that was environmentally friendly. It sold like gangbusters and soon was being featured in stores all over the world. While many wondered what was the secret behind this new culinary marvel, to date no one has yet been able to discover what it is….

Oh look at that. Another Majority Vote while I'm not around.

Wah - 4
Insanolord - 1

If you have a night action to send me, you have 12 hours from this post to do so.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The Animal Crossing Amiibo Trading Card Trading Post
« on: November 26, 2021, 11:04:44 PM »

How is everyone getting along with Series 5?

First of all, I still need #39 Spike Welcome Amiibo to complete the previous Amiibo cards. Then there's the fact that I didn't realize these had released until I started seeing people trying to sell packs at a high price on the used market. Then it turns out retailers would only let you buy three packs at the most which is redonkulous since the first Amiibo trading cards never had that restriction. How are you supposed to get all the cards with that in place?!?  :P  >:( Then I saw this morning that Best Buy was showing stock online saying ready to ship but despite clicking the link and refreshing the add-to-cart button would never be allowed and now I see they show as being out of stock again. This whole thing has been terrible and a real kick in the groin!!  :'( >:(

Announcement Post

Previous Year’s Results:


MASB – Regular Townie (Killed by Vote)
TOPHATANT123 – Townie Vilgilante (Killed by Mafia)

And with that, all Townie roles are out of the game. It is just the mafia and regular townies left. If a regular townie is voted out today and the mafia makes a hit on another townie then it will be Game Over. It is do-or-die time for the townies.

Voting Time: For Year 5, the Year/(Day) Thread will be open for a generous of just about 48 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at 11 PM EST Nov. 28 aka 8:00 PM PST Nov. 28 aka 11 AM Perth Time Nov. 29. However, the thread and Year could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 6 players still alive in this game meaning 4 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today's Harvest Moon Musical Selection: Lake Cave - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

I thought I'd go with a more serious groove to represent the high stakes we are now at if the townies make another wrong move. (Also, you may wonder why I still try to include the YouTube link/tags. Well, it actually works and shows up on my iPad when I use Safari. So, I guess the key is to use older internet search engines to see those links.)

Game has now resumed.

NWR Mafia Games / Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 5.
« on: November 26, 2021, 10:49:55 PM »
Oh no! It's happening again. I'm falling behind on the story posts.....  :-[ :'(

Oh sure! Do a majority vote when I've long gone to bed. Year is over. Final Tally:

MASB - 5
Order.RSS - 1

Night Actions are due 12 hours from this post.

Current Tally:

MASB - 4
NWR_insanolord - 1

5 votes cast out of a possible 8.
About 12 hours and 45 minutes left to vote in Year 4.

Good news everyone, I've successfully crossbred my Panda and Yak to create a new hybrid.  For just $100 a ticket, you and your families can witness this miracle of nature.

Now this I gotta see! Is it a miracle or an abomination? What are you calling this creature?

Announcement Post

Previous Year’s Results:


MKBungle – Townie Detective (Killed by Vote)
lolomande – Regular Townie (Killed by Mafia)
stevey – Mafia Goon 2/Sir Summer (Killed by Vigilante)

(For the record, MKBungle was Bachelor #1. Stevey could have been bachelor #3 but he never sent in a letter.)

Voting Time: For Year 4, the Year/(Day) Thread will be open for a maximum of just about 47 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Noon EST Nov. 26 aka 9:00 AM PST Nov. 26 aka Midnight Perth Time Nov. 27. However, the thread and Year could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: There are currently 8 players still alive in this game meaning 5 votes would be needed to achieve a Majority Vote.

Today's Harvest Moon Musical Selection: Summer Theme - Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Game has now resumed.

NWR Mafia Games / Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 4.
« on: November 24, 2021, 12:50:56 PM »
Mayor Khushrenada was at a quandary on what to do about the devastating revelation that Shady Village was once again beset by nefarious forces looking to control it. He desperately wanted to stop this from happening having been through the bad times of the past and as a way to avenge the deaths of Jamie and her crush. However, he didn’t know what he could do to root out the villains having been quite unsuccessful to stop them the last time the village had become infected with a mafia.

Then one day he was approached by one of the residents of the village. He informed the Mayor that many years before he had been a highly successful Scotland Yard detective who had cracked many major cases. However, the stress and grind of the job eventually wore him down so that he quit and wanted to do something where he wasn’t faced with gruesome elements day in and out. His journey led him to Shady Village and he discovered the farming life to be the peace he was looking for in life. As such, he had been thinking a lot about the recent developments and decided that if he wanted to ensure Shady Village stayed a tranquil place with a bright future then he needed to go back to his crime-solving ways one more time.

Khushrenada was overjoyed. This was the kind of help he needed and didn’t have available the first time this sort of thing happened. He thanked the villager profusely. The villager told the Mayor not to say anything to the other villagers so that no one would know he was on the case or about his past. “Leave it to me,” the former cop declared, “I’ll have this case cracked in a few weeks or my name isn’t MKBungle, Chief Inspector of Scotland, er, no, um, private, well, uhhhh, oh, let’s go with Townie Detective!

He was dead in two days.

Regrettably, MKBungle was not a master of disguise. For some reason, he decided to dress up and pretend he was some kind of fairy sprite. If villagers were fishing, they could see him watching them from a bridge or behind some bushes. If they were farming, they could see him sneaking behind other animals to spy on them or crawling down among their crops. When they called out to him and asked what he was doing, he’d suddenly put on a dance and talk about needing this or that for the Harvest Goddess as though he couldn’t hear them and was busy doing something else. But no one was fooled and instead everyone was getting annoyed and creeped out by his behavior at breakneck speed. As a result, a couple days into his investigation of the town, villagers saw him again trying to hide under carts and stands at the town bazaar and decided to finally show their displeasure. They began throwing all manner of produce at him. Anything that was available and on hand was chucked MKBungle while people yelled for him to leave them alone and to quit invading their privacy. However, some of the produce being thrown as rather large and heavy and at some point the objects not only knocked him out but ended up killing him.

Mayor Khushrenada was further crushed at this development but said nothing about knowing what MKBungle was doing to distance himself from being a part of this failed plan. Yet, a few days later, he received a mysterious envelope among his mail. It contained a letter from someone calling themselves “Old Man Winter” and warning the Mayor that if he ever tried getting someone else to investigate and hunt down their syndicate that they would kill him. As long as he kept putting on a happy face to the townspeople and did not interfere with their operation then he would be allowed to live. Khushrenada sunk down into his chair feeling very defeated.

More story to come. (Hopefully)

For a moment there, I thought I might be invoking the tie rule but we have a slight majority. Even with a couple changes we ended up back at the same number as the earlier tally:

MKBungle - 4
stevey - 3
Insanolord - 2

Couple things. Perhaps some might point to the Announcement Post and that voting ends 2 minutes and 23 seconds before stevey's vote. Yes, it could be counted that way but it has been a long standing position and decision to just let things keep playing out until the thread is actually locked. The stated deadline is a warning to get your business done before then because a host could very well lock things up on the dot and thus not a good idea to still be working things out. I don't why player's wanted a tie because it could have very well been someone else randomly tossed instead so in the end someone will probably be unhappy with either decision. Therefore I'll stick with the tradition of letting a last minute vote before the thread is closed stand. Maybe next time I'll lock the thread first before posting that time is up instead of the other way around.

As well, it has been asked if lolmonade's vote counts because MKBungle is misspelled. My ruling there is that there have plenty of times where a misspelled name was still counted because it was still obvious as to who was being targeted. On Survivor, players sometimes misspell another castaway's name various reasons but the votes are still counted the same against that player. I myself have had players misspell my name when voting for me and those votes still counted. Now if it was something like Vote Jmandu then that won't count because no one will know who that is or can figure out what username that would be close to. (Although I can clearly tell that is a vote for pokepal148).

Night actions are due 12 hours from this post if you have an action available to you.

Announcement Post

Voting Time: For Year 3, the Year Thread will be open for a maximum of a bit over 46 hours. Voting will end and the thread will close at Midnight EST Nov. 24 aka 9:00 PM PST Nov. 23 aka Noon Perth Time Nov. 24. However, the thread and Year could end earlier if a Majority Vote is reached.

Time is up. Let's see where we are at!

Holy samole, the votes are flying fast and furious now!

MKBungle - 4
stevey - 3
Insanolord - 2

9 out of a possible 11 votes cast with just under three hours left in the Year. How's it going to end?

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread (Switch) Review
« on: November 23, 2021, 03:00:32 PM »
Absolutely terrible review. Couldn't think of a single con!!!!??? Here: Dread's progression is sloppy. Spin boost then space jump 30 mins later. Screw attack comes before bombs and breaks the game. Boss design in the 2nd half is straight out of Hollow Knight, but with poor balancing and dated QTEs. Free aim and button combos are clumsy on the tiny joy con controls. Outside the EMMis, these last two points are the only areas of innovation in dread and not up to the standard I expect from the first Metroid made for home consoles and AAA sensibilities in a long time. This is basically a fluff piece.

Having now played and beat Dread on Normal and Hard under 4 hours both ways, I still think about this comment and how utterly stupid it is. Clearly this person hasn't played Dread and is just making stuff up. Which makes me wonder why they are so worked up over the review score of a game they obviously haven't played or know anything about. Like, what's it matter to them they had to come here and spout nonsense. (Although their point about the joy-cons could be true. I used a Pro Controller when playing.) Just makes you shake your head at how some people have nothing worthwhile going on in their lives.

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