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General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« Last post by BlackNMild2k1 on Today at 02:25:53 PM »
For the record, I don't give a damn if you're vaccinated or not, as long as you exercise caution (wear a fucking mask) and respect the situation at hand (stay home if you sick)
(yeah, I know most don't care one way or another)

But Good Job California!!

Now let's Recall that Vaccine!!!

and then again there is this:

COVID has killed as many Americans as the Spanish Flu (but it's not done yet)
Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« Last post by BlackNMild2k1 on Today at 11:58:42 AM »
Malignant (in theaters... but watch on HBO Max)

What a TERRIBLE, yet at times, fun movie.

The opening scene seemed like a Lifetime Channel horror movie w/ a bit of an effects budget.
The acting was just atrocious, and the way it ended... I was seriously hoping that it was someone in the movie watching a bad horror movie... but nope, that was the intro to the movie.
And then long tv movie like intro credits.... it was almost too much to look past.

If I had watched this in the theater, I would've tried to get my money back at this point.

Afterwards, it becomes "decent" for a moment, but still strong "Lifetime Channel" vibes being given off.

But once you get into the good stuff.... it's fucking ridiculous, but damn was it kinda crazy. The scenes starting with The Cop in the apartment confronting the killer all the way through the police station was a fun ride. It was insanely ridiculous, violent and gory. But DIVES back into Lifetime Channel/Hallmark Channel levels of cringe once they get in hospital at the end.

Overall, this movie is bad. But if you can sit through it, you'll definitely enjoy parts of it.
TalkBack / Re: Cruis'n Blast (Switch) Review
« Last post by King of Twitch on Today at 12:25:27 AM »
Do you want to race straight through a destructive tornado? How about underneath the legs of two giant yetis fighting for dominance? Perhaps a herd of dinosaurs roaming through the streets of LA is more up your alley. If you’re looking to make things even wilder, you can play as an attack helicopter driving around on its landing gear, a full-length fire engine, and even an alien UFO.

Beetle Adventure Racing developers, hope you're paying attention!
Podcast Discussion / Re: RetroActive 50: Little King's Story
« Last post by TOPHATANT123 on Yesterday at 12:12:51 PM »
Yeah I'm done with this game.

PC version is randomly crashing even when resolution and graphics are cranked down to Wii levels. Had to leave my first negative steam review.

Had a couple of somewhat fun boss battles but it's got plenty of issues. The map is horrible and the game doesn't do a good job of telling you where to go. The combat is shallow and uninteresting against regular enemies. It also lacks almost all of the actual strategy elements from Pikmin.

Had I suffered to the end, I doubt my opinion would change.
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread
« Last post by BeautifulShy on September 17, 2021, 02:59:20 AM »
I feel I should join since I left everyone hanging with the game I was planning.

Just lots happened and I actually have a part time job now being a moderator on Silver Screen and Roll.  I am also on my online friends twitch channels not to mention me playing Switch games when I have the chance. I might be moving to a new place sometime this next year.

So tentatively in.  I will confirm more one way or another closer to the end of signups.
General Chat / Re: Mandela Effect
« Last post by ThePerm on September 16, 2021, 11:57:12 PM »
Apparently Interview With A Vampire is actually Interview With The Vampire.

I googled it and the likely explanation is people pronounce "The" as "Thugh" and it follows "with"

A couple holes in this: The "th" in "with" is a different "th" then in "the". Also, in French the movie is called Entretien avec un vampire! You're not fooling me Matrix!
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread
« Last post by Khushrenada on September 16, 2021, 10:54:13 PM »
Thanks, RAB! That means we've now hit the double digit sign-up mark.

Looks like we may be doing this Mafia thing again after all. But I'm still looking for at least 6 more players which means we are only 62.5% of the way there. I sort of mentioned on if we had a core group of 16 - 18 players then it would be easy to go ahead and do a bunch of games in a row. However, I should clarify that when I launched this thread, I had the number 16 in mind for the minimum amount of players to participate or I was going to call it off. I don't want to do a game with like 12 or 13. I know they've been done in the past but they've never seemed to turn out that great. There's something about the 16 mark. When a game hits at least that mark then the games seem to really take off. There's more action, more crazy momentum swings, more standout moments for players as new days seem to put new people in the spotlight. Anyways, I just sort of realized I should probably mention what my goal here is since we are now seeing the player list growing in size.
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread
« Last post by RABicle on September 16, 2021, 07:39:28 PM »
I will sign up, since you asked.
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread
« Last post by NWR_insanolord on September 16, 2021, 07:38:58 PM »
And then I’ll start a separate game that’s like yours but with a bunch of improvements called Stardew Valley.
NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXXVI: Sign-up Thread
« Last post by Khushrenada on September 16, 2021, 04:09:14 PM »
It suddenly occurs to me that if I do a Harvest Moon theme then I should have the game suddenly branch into two paths after a few days where one game is kind of subpar and the other game is better but now called Story of Seasons.
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