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Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch is so popular people don't even post
« on: July 06, 2024, 02:53:03 AM »
Yeah, we'd never be able to keep bringing up that thread where the guy swore up and down Switch was going to be a failure and repeatedly mocking it if it were on Discord.

You're so mean, Insanolord! Mop it up and I have been saying for years you should let it go. You'd never see me being so petty as to keep bringing up that thread every year to further mock his predictions. It's no laughing matter just because they continue to age like fine milk every passing day. But it is a laughing matter because he turned into an insufferable smug jackass about it. I've made a lot of posts on this forum, and most readers are probably suffering PTSD thinking about them now, but there are certain times I feel I did manage to create some solid content for this site and I feel my work in that thread is one of those times. A lot of gold to be mined there.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Will Nintendo Finally Drop the Switch Price?
« on: July 05, 2024, 02:26:21 AM »
With how well Switch sold from its March 3rd release date, I've always felt like Nintendo would try for that time of the calendar again in a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" superstitious sort of attitude. I think it also would help with holiday sales momentum to release earlier in the year so that you get the initial sales rush from early adopters and then can get a second spike during the holiday sales and restock up for that time as well.

I think your last point is a big part of it. Supply can be an issue with new consoles, and with a March launch you can get the die hards to buy in early, then build up a bit of a software base and more stock for a kind of "second launch" in the holiday season.

I love this strategy!

Thanks! You know I'm something of a business strategist myself. 8)

Just on a further role to prove that, Nintendo may look at what happened with the 3DS in which it launched ok but then sales slowed down so they course corrected with a price drop and were able to see it have a decent holiday and gain back momentum. With the Wii U, once the holiday was over and early adopters grabbed it, they really didn't have a way to re-spark that momentum (they already had a "cheaper" model out and their game release schedule was pretty sparse) plus the PS4 and XBox One took all the headlines for the following holiday season. It was pretty effectively killed once the news started coming out on its sales crash. It's another reason why I think they'd prefer to launch more in a spring season than in the past. More opportunities and ways to course correct if the launch phase falters a bit and you still have the holiday season coming up to get things back on track.

Of course, if it can go smoothly, like things did with the OG Switch's launch, where it is successful and the news is good then you can further steamroll and gain momentum in that time for the holiday season ahead and gain a big userbase and keep increasing demand as more and more people want into that gaming ecosphere and join in the next hot new thing and you've got another Wii, DS, Switch on your hands. If that's the case, you want to carefully retire the Switch 1 so that it doesn't get in the way of that momentum and perhaps no price cut is a way to make sure of that.

On the topic of the DS, Nintendo may be looking back at how they handled the transition from the GBA to the DS. GBA was a system that was still selling and growing its userbase and might have done more but Nintendo carefully put it out to pasture while allowing the DS to gain momentum. The famous third pillar strategy in which if the DS faltered then perhaps Nintendo sticks with the GBA system a bit longer and replaces it with a more traditional gaming system (single screen, no touch, more powerful graphics).

There was an old Iwata interview that was discovered a couple months ago talking about the DS vs PSP launch. At the time, everyone was focused on those new systems and the battle to determine the handheld market. Yet, Iwata said this at the time: "By the time the PSP is probably released worldwide, the total (GBA) install base will be around 60 million units," he confidently remarked, "They will need to show superiority against both the existing 60 million GBA units and the DS, which offers new ways to play. I think that will be a tough challenge." Looking back, I think a lot of gamers would have thought that comment ridiculous because look at the PSP compared to the GBA when it comes to what the systems could do in functionality, the power, the design of them. How is the GBA a challenge to it? But it was and is true. Yeah, the system was older but it had a huge game library at that point and was much cheaper than the PSP and the current market leader. Nintendo still gave it support in the first year of the DS and even released the Micro revision for it and the system still kept selling even while the DS began to gain momentum and then take off leaving the PSP behind in sales and effectively retiring the Game Boy line. That support of the GBA still is probably an unrecognized part of Nintendo's victory vs Sony in the handheld space. It was something that could draw away potential customers from the PSP at first who may have decided to go with something more affordable and with a large game selection and think about getting a PSP later down the road thus slowing its momentum.

It's the same thing with Switch 2. It might be an easier sell for Switch 1 users to jump to a Switch 2 but it is still a new system that is coming out and has to take on the current market leader to succeed. Nintendo has seen good and bad times when trying to pass the torch on from a successful hardware line to that line's successor. I'm sure the pros and cons of a potential price drop for the Switch 1 are being looked at more in line of what effect it might have on the Switch 2 rather than on claiming a new sales record or ensuring the Switch hardware userbase grows even larger just before trying to then have them turn around and buy a new system. In my mind, anyone buying a new Switch system now in the latter half of this year is probably not going to then turn around and buy a Switch 2 when it launches next year. (Unless it's that idea of a back-up system or a videogame collector adding to their collection). Chances are anyone actually getting a Switch for the first time now is likely going to just stick with using that system and its library for awhile and jump on Switch 2 later. That makes the most financial sense to me. Thus, Switch sales now may actually be working against the Switch 2 as those could possibly have been sales for that system if it was out now in this latter half of the year. It goes back to the thought that Switch 2 is going to be competing against a system with one of the biggest userbases and software catalogues in the history of this medium. PS3 struggled in succeeding PS2 and PS5 is still struggling to get out of the PS4's shadow and get that userbase to move on.

It's part of the reason now where I'm really excited for Nintendo to finally unveil this proposed next system. How similar is it going to be to the current switch? Are they going to try something new with controllers again? Try and find a way to add a second screen somehow? Are they just going to go the simple route and focus on beefing up processing and computing power and feel that's all they need to do? Is that all the market wants from a second Switch? Because that doesn't seem to have helped the PS5 immediately swallow up the PS4 base and have them jump ship to the latest console. A lot of gamers are still content to keep playing and buying new games for the PS4 instead. How much more do you feed the beast of Switch 1 now? Obviously, Nintendo recognizes there's still plenty of money and sales to be found with the Switch 1 audience in software. It makes sense to me that they had a good direct and with variously appealing software for different tastes. No sense shutting down software development immediately for the system and hope to go a year on just old game remasters or ports.

That said, I don't think there's software at this point that might be pushing or causing more hardware sales. Nor do I think Nintendo is trying to put out any software like that. I think Tears of the Kingdom or possibly Super Mario Bros. Wonder would be the last software titles released that might have induced people to buy a Switch if they hadn't already. The software being released now is stuff that's just playing to the crowd and userbase. Stuff that they know people who have already bought a Switch will be happy to see and purchase/play but it's nothing that's going to move the needle for hardware attachment rate or sales. Metroid Prime has never been that kind of hardware seller either but is there anyone here who doesn't think that's likely to be a cross-platform game with Switch 2 in a Twilight Princess / Breath of the Wild situation? That might help add some hype to the Switch 2 launch but if launched on Switch 1 also then already that battle between Switch 1 slowing momentum from Switch 2 will have begun by negating a software title that could have been exclusive to Switch 2 and make Switch 1 users feel like they can wait on adopting the next console that early.

While I was impressed and happy about the titles being offered for the latter half of the year, these are definitely more titles for the hardcore Nintendo fan who will likely already have a Switch and is to tide them over until the next system arrives. I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming Zelda game and it could make a nice final hurrah for the system since Kirby seems to be absent suddenly at this time. Usually he's around to help hold the pillow down at the end of a system's life. Maybe he shows up early next year.

I'm sure I had a point somewhere in there when I started but I think I let myself get sidetracked onto different topics. Ah, forum posting. This is where the gold is. In long walls of text like this. You're all welcome. So much to unpack and enjoy. I suppose my quick summary of what I wanted to say was the biggest obstacle for the success of Switch 2 may very well be Switch 1's userbase and how quickly that userbase will want to move on or adopt the system. Switch 2 has to fight that success and more Switch 1 sales may actually be working against setting Switch 2 up to succeed. Hence, price cut for Switch 1 needs to be looked at in how it could affect Switch 2 momentum. While the Direct gave the Switch 1 library another shot in the arm with many titles of interest, they're also titles for the hardcore Switch users. It makes sense for Nintendo to still keep selling software to this big of a userbase while they can so good titles for Switch 1 this late in its life shouldn't actually be that surprising and looked at in the light of whether Switch 1 gets a price cut because of them.

(Unmentioned but thought about. Nintendo perhaps regretting not appealing to the Wii userbase more after Skyward Sword and the release of the Wii U. Meanwhile, Ubisoft continued to take advantage of the sales potential there for almost a decade with Just Dance titles. Possible cheaper hardware revision. GBA had Micro when DS came out. 3DS had NEW 2DS XL release after Switch came out. Wii had the Wii Mini just before the Wii U launch. Some of these revisions were sold at a lower cost. With Switch Lite already on the market, is there much of possible revision (cheaper) model that could actually be put out at this time or after Switch 2 launches?)

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: July 04, 2024, 03:17:11 PM »
Well looks like we're getting a june direct. Hope we see prime 4there.

We did. Has this helped cure the boredom?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Will Nintendo Finally Drop the Switch Price?
« on: July 04, 2024, 03:16:27 PM »
Is it historical still when you look at the last 14 years?

3DS was released in March 2011
Wii U in November 2012
NEW 3DS XL in February 2015
Switch in March 2017

Only Wii U was November. Perhaps NEW 3DS is a bit more derivative but I consider it a "NEW" hardware launch. ;) System variants have been all over the place but within July - October indicating that Nintendo does want to take advantage of holiday sales momentum with these different models:

3DS XL - August 2012
2DS - October 2013
NEW 3DS - September 2015
NEW 2DS XL - July 2017
Switch Lite - September 2019
Switch OLED - October 2021

With how well Switch sold from its March 3rd release date, I've always felt like Nintendo would try for that time of the calendar again in a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" superstitious sort of attitude. I think it also would help with holiday sales momentum to release earlier in the year so that you get the initial sales rush from early adopters and then can get a second spike during the holiday sales and restock up for that time as well.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch is so popular people don't even post
« on: July 04, 2024, 02:50:46 PM »
My take is that a lot of us who used to spend a lot of time on internet forums have gotten older or our responsibilities and behaviors have changed. I guess social media and instant video content has also shifted how we interact online these days. I haven't been here in over 10 years, but I've decided to become more active again. For the past year, I've been revisiting old behaviors and websites I used to enjoy. :)

Pretty much. Although there are still some traditional forums out there that have huge userbases. It can seem a bit sad sometimes when one considers how active a community there was posting here 15 years ago compared to now. That's part of the appeal for things like Discord communities or other forums. With large active communities there or chat message type media like Discord, you can post something and often have someone reply right away and start a conversation or a topic or chime in on something be discussed and get involved. Here, it may take a few days to get a reply and even then it can be big news if you even get two or three responses. That slowness, or in other cases getting no response at all, can further add to a turnoff for users to look somewhere else if there isn't much reaction when they do take the time to comment here.

So, well it's appreciated that you want to re-engage with the NWR forums, just know that it's a much slower pace here these days and don't let that dampen your enthusiasm or think people are shunning you if there aren't quick responses. Like lolmonade commented on, I also still prefer the forum method of posting and its more organized approach to topics and discussions rather than the endless stream of comments. (Or the two different groups of people posting on two different topics with all their replies getting in the way of each other's discussion like I've seen happen on Discord.)

That said, game media has also changed a lot. Two decades ago, with things like Gaming Magazines or some TV Shows like X-Play or Electric Playground, it felt like there was always some gaming news or reviews to talk about or share. Nowadays, it just feels like here's a trailer. Here's a release date. Game gets released and maybe some people care about the review. Otherwise, it's just on to the next trailer and cycle. I guess there was more speculation back then. You might see a few screenshots of a game or maybe there was just a title announced and so gamer's imaginations could run a bit more wild.

Nowadays, particularly with Nintendo, it just seems to be to wait for one of their usual three Directs of the year to air, see a whole bunch of trailers that explain the games and give a pretty good idea of what to expect, see that it will be coming out pretty soon in a few months and that's that. You usually know if you want to play it or not from that info and, for the most part, you don't really get much more info on the game until it releases. Sometimes there might be a Treehouse thing where more details are shown or another trailer or two but lots of times there isn't that much more given. Compared to the perhaps more steady hype train, its more like sudden quick geyser bursts of water then back to peaceful silence. I guess I kind of miss the 2000s era Nintendo Power which would do things like developer interviews with teams working on hyped games like Twilight Princess or Super Mario Galaxy and getting insights into what they learned from past games and how they were applying that stuff to the new game being worked on. That kind of stuff made gaming discussion more interesting and, while there was Iwata Asks, it feels like since Iwata died, gaming talk has just gotten a lot more focused on the consumption or transactional aspects. Did you see the trailer? Did you like or not like the trailer? Are you going to buy or not buy the game? Now that the game is out, did you play the game? Have you beat the game? Was it good or bad? and then repeat those questions from the start.

I'm not going to say it can't be fun to be hyped up and excited with other people about a trailer or a new glimpse at an upcoming title or that there's nothing to discuss or speculate on it but I'd also say the types of games to create any big discussion like that are few. I mean, how much do you want to speculate on, say, the story of Mario & Luigi: Brothership or what its gameplay will be like. Same goes for Super Mario Party Jamboree. Wanna talk about what characters might be playable? It's not exactly Smash Bros. here. What new sort of minigames might be included? Which boards looked neat in the trailer? I've got nothing against either of these games. I'll likely own them both because I'm a die-hard Mario Party fan and Brothership is the most excited I've been for an M&L game since maybe when Partners In Time came out. It looks like it may finally do something different with the Bros. moves you learn and the art style looks great. But these games are pretty known quantities at this point so discussion on them just feels redundant. That's why I look back now and appreciate how stuff like Nintendo Power was able to find engrossing ways to promote games whether you cared about them or not.

Fans like us just don't have that same information anymore and I feel it has also hurt and slowed down game discussion. The best question in the "cycle" I posted earlier was the last one on whether the game was good or bad because it often feels like that is the only point in which we can finally get into a meaty discussion about a game. Unfortunately, people aren't always playing a game when it immediately releases and so, again, discussion could be slow as others catch up or may want to avoid spoilers until they get around to it.

That's what made Breath of the Wild so special. As we got closer to the release date and Nintendo began leaking forth more information, it lead to a lot of fun speculation talk. Then when the game came out so many people were talking about their journeys in the game and so there was so much to talk about for helpful hints and suggestions of things to see or find and it wasn't just a quick three or four paragraphs of whether it was a good or bad game to the player and that's all there is to say about a game. Nothing has really recaptured that on the forums since and I think it will be hard for a game to do that again with how gaming news seems to be handled these day.

Anyways, that's my extra spin on why posting is decreasing in the popular Switch era.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Will Nintendo Finally Drop the Switch Price?
« on: July 04, 2024, 01:34:34 PM »
I'm not sure there will be a price drop until maybe after the Switch 2 is out at this point and that would be to mainly clear out stock. 3DS hardware sales pretty much dropped off after Switch came out but they didn't discount the system at the time. I think they came out with the NEW 2D designs after Switch also. Can't recall if those were cheaper or not. In any case, they soon cut production of 3DS and it was pretty much vanished from store shelves by middle of 2019. Like a year and half after Switch release. But I don't recall any kind of firesale or impressive discount to clear out 3DS stock. Surprisingly, Nintendo might have been able to sell more 3DS systems after all if they'd kept making them for another year as the early COVID lockdowns saw a spike in gaming sales and there was suddenly demand for the system again.

Then Nintendo refreshed the Switch with a better battery and an OLED screen. With inflation that came during and after the pandemic, I think that, along with these better parts, has probably contributed to Nintendo holding the line with the price of the system. You can't really say the price has been a hinderance to sales considering how much hardware Nintendo has sold for this system and the fact that they'll probably be able to go a full eight years without having to replace it sooner or upgrade it with a NEW Switch type system. At this point, I just don't think Nintendo sees any incentive to lower the price unless they decide they do want to beat the PS2 record and make it a priority.

At the same time, I do think the age of the Switch's tech is now the bigger factor in determining how much more the system will sell. It is falling behind in the types of chips and processors that current phones and tablets have as well as the current generation systems. Not that there's much need to match the PS5 power considering so many third parties keep releasing games for both PS5 and PS4 because PS5 software sales continue to struggle. As long as Switch 2 can match (but preferably surpass) PS4 capabilities then third party support should still be there for the next system. When Switch 2 comes out, I'm not sure how many people will be looking for a system that's getting kind of dated tech-wise aside from maybe having a spare back-up system at this point or to access the Switch library at a discounted price (if it does get a price cut). I think it will be a pretty quick decline as people jump onto the next system. Not to mention, there's still stuff like GameStop where they might offer a discount on the Switch 2 if you trade in your old Switch. In that case, the market could soon be flooded with old used original Switches likely being sold at a discount that Nintendo would then have to compete against with their remaining stock. I'm almost wondering if we might see the Switch stock dry up by the end of December and the holiday season. In which case, it will never have had a price cut.

The rumor a few months back was that Nintendo decided not to launch the Switch 2 this year and wait until next year in order to make sure they had plenty of hardware at launch to meet demand and hopefully deter potential scalpers. If they're stockpiling hardware for the next system then I feel they'll want to make sure they won't be stuck with a bunch of original Switch hardware at this time. This is a company that is usually being conservative in their estimates for demand as seen with Amiibo, NES/SNES mini-consoles, special editions, etc. If they are going to go gung-ho with the Switch 2 and have like 8 million systems at launch then I could see them wanting to take a serious look at how many more OG Switches they want to keep manufacturing or have on the market and questioning how much demand may still be there when they unveil the Switch 2.

Well, we've now hit the halfway mark for required player count with 8. Will we see another 8 before this Sunday?


See you all in two years for sign up thread 3

Makes sense. Xenoblade Chronicles is a trilogy, after all.

Alright. Let's throw this out here and see if there is still interest after people casually bumping the last thread to see if it was still alive. Although I have now beat XCX which had originally been my goal theme, I'm going to stick with Xenoblade Chronicles 1 here as still the theme for the 90th Mafia game. (If we actually get players for it.)

I'm looking for a 16 player count. If we achieve that then it probably won't go forward but let's not worry about that yet. For now, let's just what the interest is in doing another round.

There is a poll for this because there are two ways I could go with this game. I could do another game like the Metroid, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin style of lots of different roles and items or I could do a simple mafia game more equivalent to my recent Harvest Moon game or something like Mafia 19 Wild West if you want to look back. Since it has been quite some time since we've played a game, perhaps players would prefer a simpler type of game but I'll leave that choice up to you and the poll.

I should have posted this Monday before the Direct when more users may have been coming to the site. How long to leave the sign-ups open? Well, unless the demand is fast, I'm thinking July 7 or 8 as the start date for the game to give people an opportunity to see this thread is up and get a chance to join in. So, about two and half weeks then. If this time will be difficult for players signing up then post something and perhaps the start date can be adjusted.

With that, the following users have signed up to play:

M.K. Ultra

For a current total of 9 players!

TalkBack / Re: Other Announcements From Summer Games Fest Kick Off
« on: June 08, 2024, 07:07:06 PM »
Back when the DS was taking off in the long ago times of 2005 and 2006 and some computer games were being ported to the system, it occurred to me that Civilization 3 seemed like a great fit for the system with the touchscreen and stylus helping to take the place of a mouse for PC. Looking back now, it seems I was like so many gamers that are port-begging for Switch so that they can have the games they like on a portable gaming device. I was still big into Civ 3 and it will probably always remain my favorite for the ways it advanced the series and the hours I spent playing it. With Civ 4 coming out during this time, it seemed like a smart way to extend the life for Civ 3 and get more money out of it. It never happened. Instead, we got Civilization Revolutions, a diet version of Civ. It wasn't until the Switch that Civilization finally returned to a Nintendo system since the original Civilization game which was on the SNES and used the SNES Mouse. It's wild to now see Civilization 7 shown as launching on Switch (likely Switch 2) when it debuts. I just never thought the series was going to cross back to gaming consoles like it has after all these years of staying put on PC.

As for Sonic X Shadows Generations, heaven help me, because somehow that trailer made me think about actually buying this game and caring about Sonic releases again. My Sonic interest had kind of flatlined during these Switch years but this trailer reminded me of those GameCube Sonic days and just had that look and sound of that Sonic style which I still have a soft spot in my heart for. I know the trailer was full of all kinds of the automatic or cinematic moments where you probably don't control the character too much in that moment but seeing Sonic racing through skyscraper offices or getting an assist from a killer whale or Sonic and Shadow grinding along rails just seems like speedy fun even though the games always struggle to fulfill that promise. Maybe that's why people really liked the Runner series and that style of game. The game removes controlling the speed of the character from the player and just keeps them moving along along a path with challenging moments and surprises just leaving it to the player to correctly input how to navigate the timing for the jumps or slides. Perhaps that is more of what Sonic needs for 3D. Design an awesome looking course with these crazy moments with Sonic just moving at top speed while the player just inputs when to jump or spin dash or whatever other commands might be needed. Although, I suppose that runs the risk of it just becoming a series of quick time events and that might not be too engaging. Yet, as I type this, it occurs to me that one could almost classify Rock Band and Guitar Hero as this type of gameplay. It's a long course running at a steady speed and the player has to input the correct buttons along the path. Get enough prompts wrong along the way and you lose and try again. That gameplay ended up being a huge hit. I think I just solved 3D Sonic. Sega, you're welcome and you now owe me royalties if you use this idea.

TalkBack / Re: Lego Horizon Adventures Coming To Switch Holiday 2024
« on: June 08, 2024, 06:35:47 PM »
Original Horizon for Super Switch....? Weird announcement. I guess the Lego games sell well enough on Switch that companies want it on the market leader for systems and userbase (go away, PC!) and may fear sales would be too small if only on PS5. The continued slow process of Microsoft and Sony properties becoming third party for Nintendo continues.

It's just incredible too see the turn around from 10 years ago when Wii U was bombing and gaming articles were making a big thing about phones dominating the portable gaming scene using the 3DS selling slower than the DS as proof that handheld consoles with going to be obsolete.

Huh! When the eShop was shutting down last year, I was wondering if I should spend the money on these games and decided to a day or two before the deadline. It had been brought out that at the time, the 3DS eShop was the only way to purchase and play these games (in a legal way) since their original release on the Game Boy. Considering there had been nothing Mega Man related released for the Switch Online apps to that point on any of the other systems and Capcom did their own re-releases of the original Mega Man games as well as the X series, it seemed that if they were made available again in the future that Capcom would probably include them in some type of bundle for a Mega Man Anniversary or collected series kind of game.

But they actually made it the Switch. I guess the demand just isn't there for these games for Capcom to consider them that valuable. Either that or Nintendo and Capcom have come to an agreement and there could be more of their slowly trickling into the Online apps now.

So far, the only Mega Man games I've played and completed/finished are Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and Mega Man II both for GB. Probably a weird place to start, especially for the date of 2023, but I found myself warming up to and enjoying the games as I working things out and get better at it on the first game (although I followed a poor path for the order of bosses to face based on what I thought the weaknesses of each would be by their names), plus ample use of save states helped keep things moving. That said, I wasn't a big fan of the face four bosses in row that occurs late in Mega Man II after you beat the initial 4 bosses and that trend seems to get continued in these other games.

Discord was a mistake. It's nothing but trash.

Well, one of these days I may play that original and see what all the NWR hype is about. As I recall, it scored like a 9.5 or 10 when someone reviewed it back in the day.

It's been slightly amusing to me that on the NWR Discord I've seen a lot of users hyped about the news of Heist 2 whereas in another Discord channel, I've seen it shrugged off and people wondering why they won't make Steamworld Dig 3 and are just putting out games no one wants of Steamworld Build and now Heist 2. Different communities have been split up over these various Steamworld games.

TalkBack / Re: Indie World Presentation To Air April 17
« on: April 18, 2024, 07:24:20 PM »

Care to elaborate? Were you expecting something like Silksong or just didn't like what was shown?

Games in the Indie Direct that I'll likely buy:

Little Kitty, Big City
Lorelei and the Laser Eyes
Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

There were a couple others that I'm mixed on. Perhaps if the price is right or reviews / word of mouth are really good. But these potential titles I'd list as:

Valley Peaks
Cat Quest 3 - I'll admit I've never paid much attention to this series before. I'm sure I've probably seen the title for the first game on the eShop at times before but I think this might be the first I've actually seen what a game looks like in action and the whole pirate them and map look with ship battles made it stand out as a bit of a highlight during this direct.

All in all, I almost feel like declaring this the best Indie Direct so far. Usually, I watch these and only one or two games really speak to me but I enjoyed most of what I was seeing. It was almost a roguelike and farming sim free Direct which may have helped in my interest towards titles shown as those genres have almost become more of a punchline for their increased frequency of late and oversaturation of the market.

TalkBack / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch Port Tech Review
« on: April 15, 2024, 07:04:25 PM »
Why? Just because the Simple Machines copyright ended 14 years ago according to the bottom page of our forums? Are you telling me that it doesn't mean Simple Machines shut down in 2010 because they realized what they'd made was perfect and they couldn't improve on perfection?

TalkBack / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch Port Tech Review
« on: April 15, 2024, 06:44:42 PM »
WHAT?!? Twist ending! Wowzers. Didn't notice I had pressed that while banning a bunch of spambots on my phone. I didn't think about checking the log.  :-[  ;D

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 15, 2024, 12:21:58 PM »
LOL! This thread...

As a passionate fan of Nintendo, I wish they'd announce and release some really cool sequels for series I love like Mario, Metroid and Fire Emblem ... which I'll then be justified to pirate because they are a greedy **** company that doesn't deserve my respect!

What a ride it's been!

TalkBack / Re: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Switch Port Tech Review
« on: April 15, 2024, 10:54:29 AM »
Why is this stickied?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 10, 2024, 07:00:13 PM »
(And, for the record, I always though mini-discs were cool. It seemed like another leap to the future. They could create a store these huge games on these small discs. Wii with DVDs seemed like a step back.)

Opting for a miniDVD based format was such an unnecessary unforced error especially in hindsight given Wii used full-sized 12 cm discs. Nintendo forced publishers to make compromises Sony and Microsoft weren’t and during a time it really couldn’t afford to be doing that stuff coming off of Nintendo 64. Some of them chose to squeeze data into one disc. I’m still salty that Skies of Arcadia Legends has worse sound fidelity than the original on Dreamcast.

On a more positive note, the disc eject button GameCube and the smooth edge of Wii U discs were both 🤌.

Perhaps normal DVD's would have made some difference instead of mini-disc. It's hard to say. (But would we have still gotten that great cube shape?) Xbox used DVDs but its not like they did phenomenally better in hardware sales or had way better third party support. Maybe Nintendo does do N64 levels of hardware with using DVDs and does get a bit more cross platform support because of it. Yet, is that really considered much more of a success compared to where PS2 would likely still have ended up?

A huge thing that helped favor the PS2 was its ability to also play movie DVDs and act as a sort of home theatre that can play games and movies as a sort of all-in-one device. That made it appealing to a lot of consumers as DVDs were coming out and replacing VHS and showing how high quality the video could look on discs compared to cassette. Why buy a DVD player and a game console for two separate costs when you could buy them together for a lower cost? Nintendo was always going to just focus on it being a gaming machine and not start trying to fight Sony in home electronics.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 10, 2024, 05:31:57 PM »
Yes, deservedly punished. Nintendo's entire reason for using mini discs for the gamecube was to stop piracy. This made development unnecessarily harder for third parties which punished nintendo by not porting their games to the console. I may love the gamecube but that was an objectively terrible decision on nintendo's part. If they'd of just used dvds like the competition I guarantee you the gamecube would've had far better third party support.

I'm a third party. I've got a game I want to release on a console and I've got two choice. On one console, it would be a little simpler to format my game to work on it. On the second console, it would take a little extra effort. However, if I release it on the first console, it will be very easy for some people to pirate the game. On the second console, it will be harder for people to pirate the software. Which should I choose? I'll go with the second. Anti-piracy measure will help to ensure people actually buy the product we put the time and money into making instead of someone uploading it for free and hurting our sales.

But wait! The first console has five times the userbase size as the second console. 50 million potential customers compared to 10 million customers of the second. Since the first is a bit easier to develop for, I guess we'll prioritize that even though there may be some loss due to piracy. Whew. That was close. Can you believe we almost chose the second console for a moment? They were actually trying to help protect our sales; Can you imagine that?! What a bunch of losers! Screw them and their console! I hope it goes out of business. In fact, let's tell our friends at other third parties to also not release stuff on that second console to teach them a lesson about how we are cool if our stuff gets pirated.

Your logic is flawed, Dinar87. Mini-discs were not the deciding factor for third parties when it came to releasing stuff on GameCube. If PS2 had mini-discs to also combat piracy, third parties when it have been cool with it. They wouldn't have all flocked to Xbox because it was the only one to use DVDs in this hypothetical. It was about the userbase and potential customers. (It was also about Sony and MS throwing money at third parties to help get some exclusive games and spur development. A problem with the industry that has continued for years but that's a whole other thing.) Quit creating a false narrative or buying into one that third parties wanted to "punish" Nintendo because of anti-piracy measures.

(And, for the record, I always though mini-discs were cool. It seemed like another leap to the future. They could create a store these huge games on these small discs. Wii with DVDs seemed like a step back.)

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Downloads - April 11, 2024
« on: April 09, 2024, 05:21:00 PM »
Ah, yes. I was thinking Monster Heel might be in reference to a videogame company. Like one that might release a lot of AAA Alarm Clocks.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 09, 2024, 06:29:56 AM »
I never ended up buying a Switch because I was waiting for whatever upgrade was going to come out. It would have been the OLED Switch, but that came out so late I thought  "what was the point?" So, I never bought that either. I pretty much skipped this generation. I got gifted a ps4 in 2017 and just bought up some of the main games there.

At the same time. I have a Wii U. So, it isn't like I missed out on 1/4 of the games that came out for Switch.

It was a weird generation because I turned my room into a Mario room with blue turquoise sky walls and all and played ps4 the whole time. My office room I turned into horror themed.

Honestly, with what the videogame market is like these days, part of me has started to wonder if the smart thing to do is skip a console generation. Just buy into every other generation. Because by doing that, videogame makers will be porting over all their stuff from the previous generation anyways but either upgraded for the new console or in a complete form with all the previously released DLC or something. Or with backwards compatibility you might be able to pick up games at a lower price point from that previous gen and save money that way. The trade off is that you might miss out on some multiplayer games. For instance, skipping Wii U means you'd have missed out on Splatoon 1 but you'd have had Splatoon 2 to play on Switch. Or missing out on Call of Duty multiplayer for the previous generation but having new CoD games to play on the new system you get into.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 09, 2024, 06:21:10 AM »
Nintendo definitely got deservedly punished with the mini discs and cartridges, fucking over developers in an evil attempt to stop piracy (which is morally correct). But the games themselves were amazing.

Aaaaaaannnnddd, you lost me with that take.

Deservedly punished? Piracy is morally correct? Now I feel bad for agreeing with you about being bored with Nintendo's release schedule of late.  :(

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