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Doc Rivers out as LA Clippers head coach, sources say

Yeah, that was definitely the easiest prediction I've made all season, considering all that "load management" they did with Leonard only to fall apart in the playoffs anyway.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 26, 2020, 11:41:11 PM »
Well, Denver's luck and the unusual circumstances surrounding this year's playoffs had to run out eventually. 1-3 comebacks are rare for a reason.

I'm struggling to imagine a more boring NBA Finals than 3 multi-year championship teams bickering over who gets to add yet another set of rings to their pot, but here we are. I couldn't care less who wins now.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 22, 2020, 11:34:11 PM »
Well, now that the Lakers have lost a game to the Nuggets this series, they might want to consider losing another one and not bringing the series to 3-1. I hear that hasn't been working out so well for Nuggets opponents of late.

TalkBack / Re: Bethesda Acquired By Microsoft In US$7.5b Deal
« on: September 22, 2020, 07:45:22 PM »
I'm not a fan of this move. Microsoft and Sony picking up a studio or 2 every couple of years is one thing, but this is a major publisher that likewise owned a bunch of major developers. While I doubt that Microsoft will make Bethesda's games true exclusives overall (Bethesda just made way too much money multiplatform), I just don't see how such a massive consolidation in the industry can be a good thing.

Watch Sony respond by purchasing Square Enix next, probably the only remaining publisher in the business on the level of a Bethesda (2K would never sell).

General Chat / Re: RIP Ruth Bader Ginsberg
« on: September 18, 2020, 08:49:47 PM »
I didn't agree with her politics & I wish she had retired years ago, but I respect her determination and dedication. I hope the Madam Justice rests in peace.

Have you never heard of Ni No Kuni?
This is perhaps the stupidest article title I have ever read.

Ni No Kuni comes up in the video. He's referring to the laid-back tone of the game; its focus on everyday struggles; and its themes, not its visuals.

That said, it's not like Spiritfarer is particularly unique in that regard, especially in the Indie scene.

Hmm...held off on buying Ori 2 on Xbone just in case this happened. Good addition.

"The Perfectly Subtle Remaster..."

It's not a remaster. It's literally just an N64 rom running in a Switch emulator. That's been confirmed in pre-release coverage. The emulator may be applying some filters to make it look nicer, but Nintendo didn't do **** when it came to remastering the game

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 15, 2020, 11:39:52 PM »
Good on the Nuggets for taking out the Clippers, the perpetual Washington Generals of the NBA.  :D

I'd like to see them take out the Lakers and move on to the Finals, unlikely as that may be (at least until the Lakers go up 3-1). Right now, 3 out of the remaining 4 teams are all ones with multiple championships, and I can't imagine a Finals more boring than Yet Another Lakers-Celtics Finals.

I'd really like to see some new blood in the Finals. The Raptors got their 1st championship last year, so why not the Nuggets for their 1st this year?

On a side note, I'll be surprised if Doc Rivers still has a job a week from now, not after this latest performance.

TalkBack / Re: Bounty Battle (Switch) Review
« on: September 14, 2020, 06:27:08 PM »
Man, who could have predicted that Yet Another 2D Fighter based around Indie characters would have failed to pull off the concept? This would be, what...the 3rd, at least, this generation (Brawlout, Blade Strangers, and now this)?  :rolleyes:

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 13, 2020, 10:48:37 PM »
The Clippers are looking like frauds.

You might remember that I was very critical of the Clippers constantly resting Kawhi Leonard throughout the season, especially on the 2nd night of back-to-backs (and, really, when they did rest him that team wasn't very scary). If they end up crashing & burning against the Nuggets of all teams in Round 2 after pulling that stunt all season, I'm going to be so happy.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 12, 2020, 10:34:02 PM »
Well, on the downside the Lakers advance to the next round. On the brightside, James Harden does not, so I guess it all evens out.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 11, 2020, 09:59:38 PM »
Paul Millsap was my favorite player on the Jazz when he was with us. The guy was just a junkyard dog, fighting and clawing with everything he got, which is everything you could hope for in a Jazz man. He faded into the background a bit during the playoffs, but I'm glad to see him fighting back again. Hell, I wish he could hit 3 Pointers when he was with us. He couldn't hit beyond 6 feet of the rim when he was on the Jazz.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 11, 2020, 09:27:36 PM »
Well, good on the Nuggets for finally showing a little life after once again being down 1-3 to the Clippers. Hopefully, they can keep that up.

I didn’t particularly like the Scot Pilgrim game (though I didn’t play a ton of it) so I normally wouldn’t even click on this thread. I’m glad I did if only for the sub-header. Bravo, sir. Honk! for you.

Honestly, I feel like the only reason anyone even remembers that game is because Ubisoft took it away. It's a pretty standard River City Ransom Beat 'em Up with a few catchy songs, and the story only makes any sense whatsoever if you've read the graphic novels (which I hadn't until afterwards).

Cool that it's being re-released but I feel like people are going to cool on that game pretty quickly once they're actually legally allowed to play it again.

Wow, I didn't think Nintendo could possibly find a way to make Breath of the Wild's story any more inconsequential and boring. They sure proved me wrong.

How many Zelda games/years until Nintendo breaks ya off completely. Or are we still in a bitter end mentality.

Well, this isn't a Zelda game (however much the stockholders would like to claim otherwise), so Nintendo currently sits at 2 terrible Zelda games in a row (not counting the handheld games) with Skyward Sword & Breath of the Wild. If Breath of the Wild 2 isn't a dramatic improvement in dungeon design and writing, that might just do it.

I have hopes for that one. Breath of the Wild was one big empty sandbox full of interesting mechanics. It was a big open world full of things to do ironically without anything of meaning to do. I couldn't have cared less if Ganon had destroyed what little remained of that world. I had no emotional connection to it. Playing through that game was just going through the Open World Checklist. I hope that Nintendo takes those interesting mechanics and actually builds a game around them with Breath of the Wild's sequel.

General Chat / Re: NBA Thread: The Happiest Postseason Bubble On Earth
« on: September 08, 2020, 09:35:24 PM »

I can't help but take some small pleasure in watching the team primarily responsible for holding up these simulated playoffs get ejected in 5 against against the Heat.

I know it won't happen, but it would just be delightful if the 2 LA teams would join them shortly, making 3 out of the 4 teams fighting for that players strike on Fishing Leave. I can at least get behind the Nuggets in the Finals. Paul Millsap deserves a shot at a ring. Unfortunately, that also leaves the possibility that Flopping James Harden gets a ring, but you can't win them all.

On the subject of trades, the Jazz will never trade Bogdanovic. He was our best player during the regular season, including Mitchell. If he hadn't been injured, we would have won that series with Denver and could have been a dark horse for the conference finals.

I can easily see us trading Gobert, though. He visibly fell to pieces in the playoffs once he learned he wouldn't get a 3rd Time DPOY award. He's trying to advocate for a Supermax contract, and the Jazz are not going to give it to him. He's too inconsistent and too emotional, plus Centers around the league have figured out his game. I think we end up trading him or cutting him loose soon.

It's worth noting that there were findings of additional hidden missions on the SMB All Stars Website for April 2021, involving Mario Maker 2 specifically. The current pin promotion is labeled as a "Wave 1 Reward".

I could easily see Nintendo doing a "Wave 2 Promotion" in 2021 with the reward being a code with the elusive Galaxy 2, possibly tied into purchase of the then-upcoming 3D World Switch port as well.

General Gaming / Re: Sitting on the sidelines: PS5 vs XB Series X
« on: September 08, 2020, 03:13:09 PM »
With the news that the Xbox Series S will be an all-digital version with a 512GB SSD and not capable of 4K gaming BUT priced at $299, I think that Microsoft is getting SUPER aggressive. I had thought before that they'd hit a higher price due to costs, but maybe costs aren't as high as I thought, or MS ws able to pull some deals, or they're just simply more aggressive than I gave them credit for. I guess I was of the mindset that they'd let their Gamepass value proposition do all of the heavy lifting for them and just rest on their laurels where console hardware strategy was concerned, but this is sort of a huge move for them.

The ball's in Sony's court now. Their PS5 Digital Edition still boasts the fulls 10-12 TF of marketing power that their full console does, so the question is whether that's a problem because it means they can't hit as low a price point as MS, or whether that means that people would be willing to pay $100 more for the "real thing." (I'm now imagining a $399 PS5 Discless, and $499 flagship console versions from both platforms.)

I guess the ball's in Nintendo's court too now actually. A $299 Xbox Series S is right at the Switch console price point, so the comparisons are inevitable and despite their being different propositions entirely, it may still start to put pressure on Nintendo to come down in price. (Well, SOMETHING has gotta get Nintendo to drop their price, right?)

To me that, 512 GB SSD is a non-starter right there. My PS4 Pro has a 1 TB HDD, and I'm having to clear stuff out of it all the time because modern games have ridiculous install sizes of 60-200 GB. Microsoft doesn't have a good track record of having inexpensive alternative storage options, and their first party lineup is traditionally wretched.

I'm not hot on either of these new systems, but they need to provide 1 TB of storage out of the gate at the very least, but game sizes are not going to go down.

I'm also still not convinced that either of these consoles are going to "actually" launch in 2020. They're letting a handful of suckers willing to enter online lotteries have a chance to Beta-test the things in November, but these consoles aren't seriously releasing until 2021.

Wow, I didn't think Nintendo could possibly find a way to make Breath of the Wild's story any more inconsequential and boring. They sure proved me wrong.

Chrono Trigger (DS) is the best version of the game. It includes the Toei Animation FMV which I never saw as well as some additional content. Technically, this is the first time I personally bought Chrono Trigger.

Well, you're allowed to be wrong.  :P

Chrono Trigger's my favorite game, and I have a lot of issues with the DS port (most of which are admittedly nitpicky and fanboyish). Those Toei FMVs were created to replace scenes that were perfectly fantastic in-engine, and one of them was created specifically to try to retcon Chrono Cross into CT's ending, so it can **** right off.

And yeah, those extra dungeons were cut from the original release for a reason. They drag down the pace of the game, and aren't very good on their own (though it's cute that one of them uses a fantastic un-used song from the original soundtrack). And the one new ending is, once again, a retcon tie-in to Chrono Cross. Like the Toei ending FMV, it can **** right off for the same reason.

On the more nit-picky front, all versions after the SNES version got rid of this really neat transition the game occasionally does (most notably during the Ocean Palace & Rainbow Shell quests) where the screen wipes right into a follow-up scene. I don't know why. It's a great effect. I'm also just partial to the SNES translation in general.

The DS version is, fine, really. I just take issue with the general consensus that it's the "best version" by virtue of the sheer amount of extra crap crammed in to a game that was perfect just the way it was. I also despise Chrono Cross (I'm sure you guessed as much. I'm very subtle about that), so anything from that PoS contaminating Trigger's perfection just pisses me off.

I'm getting it, but pretty much only because I'm using GS reward certs to bring the price down to $45 + tax. The removal of mandatory motion controls from Galaxy is a big selling point to me, and I'd like to see if Mario Sunshine is as bad as I remember.

Well. ****. Guess I'm not buying the collection, then, unless I can get a pretty good deal. Was really hoping to actually be able to relax when playing Mario Galaxy this time. My wrist isn't what it used to be, nor is my back. Leave it to Nintendo to take the easy route.

Perhaps worth noting they released a correction about this, see here. Looks like the Wiimote stuff is only for pointer controls, which are handled by the touchscreen in handheld mode/Switch Lite.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2020?
« on: September 03, 2020, 06:01:06 PM »
Well, the port train continues full steam ahead but it's gotta start slowing down now... right? How much more can still be ported/remastered at this point?
Wind Waker HD, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, Skyward Sword (today’s Mario announcements make me want to revisit the other thread).

Also: Yoshi's Woolly World & Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

Also Also: The Wii & Wii U Virtual Consoles.

but you have to imagine traditional controls have to be a part of this port, because otherwise this game becomes completely unplayable in handheld mode and that shuts out the Switch Lite auduence. Mario's too big a property for that.

Welllllllllllllllllll, about that.......

Gently shake a Joy-Con™ controller to activate Mario’s Spin ability or pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co-Star Mode*.

*If playing on Nintendo Switch Lite, detached Joy-Con controllers are required and sold separately.

Well. ****. Guess I'm not buying the collection, then, unless I can get a pretty good deal. Was really hoping to actually be able to relax when playing Mario Galaxy this time. My wrist isn't what it used to be, nor is my back. Leave it to Nintendo to take the easy route.

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