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God, I hate Paul George. He's like the second coming of James Harden. Every time he drives, he pushes off on the defending player with his off-hand, and the refs always respond by calling a foul on the defending player. It's Bullshit.

Really not happy with the officiating in general tonight. That Flagrant 1 call on O'Neal was weak.

OK, I'm done watching this trainwreck. The Clippers are just completely out-working the Jazz, and the Jazz have been ice cold and complacent in the 2nd half. This is painful to watch.

So, how about Atlanta coming back from being down 26 to beat Philadelphia by 3 on the road? What a finish.

And Embiid still can't hit a free throw to save his life.

So, is it assumed Chris Paul tested positive? The article only mentions that he's in the protocols.

No one knows. The team, apparently, isn't going to put out an update on this situation until Saturday. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that no one apparently knows if Chris Paul is vaccinated.

I'd think that'd be a thing the NBA would have mandated by now, given what happened last season and the very public presence of NBA players.
It wasn't readily reported but Paul did get vacinated back in Feb and tested positive on Monday.

Wow, that's just a bad roll for him to still get CoVid despite the vaccination. I know there are multiple strains, but the odds on that have to be pretty incredible.

So, is it assumed Chris Paul tested positive? The article only mentions that he's in the protocols.

No one knows. The team, apparently, isn't going to put out an update on this situation until Saturday. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that no one apparently knows if Chris Paul is vaccinated.

I'd think that'd be a thing the NBA would have mandated by now, given what happened last season and the very public presence of NBA players.

The Jazz's season is over. Even if we did somehow get past the Clippers with as terribly as this team has played, we'd get swept by the Suns with the way THEY are playing.
Sources: LA Clippers' Kawhi Leonard could miss rest of series with knee injury (Expected to miss Game 5)

Phoenix Suns' Chris Paul out indefinitely, placed in NBA health and safety protocols

Time to blow up the team and rebuild around Donovan and a few key pieces. The bare minimum this year was getting to the Finals, and they're falling apart in the Semis.
I was going to tell you to settle down the other night (frustrating loss, I get it). If the Jazz can't get past the Clippers without Leonard and the Suns without Paul, banned from the league until they get their act together.

Semi-related: I know I'm on an island on this, and it doesn't bother others as much as it bothers me. If the Jazz advance, I really don't want to hear any if-Kawhi-Leonard-didn't-injure-his-knee-the-Clippers-would-have-won nonsense. Mike Conley will probably miss the entire series. Donovan Mitchell came back from injury in the first round then re-aggravated it in Game 3 of this round. Every team deals with injuries. Suck it up.

Honestly, the piss-poor way the Jazz have been playing this series, I don't think it was out-of-line expecting them to lose after the way they barely won Games 1 & 2 and then got completely blown out in Games 3 & 4, not with Donovan's deteriorating health; the Jazz management's COMPLETE radio silence on Conley's status; and the way Donovan seems to be the only player stepping up this series.

On the one hand, it's sad to see the Clippers possibly lose this series this way, with Leonard injured. As a sports fan, you always want your team to prove they're the best by beating the best at their best. As you also indicated, I don't want to hear all the whining from Clippers fans about how they would have won if they had Leonard. I don't want an asterisk on a potential championship (as many people gave to the Lakers last year), with people saying the Jazz were frauds who got lucky that everyone was injured. There are sports boards I go to that have been calling the Jazz as such for weeks now.

On the other hand, **** the Clippers.  Welcome to the club when it comes to limping your way through the playoffs. Enjoy your stay.

The Chris Paul thing is just inexplicable. The dude is smarter than this, getting himself locked into CoVid Protocol on essentially the Eve of the Western Conference Finals.

On a more joyful note, I highly recommend this video from Youtuber ScooterMagruder. Among other things, he likes to put out videos showing the current status of various sports leagues from the perspectives of the teams' fans. I missed this when he put this out, but here's his video for Round 1 of this year's Playoffs. I think BlackNMild might appreciate the moment where he plays a Warriors fan.  :D

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« on: June 15, 2021, 09:15:31 PM »
I am somewhat nonplussed about this. Polygonal 2D games kinda just never look too good, and this doesn't appear to be an exception.

Conceptually it seems fine, but I really have no faith in Mercury Steam, particularly having tried their really bad 2.5D Castlevania game. Granted, I haven't played Samus Returns, but it seemed like a very unappealing update. Why, oh why, would you emphasize the melee garbage from Other M? And that gameplay plank is being brought forward into Dread.

On the positive side, from what I've scoped, this project is based on a Nintendo-internal design approach they couldn't nail previously, and that there's more internal Nintendo involvement on this title than there was on Samus Returns. So maybe they'll be able to give Mercury Steam the Retro treatment. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

I wouldn't get too hung up on Mirror of Fate. Konami was kinda notorious for micromanaging that & Lords of Shadow 2 into the ground. From everything I've heard, Samus Returns is a lot better.

Now if only Nintendo would port the damn thing to the Switch, as it always should have been, so I can play it.

Never played Danganronpa so I'm picking this up.

You're in for a treat.

READ NOTHING about the game going into it. The Danganronpa community is generally good about spoilers, but it's best to go into that game with as little knowledge about it as possible.

TalkBack / Re: Sequel To Breath Of The Wild Coming In 2022
« on: June 15, 2021, 01:34:56 PM »
Sure, combine the 2 worst Zelda games (Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild). Why not at this point?  :rolleyes:

TalkBack / Re: Metroid Dread Announced, Launching October 8
« on: June 15, 2021, 01:31:48 PM »
This was pretty much the only worthwhile announcenent the entire show. Not loving how this gane looks, but OK. I'm in. Given thst they're using the "Dread" name, I wonder if it'll link up with Prime 4, if that game ever comes out

TalkBack / Re: Fatal Frame V Returning On Switch Later This Year
« on: June 15, 2021, 01:29:55 PM »
It's also confirmed on every other platform,  so I guess Nintendo's waived their franchise exclusivity now.

Long day, so went to bed early. Woke up to see the score and that Mike Conley's still out, so he's injured far more seriously than the Jazz management have let on. The Jazz's season is over. Even if we did somehow get past the Clippers with as terribly as this team has played, we'd get swept by the Suns with the way THEY are playing. Time to blow up the team and rebuild around Donovan and a few key pieces. The bare minimum this year was getting to the Finals, and they're falling apart in the Semis.

Well, after having had a PS5 since February and having purchased a couple of games at the new inflated $70 price, I honestly can't say my position on pricing has changed since last generation. The games that have all the passion & bells and whistles will be worth the full price. The ones that don't, won't, and I'll do everything in my power to either wait for a sale or to mitigate the cost. *shrug*

So long as I feel like I'm getting my money's worth, the $70 price tag is regrettable but tolerable. I already tend to buy special editions or collector's editions of games I really want that have those $10-$20 price hikes built-in. And as previously pointed out, Nintendo charges that flat $60 on all their games, and it's not like they universally justify those prices on every game they put out.

I feel like the companies who are truly worthy of derision in all this are those that are cutting features AND flooding their games with microtransactions and loot boxes while STILL insisting on that $70 price tag. Yeah, I'm largely referring to everyone's favorite scumbags: EA & Activision, the former of which is selling its new Battlefield game at the full $70 despite gutting the single-player experience altogether and the latter of which is just The Worst. I'm sure we can throw 2K in there somewhere as well, given what they do with their sports games.

Never got very far in the 1st game + DLC, but thought it was alright. The game just struck the completionist side of me the wrong way and I kept getting hung up on trying to get perfect combat chains. Good to see Ubisoft continuing a good thing.

Surprised no one's commented on this yet, so I might as well post it, but Netflix has officially confirmed that Castlevania spin-off that's been rumored.

The Next Castlevania animated series is going to be an adaptation of Rondo of Blood, featuring Richter Belmont & Maria Renard. Given that Symphony of the Night is a direct sequel to that game, it's very likely that Alucard will be returning for that show as well.

Amusingly, the show is set in 1792 during the French Revolution, and Richter is (in the original version of the tweet) now the the Son of Trevor & Sypha. I wonder if anyone on the script-writing team got pulled aside to explain how long humans tend to live, considering that Castlevania Season 4 takes place 300 years prior.

Lance Reddick is simultaneously an incredibly boring choice to play Wesker...and hilariously miscast as Wesker, depending on which Wesker he's playing.

If he's playing Resident Evil 1-era Wesker, he's fine, but a rather predictable choice. If he's playing scenery-chewing, line-slurring RE5-era Wesker, then OH BOY is he NOT the actor to play him. We need to get Nic Cage on the phone, then.  ;)

Honestly, I don't have a lot of hopes for this adaptation. Resident Evil hasn't exactly had a good history with even the official animated movies, let alone those...other...movies. Add in the coin flip that is the Netflix adaptation, and I just don't see this turning out well.

Frustrating one tonight as the Jazz defeated the Clippers 117-111, as well as a very foreboding one in many ways. I have a really bad feeling about Donovan Mitchell & Bojan Bogdanovic's health coming out of this game. Donovan seemed to tweak his ankle once starting a drive, and Paul George tripped him hard right at the end of the game. Donovan's shot looked flat ever since the former and he looked noticeably in pain the rest of the game. Bojan landed on a defender's foot following a shot, and had been nursing his ankle ever since.

Video of the Paul George foul on Mitchell at the end of the game:

Beyond the health situation, it's disturbing how easily the Jazz blew a 21 point lead once the Clippers threw up a Zone and started double-teaming Mitchell (who was pretty much a non-factor the entire 2nd half). It's baffling to me how a Zone worked when the Jazz are one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the league, but there you go. Thankfully, Ingles; Bogdanovic; and Clarkson stepped up tonight, particularly on Defense.

I suspect that after what happened in this game, Conley's coming back for Game 3. If we can win one in LA, this series is over.

I saw the final play of Jazz vs. Clippers on The YouTube. Woof. Why the heck would they pass to the corner? Y’all are going to force Marcus Morris to be the hero and facilitated that by *checks notes* trapping him between Rudy Gobert, the last person you want defending the ball in this situation, and the baseline? Gobert’s deficiency at guarding on the perimeter is nullified by the fact that the Clippers need a three-pointer to tie (and Morris isn’t quick anyway). He just needed to be tall out there and pressure the ball. Not that I’m upset with the result; it’s just a little baffling. Morris should have passed it back out as I’d rather have Leonard shoot over Ingles. I guess in the heat of the moment, he felt there wasn’t enough time (there was).

Well, I'll remind you that they tried the same play back at the end of Clippers-Mavs Game 5, and it ended pretty much the same way. The Clippers aren't known for their playmaking ability, or for being a successful team in general. I think the entire internet was stunned that the Clippers coach didn't call a time out when they caught that rebound off Mitchell's last shot, instead choosing to rush the ball up, where the Jazz defenders were already waiting.

The game shouldn't have been that close to begin with, but the refs awarded the Clippers an out of bounds that bounced off one of their players that led to a 3 pointer in the final minutes.

Well, thought I'd try the stream again once last time before I went to bed. It was working for the 4th quarter.

The Jazz were playing just a little bit better than they were when the stream failed in the 1st quarter.  :P

Donovan Mitchell is a sight to behold.

Looks like I might as well cancel my Sling streaming subscription. Tonight's Jazz-Clippers game is just completely unwatchable, with constant buffering and horrendous resolution. It could be an issue with Sling. Doubt it's an issue with my internet, as everything else is working fine. It could be all the goddamn LA viewers clogging up the stream. I'm just going to have to check the score later, because this is unwatchable.

Utah Jazz rule PG Mike Conley out for Game 1 vs. LA Clippers with hamstring strain

Looks like James Harden Mike Conley faked another hamstring injury and has been ruled out for the rest of the game Game 1. What a lazy **** for load managing in the middle of the playoffs.

Unfortunate, but sadly this has been expected for the last few days. I swear, Mike Conley is nearly as injury prone as the Corpse of Dante Exum.

Well, hopefully the rest of the Jazz bring it tonight. It would really suck to lose 2 playoffs in a row because one of our best players was injured.

Well, looks like the Luca Doncic show (and no one else) wasn't enough to take out the Clippers, so now it's up to the Jazz. I hope they're ready.

Bucks v Nets Game 1  (today at 4:30 - in 3.5 hrs)


Bucks v Nets Series Winner (and in how many games?)


Hmm...I think the Bucks give the Nets a bloody nose tonight and take Game 1.

As for the series...I think it goes at least 6 games, and probably ends in a Nets victory but I hope to see the Bucks win it.

I was just coming in here to say that the Clips are taking it back to LA to lose infront of the home crowd.

Neither of these teams go the distance. It's not even a matchup thing as some would expect, I just think neither team has that killer instinct to get it done.

What home crowd in LA? From what I saw in Game 5, the Clippers have so few fans that they had to place cardboard cutouts in the Staples Center stands to make the Clippers feel better.  ;)

(Yes, I know why those are actually there, but I find it amusing that those cutouts weren't in the stands in last night's Lakers game)

Well, we have our first 7 game series, as the Mavs-Clippers series continues to get more pathetic with each passing day. Neither team has won on their own home court.

Meanwhile, the Jazz will get an extra few days or rest, so I can't complain there. Apparently, Mike Conley really needed that.

The League historically does not support small market teams, making it harder for us to acquire AND keep big name talent and to get national exposure on TV. This isn't specific to Silver. It's been an issue since at least the Jordan years.
Okay, but how? Every team is under the same CBA rules. And I’ll have to look up specifics, but I believe most new CBAs introduce more rules that help small market teams such as the more punitive tiered luxury tax (used to be $1 to $1), the supermax etc.

The basic problem with the current CBA is that it strongly empowers players to the extent that it's very difficult for small market teams to pay high talent players while keeping the rest of the team competitive in regards to the salary cap. Players can also just refuse to play and demand trades to big market teams now, as was recently the case with Anthony Davis and James Harden.

As for the Supermax contracts...they may have been intended to help small market teams, but they certainly have their issues.

The league does not promote small market teams. Hell, it seems to barely even acknowledge them at times, as seen in this year's playoffs where the league had every team on TNT & ESPN for the first few games, and then small market teams got pushed onto NBA TV. There is an active push in the media for big name players on small market teams to abandon them for big market teams (especially so-called "Super Teams" like the current Nets), and the league does nothing to push against that or to prevent trades that will severely unbalance the league.

And yes, saying the Draft and Officiating are suspect at best at times is putting it lightly. The term "Superstar calls" exists for a reason.

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